Marvel's Runaways Cast | New York Comic Con 2019 (Full Interview)

  • Published: 04 October 2019
  • ET's Leanne Aguilera spoke with the stars of the hit series, including Lyrica Okano, Ariela Barer, Allegra Acosta, Virginia Gardner, Gregg Sulkin and Rhenzy Feliz, at New York Comic Con 2019. 'Marvel's Runaways' returns to Hulu for its third season this December.

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Comments • 46

  • Sinon Burr
    Sinon Burr  3 days back

    Totally watched the whole seasons because of Lyrica 😍 ❤️❤️♥️❤️, I do love her🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • 512THUG
      512THUG  2 weeks back

      Why are the girls sitting while the boys stand???

      • Cliffin Kaemurd
        Cliffin Kaemurd  4 weeks back

        I really hope season 4 happens and with the same cast they are meant for marvels runaways😱😱😘

        • Anatolia
          Anatolia  1 months back

          I did NOT expect that accent lol....

          • Sir Voldy
            Sir Voldy  1 months back

            5:10. Its funny when she ask about the relationship and then Gregg and Ariela look each other and the same for Ginny and Lyrica as if they were saying “what can we tell that doesn’t spoil anything”

            • JOSH GAMING BE LIT
              JOSH GAMING BE LIT  1 months back

              I’m still mad that nico did my boi Alex wrong 😂😂😂

              • Aleksandra Simic
                Aleksandra Simic  1 months back

                Now I can't describe how I much miss this show😢❤️

                • liza marri
                  liza marri  3 months back

                  GERTCHASE THOU SHALT NOT SINK MY SHIP this is literally the only hetero ship ive ever fully shipped

                  • xxFandom Girlxx
                    xxFandom Girlxx  3 months back

                    Olivia Holt said that Nico and Karolina become friends with Tandy. And that Tyrone has to listen to gert and Chase bicker. I can’t wait. 😂

                    • Adam Azri
                      Adam Azri  3 months back

                      they are the best cast for Runaways...since Marvel now talking about bringing back Jessica Jones and Daredevil back into MCU, especially after Feige now has control over the tv series. Hopefully, he'll bring them in and Cloak and Dagger as well.

                      • aaron walker
                        aaron walker  3 months back

                        omg crossover!! maybe young avengers and runaways could crossover

                        • aaron walker
                          aaron walker  3 months back

                          @liza marri yes I'm all for it !!!

                        • liza marri
                          liza marri  3 months back

                          how about because of the ending in far from home peter kinda has to get out of town while pepper and the legal team sort it out so he meets the runaways and stays in the hostel? anyone? cause i think itd be awesome

                      • Luke Souza
                        Luke Souza  3 months back

                        These kids need some PR training asap.

                        • Luke Souza
                          Luke Souza  3 months back

                          @Alexandra Venera They're lovely and I'm a fan but one of them couldn't answer such a basic question like describe the show in one word and the other described it as convoluted (in a good way....?).

                        • Alexandra Venera
                          Alexandra Venera  3 months back

                          omg why?

                      • Hien Huynh
                        Hien Huynh  3 months back

                        Why don’t the men have the chairs to sit down tho???? So unfair.

                        • liza marri
                          liza marri  3 months back

                          @Maria Gomes v true I CAN CONCUR

                        • Maria Gomes
                          Maria Gomes  3 months back

                          Hien Huynh they probably prioritized the girls who are wearing heels, because standing in those can be a pain

                        • black stardust
                          black stardust  3 months back

                          That's what I thought too

                      • Hien Huynh
                        Hien Huynh  3 months back

                        Miss them af. Come faster, Decemberrrr

                        • to the window to the wall

                          lyrica and ginny are so awkward now :/

                          • VII
                            VII  4 weeks back

                            @Jacquelyn S Right! Nice writing to you. 🤝🏻

                          • Jacquelyn S
                            Jacquelyn S  4 weeks back

                            VII Then something would have to had happened between May 2019 and Oct 2019 since they’re more awkward now than before, but their big drama was in 2018 so that wouldn’t be relevant to whatever is happening here. I agree that they’re just being professional. But they seem more strained here than when they were in May 2019. It doesn’t really matter though. Lol. It’s their lives and we don’t even know them. I just hope someone reboots the show and they become friends again cause deanoru obv

                          • VII
                            VII  4 weeks back

                            @Jacquelyn SMaybe they are being profressional is what I mean.

                          • Jacquelyn S
                            Jacquelyn S  4 weeks back

                            VII what I mean is they acted how they used to (being friends) in the May interview. But in this one they seem uptight and awkward again.

                          • elle cee
                            elle cee  4 weeks back

                            @Jacquelyn S yeah... Ginny looks more awkward about it than Lyrica... Im smad about them not being friends anymore...
                            I really hope they could patch things up somehow... They seemed liie really great friends 😭

                        • Jan Alaba
                          Jan Alaba  4 months back

                          i love you ariela :-(( u so pretty <3

                          • Ashley Blackwood
                            Ashley Blackwood  4 months back

                            Body language is awkward af I feel a disconnection

                            • jaymesEo6
                              jaymesEo6  3 months back

                              Some people are best friends that work together some are just coworkers. It happens.

                          • Stacy Tello
                            Stacy Tello  4 months back

                            Wooooouu!! \(^O^)/
                            I want to see this season so bad! . I really love this cast 💜💜 and the serie.
                            #Runaways love ya or lamp you :v XD

                            • nileyfan1998
                              nileyfan1998  4 months back

                              The only reason I'm watching this is for cloak and dagger 😂😂😂😂 I've been waiting for this crossover since I heard they were even MAKING a crossover of cloak and dagger....shocked it was this soon 😱

                              • nileyfan1998
                                nileyfan1998  3 months back

                                @divine vibes 222 yeah I've been watching since season 1 but the middle of season 2 fell flat to me tbh

                            • ONITOPIA
                              ONITOPIA  4 months back

                              Sure, I'm excited to see the crossover, but I'm living to eventually see Victor Mancha.

                              • xxFandom Girlxx
                                xxFandom Girlxx  3 months back

                                ONITOPIA YES if they don’t introduce him by the end of the season I’m going to be so sad, he’s literally apart of the runaways right away in the comics

                            • Laker Ludz
                              Laker Ludz  4 months back

                              The ladies fine af

                            • Allen Payne
                              Allen Payne  4 months back

                              Omg Gregg is super British

                              • C
                                C  4 months back

                                4:04 love all of them laughing about the tube days

                                • tony topaz e
                                  tony topaz e  4 months back

                                  0:30 is that just me or lyrica and verginia stare at each other

                                  • Jacquelyn S
                                    Jacquelyn S  1 months back

                                    I think they’re turning toward Alex (shit I forgot his real name. Rhenzy?)

                                • imlowkeysree
                                  imlowkeysree  4 months back

                                  OH HELL YEAH