Is Oil Good After 70 Years? Let's find out!

  • Published: 25 November 2019
  • 70-year old Quaker State Oil tested for performance. Compared to Quaker State 10W-40 conventional oil. Oil tested in running engine, film strength, cold temperature performance, and tested by independent oil lab. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.


    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   2 months back

    A big "thank you!" to Bobby from Florida for sending the oil to me. He's had the oil in his possession for 35 years and very generously sent it to me for use in this video. Thank you Bobby!!

    • Aleksandar Aleksic
      Aleksandar Aleksic  24 hours back

      Engine test you did is pointless.

    • Benjamin Davies
      Benjamin Davies  1 weeks back

      U should have compared the old oil to non synthetic for it to be a true comparison

    • Barney Mia
      Barney Mia  3 weeks back

      Hi, Great video. Do you think I want to use this oil in my car? Please help me.

    • faster thanyou
      faster thanyou  4 weeks back

      ​@peterlakers1 bad bot

    • peterlakers1
      peterlakers1  4 weeks back

      @faster thanyou Bob the oil guy is a good name for videos on cars 🤔😯

  • jellogan dyer
    jellogan dyer  1 hours back

    u sound like pat mahomes

  • Dave Millman
    Dave Millman  3 hours back

    Please test Round-up vs all of the home weed remedies like vinegar, dish soap and salt!

    • Ryan Drew
      Ryan Drew  4 hours back

      save a bottle of modern oil for fifty years now and see how it fairs in 50 years LOL!!!

    • Shiv Persaud
      Shiv Persaud  5 hours back

      i dont give the 1950's oil any wrong to be sluggish because back then there werent any high powered cars like there is now, modern cars need thin oil due to the high horsepower they posses but what if you mixed the 2 oils together and run it to see what happens

    • Beagle Fan
      Beagle Fan  5 hours back

      70 year old oil was never any good by today's standards.

    • Barry McDermott
      Barry McDermott  8 hours back

      Notice it says Pennsylvania GRADE crude oil, may not be Pennsylvania oil???

    • J Wal
      J Wal  8 hours back

      Fascinating video. Great job.

    • Gregg Baker
      Gregg Baker  9 hours back

      Before plastic, Most oil , was in a cardboard can...where as Quaker state was in metal can....

    • Lee Mason
      Lee Mason  10 hours back

      In the 50s and even the 60s, non-detergent motor oil was fairly common: some engines required it, or conversely, high-detergent oils were disallowed in some applications. Generally that non detergent oil was straight-weight 20 or 30, not multi-viscosity. That would explain the lack of additives and as a straight weight oil, its poor flow performance at -40. This particular oil was meant for fair weather use only. Plus Quaker State back then was made from Pennsylvania crude, known for a high paraffin content, which as it turned out, made it less desirable in newer engine designs. From what i understand, Quaker State today isn't even a Pennsylvania petroleum based product, and is just a trade name owned, i believe, by a Texas oil company.

    • Lirei Taichen
      Lirei Taichen  12 hours back

      People: F1 racing is so exciting!

      Project Farm cold oil flow test: *YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL*

    • Damian DeLapp
      Damian DeLapp  18 hours back

      I remember as a kid seeing old V8’s run a lifetime on non-detergent oils extremely deep caked on sludge...well there you go that explains a lot!

    • Jim Morrison
      Jim Morrison  19 hours back

      And that folks is why old cars were so cold collard lol

    • Jim Morrison
      Jim Morrison  19 hours back

      I'm no oil expert, I would say no, but I'm no expert so it doesn't mean I'm right.

    • My high kill games
      My high kill games  21 hours back

      thanks for taking the time very interesting video

    • Cheryl Benthall
      Cheryl Benthall  23 hours back

      I really don't know why it wouldn't be hasn't oil been setting in the ground for a billion years before we put in a can

    • Remco van Ee
      Remco van Ee  24 hours back

      For 70 years that oil was probably the very best you could get, that's also the reason why they've been so carefull with that can of oil :p

    • taylor
      taylor  1 days back

      this video sure bring back some old memories. My old man bought a 68 Ford truck new and use nothing but Quaker State. I can't remember how many miles the truck had. But I can remember them taking the heads off. You talk about a mess! lol them put the heads back on and run diesel fuel in the motor trying to clean it. He started using Valvoline . PS. I'm amazed how you come up with all this stuff to test things. You must be a genius

      • Jackson Wofford
        Jackson Wofford  1 days back

        That old can of oil is the reason the brand has the nickname "Quaker Cake"

      • Josiah Fedor
        Josiah Fedor  2 days back

        Why does everyone’s film cuts suck on all channels 😂 it takes very little time to blend the film cuts. Can’t watch shit in 2020 with out a cut every 2 fucking seconds

        • 800Viffer
          800Viffer  2 days back

          Your test projects are great but the after the fact narration is a bit too loud, rushed and distracting imo

          Imagine someone talking to you in this way at a party or something and maybe you will appreciate how unnatural it seems

          Really appreciate the time and effort you put in to your tests but sadly this makes some of them hard(er) to watch and enjoy

        • Kro- Man
          Kro- Man  2 days back

          I like these, but who is living in areas that get 40 below zero? Wouldn't a more real world test be to chill the oil to around 20 degrees? I bet if you are anywhere that gets below 0 degrees, you have a block heater in your truck.

        • The great Chester
          The great Chester  2 days back

          Project farm my 2000 GMC Sierra leaks power steering fluid, and I'm wondering what would be an acceptable, cheap alternative to power steering fluid until I can get the leak fixed?

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   1 days back

            Have you tried AT 205 or BlueDevil Stop leak to help? I've used power steering fluid as a temporary measure. You can also buy hydraulic fluid at Tractor Supply for a terrific price. Hope this helps

        • rotory wankel
          rotory wankel  2 days back

          I think I have a quart of Arco Graphite oil that i've had for almost 40 years if you want it for testing ? Let me know :)

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   2 days back

            Thank you very much for the offer. I have some other old oil I need to test.

        • Stewart Grindlay
          Stewart Grindlay  2 days back

          Great Video. Thanks for the effort

        • Faisal Alqaisi
          Faisal Alqaisi  2 days back

          Why are you shouting!!

        • Joe La Bianco
          Joe La Bianco  3 days back

          Think you do a great job on all of your videos
          Joe Navy veteran 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

        • bonnie johnson
          bonnie johnson  3 days back

          i would suspect that it is still of the same value it was intended to be 70 years ago. JMO

        • Mowers N Blowers
          Mowers N Blowers  4 days back

          Wow, same tshirt

          • Mitchell Crager
            Mitchell Crager  4 days back

            I would not have opened that can of oil!!! I would say it's worth some cash... Your not going to Wal-Mart to replace it!!!

          • Vinny comando
            Vinny comando  4 days back

            More like 70 years of oil evolution. Not same formula anymore how can you compare to test.

          • frostshock13
            frostshock13  4 days back

            Blackstone must be liking you. This was very interesting video. Thanks for taking the time to do all these tests.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   4 days back

              Thank you! I do send a lot of money their way!

          • Blake Kugelman
            Blake Kugelman  4 days back

            Do a video to see how much longer the more expensive “higher end” brake rotors and brake pads compare to the less expensive “lower end” brake rotors and brake pads

          • Mobile Gamers Unite
            Mobile Gamers Unite  4 days back

            Old oil is about as fast as Lucas lol

          • Rose White
            Rose White  4 days back

            it's been in the ground ever since The Flood 4,350years ago so it should be ok.

            • bonnie johnson
              bonnie johnson  3 days back

              Very true. all the coal was created during the flood too..It was a far more catastrophic event than most could imagine..when the fountains of the deep broke open it pushed up huge mountain ranges, and formed earthquake fishers and giant faults all over the earth,,,,,,

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   4 days back

              Thank you for the feedback

          • cn 250
            cn 250  4 days back

            I'm from PA and i remember those cans. The oil was almost blue. That was 50 years ago.

          • JoJo NoNo
            JoJo NoNo  5 days back

            I'm glad they stopped selling the "Mob oil" with the API SA and API SD rating that was sold in the off the wall discount shops and crummy gas stations just a few years ago. Some people don't read bottles and dumped that stuff in their engines, unaware. You can use the rest of the ancient QS oil as chain oil on your chainsaw.

          • Don Love
            Don Love  5 days back

            I will say I’m 66 years old and when I was young in the 70s the old That looks little green I am sure That wouldn’t look like in the 70s time goes by fast

          • euh serak
            euh serak  5 days back

            Try Drano or Liquid Plumber as Radiator cleaner/flush

          • Vitaliy Butov
            Vitaliy Butov  5 days back

            В Украине до сих пор изготовляется дешевое масло, которое очень похоже на это старое(Quaker oil), оно такое же зелёное.

            • WhenFallGuyTalks
              WhenFallGuyTalks  5 days back

              The host is a modified version of Nicolas Cage. I like both of them.

            • Persona Charles
              Persona Charles  5 days back

              Pennzoil always left crustys even in 1985 when i rebuilt my 351M Ford.

            • DRBTempleRocker
              DRBTempleRocker  5 days back

              @9:34 that little drop, I laughed so hard!!

            • USA STRONG
              USA STRONG  5 days back

              Quaker State isnt good after 5 minutes.

            • Peter
              Peter  5 days back

              I would Hazzard to guess that oil is 20W 50 SAE

              • Bordberti
                Bordberti  6 days back

                Hallo, hat du schon mal Mathy Öl als Test gehabt? Beste additiviert der Welt

                • euh serak
                  euh serak  6 days back

                  Like to see how rear dif.oil/gear oil (80w90 or 90w140) will hold up in lawn mower engine. Love your videos and keep doing what ya doing

                • jebes909090
                  jebes909090  6 days back

                  well isnt it like 50 to a hundred million years old anyways?