Steel Security Safes

  • Published: 03 January 2013
  • Stack-On Steel Security Safes features
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  • dc9mm2
    dc9mm2  11 months back

    What gauge metal is used on these safe?

    • Paul Blanchard
      Paul Blanchard  2 years back

      Mine is the Y092KE000558 model. Its more then fit my needs would you by chance have a manual on how to change the combination? Thank You.

        SAVAGE308SNIPER  2 years back

        LOL did anyone notice they used a bunch of air rifles???

        • SAVAGE308SNIPER
          SAVAGE308SNIPER  3 years back

          they say nothing about fire protection...

          • Lord Krythic
            Lord Krythic  1 years back

            Just so you know, fire ratings are completely meaningless. If your safe is in a fire, your guns are still going to be melted regardless. Never buy a safe for fire protection. It's a waste of your money.

          • SAVAGE308SNIPER
            SAVAGE308SNIPER  3 years back

            SVTsupercharged Well, fuck me, right?

          • SVTsupercharged Hi
            SVTsupercharged Hi  3 years back

            SAVAGE308SNIPER That's because on the model shown there is none. It's just sheet metal.

        • T Sanders
          T Sanders  6 years back

          Nice safes, but why only offer the color green with the mechanical lock? I would like one in dark grey or black.

          • Trev8282
            Trev8282  7 years back

            I gota buy an 8 gun safe