Matteo Berrettini vs Gael Monfils Extended Highlights | US Open 2019 QF

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Matteo Berrettini and Gael Monfils face off in the quarter finals of the US Open 2019.
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  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen  3 days back

    What the heck is that ball boy doggy style resting position?

    • Peppino Acrivulis
      Peppino Acrivulis  2 weeks back

      If you speak with Monfils and you pronunce Berrettini he changes the face ... a cryng face after several monthes..

      • Renji Chan
        Renji Chan  3 weeks back

        Berretini is so muscular for a tennis player

        • chef
          chef  1 months back


          • FT
            FT  1 months back

            What a match!

            • Peppino Acrivulis
              Peppino Acrivulis  1 months back

              6.15 believe me ..monfils doesn t forget. ..a bad Dream in The night

              • bargiafola77
                bargiafola77  1 months back

                e' uguale a gassman!!

                • Sanne V
                  Sanne V  1 months back

                  I don't get why Monfils is not in the top 10 ATP ranking. I mean, he definitely is good enough

                • Luchon20082010
                  Luchon20082010  1 months back

                  Cant believe that dude is italian😂

                  • Legio XXI Rapax
                    Legio XXI Rapax  4 weeks back

                    @Luchon20082010 The only Unbelievable thing is that you never studied nothing about that but you come here to resembre an history Professor, a thing that you aren't. You're just an ignorant goat pretending to know things and that is the first thing that make you an ignorant.

                  • Luchon20082010
                    Luchon20082010  4 weeks back

                    Legio XXI Rapax 🤔then you are talking seriously 😳. Cant believe you don’t even know your “own” history even though you just said you have studied it. Unbelievable

                  • Legio XXI Rapax
                    Legio XXI Rapax  4 weeks back

                    @Luchon20082010 Right, you surely know the history and the ethnicity of my peoples better than me that have studied it for years. Cheers mate, return to school.

                  • Luchon20082010
                    Luchon20082010  4 weeks back

                    Legio XXI Rapax celts are from Central Europe dude then they migrated to other places such as France and southern parts (even Iberia). Italics are the ancestors of the Romans, that’s why they were pretty light, due to their Central European heritage. There were some southern people (from the campanian and puglia region) but they weren’t related to them until Ancient Romans began to expand their territory. Learn some history dude, italics were not Greeks or southern people 😂

                  • Legio XXI Rapax
                    Legio XXI Rapax  4 weeks back

                    @Luchon20082010 I think you should return to study deeply the ancient history and it's peoples. Romans was primarly Ethruscans, latins and Italics (of the south, specificately Samnites of the Campania region) then with the expansion of the republic and then the empire they inglobed the Celts (Ligurii, Veneti, Semnitic, Raetians and on and on).
                    And nope, Celts origins are indo-european, they comes from the east part of Europe, then yes they settled in South-Central Europe, not precisely the central Europe that on contrary was settled by Boi, Aruernoi, Aurekoi and various Germanic tribes with various names.

                • Seascorp Scorpio
                  Seascorp Scorpio  1 months back

                  Berrenttini is looking delicious...:)

                  • Charlie Alfonso
                    Charlie Alfonso  1 months back

                    The best match in US Open 2019 in my opinion. Both players played well!

                  • Claudio Garbati
                    Claudio Garbati  1 months back

                    Solito patetico Monfils... sceneggiate assurde, sconfitta meritata!

                    • valle3452
                      valle3452  1 months back

                      What a battle.

                      • Alessio P.
                        Alessio P.  2 months back

                        Alla fine della partita.....grande rispetto di entrambi, mi piace più quell'abbraccio che tutta la partita.

                        • Sala h Drwish
                          Sala h Drwish  3 months back

                          US Thanks 🌹🌹

                          • あなたのハートをレンジでチン太郎

                            What a exciting match!!
                            💪✨Great fighters!!🔥

                            • DD5 87D
                              DD5 87D  3 months back

                              20:46 Girls would like this... sorry ;)

                            • Ihda Husnayaini
                              Ihda Husnayaini  3 months back

                              thanks a lot for the extended highlight. Grande Matteo!!

                              • Giuseppe Migliaccio
                                Giuseppe Migliaccio  3 months back

                                13:05 what a scream! 🤪🇮🇹😍

                                • chiara conti
                                  chiara conti  3 months back

                                  Vai matteooo ...lavora duro💪🇮🇹

                                  • Petri Dish Without Germs
                                    Petri Dish Without Germs  3 months back

                                    Monfils has the power to blow anyone off the court, but prefers to slug it out ten meters behind the baseline. By being so passive and defensive, he was practically begging Beartini to take the final set tiebreak.

                                    • Monsta Andy
                                      Monsta Andy  4 weeks back

                                      in first set he was aggressive.but he became passive

                                    • Legio XXI Rapax
                                      Legio XXI Rapax  4 weeks back

                                      It's Berrettini, at least say his name correctly.

                                    • Robin Dubled
                                      Robin Dubled  3 months back

                                      In tennis, the most important the mental. That what he needs

                                    • Rafael Mertin
                                      Rafael Mertin  3 months back

                                      wrong, by then he was good off the ground... the DF's killed him

                                  • velipulla
                                    velipulla  3 months back

                                    Monfils is a really bad tenniser

                                    • Gary
                                      Gary  3 weeks back

                                      and also he doesnt know how to judge a good tennis player.. people shouldnt talk sometimes. if Monfils is 13 in the atp ranking, its for a good reason.. could be more ofc but try to reach that level..

                                    • Sanne V
                                      Sanne V  1 months back

                                      @Michael T I think he means a tennis player.

                                    • Michael T
                                      Michael T  2 months back

                                      What the hell is a tenniser?

                                    • BrotherTree1
                                      BrotherTree1  3 months back

                                      Nice bird on your avatar.

                                    • Adi Mahmood
                                      Adi Mahmood  3 months back

                                      And you are a bad Englisher