Joe Rogan Rants about Antifa "That is Fascism!!"

  • Published: 11 July 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1323 w/Andy Ngo:

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  • harrison debono
    harrison debono  2 weeks back

    Antifa are domestic terrorists

    • Curtis Dimes
      Curtis Dimes  2 weeks back

      The Chinese Red Guard were SJWs that started out by destroying statues and protesting college professors and ended with killing 2 million Chinese civilians who disagreed with their ideology

      • Joseph H
        Joseph H  3 weeks back

        Let's be honest and call *ANTIFA* what it is. *OPPORTUNISM* When you have a group of angry poor people who don't want to work hard for their property, and combine that with a violent ideology, then all of the worst, most poor and drug affected criminals will come out and commit theft, vandalism and violence to act out their anger by destroying property and to get other peoples property and goods for FREE. _THEFT AND CRIME in the name of fighting for equality_ We saw this in the LA riots and we're seeing it again.

        • Ultranationalist Revolution

          Fascism is thought and action Benito Mussolini there for there is no accurate way to define it

          • Lone Star
            Lone Star  1 months back

            Thing i like about Joe. Hes pretty liberal. But he isn't stupid.

            • Christian Christopher
              Christian Christopher  1 months back

              the 615 dislikes are retard communists

              • Will G
                Will G  2 months back

                being a "nazi white supremacists" is no different than black Panthers or blm. It's ok for blacks to be United but it's racist for whites

                • The Jason
                  The Jason  2 months back

                  Joe I don't know what to tell you, but Antifa is militant and needs to be put down.... I am armed. We the people are armed. There is not much time before we protect ourselves....

                  • Chase Moore
                    Chase Moore  2 months back

                    No, they are communists not fascists

                    • Ultra Sauce
                      Ultra Sauce  2 months back

                      They’re communists joe, being violent because that is the only way

                      • James Smith
                        James Smith  2 months back

                        If they want Violence then GIVE IT TO THEM!!!!

                        • Bradon
                          Bradon  2 months back

                          Antifa are pathetic.

                          • Deep Fried Pigeon
                            Deep Fried Pigeon  2 months back

                            I strive to be as articulate about my opinion as Joe Rogan is one day.

                            • Elmnopen
                              Elmnopen  2 months back

                              Joe still thinks that Democrat means freedom. All the Democrats and liberals do a hundred million crazy horrible things. And he hates those but he still identifies with them instead of the conservatives who are in favor of people having their freedom and safety and peace. False dichotomy is just one of the fallacies he's committing every f****** second

                              • luckyrodude
                                luckyrodude  2 months back

                                No, they're communists. Theres a difference

                                • William Bilbrey
                                  William Bilbrey  2 months back

                                  Bravo Joe! Thank you! Antifa are the fascists. They are a violent angry group.

                                  • J Troy
                                    J Troy  2 months back

                                    antifa lives don't matter

                                    • Police 159
                                      Police 159  2 months back

                                      Antifa- “No more violence!”
                                      Continues to harass and beat the shit out of random people.

                                      • G
                                        G  2 months back

                                        Joe should try saying this to his celebrity friends and see how they react...

                                        • pantslizard
                                          pantslizard  2 months back

                                          antifa are actually communists. Look it up.

                                          • Martin Gomez
                                            Martin Gomez  2 months back

                                            Allow antifa in your town and you will have poop on the streets

                                            • endwelfare
                                              endwelfare  2 months back

                                              funny if you ever watch Antifa interviews the guys always sound like carlos maza

                                              • Sadistic Overlord
                                                Sadistic Overlord  2 months back

                                                It’s incredible how America is letting Antifa run around they’re literally fascist and evil and a terrorist group at this point they are threat to the US and must be stopped and put down. The left is a insane absurd ideology and becoming more like nazis as the days progress. We’re living in a mess up time right now. People need to stand up against such evil.

                                                • Jack Saint
                                                  Jack Saint  2 months back

                                                  "WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE NAZIS BEING BEATED UP???"

                                                  bunch of mass shooters on commentaries

                                                  • Jack Saint
                                                    Jack Saint  2 months back

                                                    Joe Rogan:
                                                    "Thats fascism!"

                                                    Also Joe Rogan: "We have here Milo Yianopoulos, he's gay, pedophile and white supremacist, lets give him a plataform to talk shit!"

                                                    • treeheadz
                                                      treeheadz  2 months back

                                                      The gay abuse victim who is married to an African American, yet is now somehow a pedophile white supremacist, I don't know what you have heard about milo but I'm guessing it wasn't directly from him.

                                                  • J.R. Warren
                                                    J.R. Warren  3 months back

                                                    Antifa is imposing their belief onto others. That's Antifa supremacy not justice. Any government official who doesn't condemn these thugs in the strongest possible terms is supporting that type of behavior. Trump said about white supremist that we don't need their type in this country. Which, by the way, is illegal for the President to say because that racist trash have the same rights as Antifa unfortunately .

                                                    • Danny Corell
                                                      Danny Corell  3 months back

                                                      “When fascism comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism” Ronald Reagan

                                                      • Danny Corell
                                                        Danny Corell  1 months back

                                                        clnswann203 lmao your an actual intellectual aren’t you, did you even watch the video? So ironic

                                                      • clnswann203
                                                        clnswann203  1 months back

                                                        Turns out it came in the form of Trumpism

                                                    • Mr.Johnny_Raincloud
                                                      Mr.Johnny_Raincloud  3 months back

                                                      It is bewildering how brainwashed people can become. Holy crap these fascists in black masks need to die I'm afraid. They're too far gone.

                                                      • Star Boy
                                                        Star Boy  3 months back

                                                        I wouldn't go as far to call themselves fascist as you can't just label every group that displays violence as fascist, that's not how any of this works, but they're definitely leftist anarchist and include communist , socialist, anti capitalist and the sort.

                                                        • Star Boy
                                                          Star Boy  2 months back

                                                          @Sammy B people, especially centrist like to just make up what an ideology actually is or who belongs where if they don't understand them. With no disrespect, do some research on what certain ideologies are and what are the factors that make them different. You'll come out more informed than most because whenever someone says communist and fascist are the same, a political scientist cringes.

                                                        • Sammy B
                                                          Sammy B  2 months back

                                                          Yeah, if a couple members throwing milkshakes makes them fascist, then what does it make the right wing groups like the proudboys who have also commited similar violence? Is this a fascist v fascist war or are we using terms incorrectly?

                                                      • Qrit__91
                                                        Qrit__91  3 months back

                                                        Antifa will cause civlwars in the US and Western Europe and it will be blamed on the right, i guarantee you 100%. Sick hypocrits.

                                                        • anthony palazzolo
                                                          anthony palazzolo  3 months back

                                                          I love joe rogan say it louder for the people in the back

                                                          • Crosshair
                                                            Crosshair  3 months back

                                                            Political violence is every were, our police and military is a form of political violence. also if there is a bar fight, expect everyone to get hurt, if your not involved get out. Literally every dispute in politics starts and ends in violence. Is it ok , no, but on the off chance it works then yes.

                                                            • Crosshair
                                                              Crosshair  3 months back

                                                              plus I already said this to some people but ill say again, churchhill did not say anything about fasist being antifascists, that was a tweet that the gov of Texas made up with out any evidence, plus you have to look at how fasist play the game, they seem normal to the eye of the public, same that hitler did, blaming a race or eithnisity for there problem(jews). look at what they believe and not what they say, i can say about anything and not believe it.

                                                          • Rick L
                                                            Rick L  3 months back

                                                            Antifa doesn't concern me in the least, and if they are actually doing anything at all to fight fascism I'm for it. People who let fascism slide are either fascists or delusional about its risks. One is as bad as the other.

                                                            • Thunder Storm
                                                              Thunder Storm  3 months back

                                                              Youtube The Communist Holocaust in Eastern Europe(Masterminded By Atheistic Jews)

                                                            • Sal Agnello
                                                              Sal Agnello  3 months back

                                                              Considering Berkeley wasn’t reported accurately, the violence there was caused by Anarcho Communists (they hate the Dems and Republicans equally). If you actually watch the footage, you can see their symbols and graffiti warning both Liberals and Conservatives. With that incident reported incorrectly as Antifa (having ties to the left), it makes me wonder how much more of this is misreported and is actually the work of anarchists (that hate both the liberals and conservatives).

                                                              • Ultimate Beauner
                                                                Ultimate Beauner  3 months back

                                                                I'm just calling it now, someone is going to go to one of these antifa rallies and just open fire.

                                                                • John Patz
                                                                  John Patz  3 months back

                                                                  The leftist also claim to be against racism, but time and again that is proven false.

                                                                  • Matt Commins
                                                                    Matt Commins  3 months back

                                                                    That's the opposite of what the Portland mayor says.

                                                                    • vile rebirth
                                                                      vile rebirth  3 months back

                                                                      Didn't even know there was a guest

                                                                      • Smash the DNC
                                                                        Smash the DNC  3 months back

                                                                        Smash antifa by any means necessary !

                                                                        • Nerd who Likes political philosophy

                                                                          Yeah, anarchist-communist are fascist, makes sense. No fascists are fascist! I’m a fascist. Some one that loves there nation and hates the modern world is fascist. Also, fascism is culturally right and economically center, NOT completely left. Just because some one commits violence doesn’t mean there fascist. are murders fascists? Are gang members fascist? Are the mafia fascist? No, there not. And fascism isn’t racial, it’s cultural and based on national identity. And, yes there are people who claim to be fascist and believe in white supremacy, but there not fascist, there natsoc (national socialist).

                                                                          P.s Sorry for bad punctuation :/

                                                                          • Sammy B
                                                                            Sammy B  2 months back

                                                                            Yep, very good point. If the bar for "fascist" is "one member threw a milkshake at a douche" then there isn't an organization in our country, Jehovah's witnesses included, that isn't fascist. Fascism is an ideology, not a random act of violence towards a political rival.

                                                                        • Buckcub Mandingo
                                                                          Buckcub Mandingo  3 months back

                                                                          Don't hear much on the right about how Putin eliminates journalists. Especially from our Fearful Leader who thinks they're good people on both sides. Methinks they protest too much.

                                                                          • The Knave
                                                                            The Knave  3 months back

                                                                            ANTIFA was originally founded by the German Communist Party (KPD) in 1932.
                                                                            The founder of the KPD was Rosa Luxemburg, a Polish Jew, who visited Stalin, several times, in the USSR.

                                                                            • E S
                                                                              E S  3 months back

                                                                              Sorry Joe, it's proven now Andy Ngo is buddies with an actual far right group that was planning violence for the Cider Riot. He lied to you

                                                                              • E S
                                                                                E S  2 months back

                                                                                @Sammy B Proud Boys literally "grade up" by assaulting antifa protesters, it's called "4th grade" to start a fight with an antifascist

                                                                              • E S
                                                                                E S  2 months back

                                                                                @C. J. the people Andy Ngo doxxed received death threats by far right activists including a literal neonazi urban guerrilla group called Atomwaffen. Dont you see why left wing protesters might fucking hate Ngo?

                                                                              • Sammy B
                                                                                Sammy B  2 months back

                                                                                Not to mention he went around filming and supporting and spinning a victim narrative around the Proud Boys - who then had some members go out and commit violence that was even worse than the milkshake incident. Now, they claim that because Gavin McGuiness disavowed the violence, it shows that it wasn't the Proud Boys' ideology (despite their tough man bravado and violent rhetoric) but rather a few bad apples. Antifa doesn't really have like a formal structure, but many of the leaders have been on record saying that they only believe in defensive violence. To say that one is fascist and terrible but the other is all good shows a deep bias. You're either against these trouble makers and rabble rousers using rhetoric that sometimes leads to violence, or you aren't. Condemning one and not the other is hypocritical.

                                                                              • C. J.
                                                                                C. J.  3 months back

                                                                                Lol I saw the footage too, seems to me that if the far left activits had approached the far right activists with less hostility and more openness to dialogue there would have been no violence. You are literally delusional if you see it any other way

                                                                            • Bobby Bobby
                                                                              Bobby Bobby  3 months back

                                                                              Antifa is literally a fascism movement. Only idiots like Carlos Maza think otherwise.

                                                                              • gringo loco
                                                                                gringo loco  3 months back

                                                                                They're supposed to be anti-fascist, but they're projecting. That's what cowardice narcissists do.

                                                                                • Shea S
                                                                                  Shea S  3 months back

                                                                                  Just a bunch of faggot neck beards that no one likes, putting a name on their misaligned hatred and revenge. That's all it is Joe, its pretty fucking simple.

                                                                                  • K.T. Nowak
                                                                                    K.T. Nowak  3 months back

                                                                                    In order to understand what fascism is You all americans need to understand where it's come from and what the creator of this benito mussolini : (scum, rapist, criminal ) said : fascism is :"Everything in a state , nothing without the state, nothing behind the state ". In Europe antifa (who was created in ex commy east Germany state by pure terrorists and communists ) is on terror groups list, and ban in a lot of countries. So why da fuck they are running in US streets ????