Team Rumble is the FASTEST way to LEVEL UP XP! (Fortnite Chapter 2)

  • Published: 21 October 2019
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Comments • 23

  • Dick in my mouth No homo

    Also it’s more laggy on team rumble on solo it’s far better

    • IIx-SAQY-xII
      IIx-SAQY-xII  1 months back

      Why doesn’t Team rumble rank you up like when you win the game that will be helpful I’m only level 39 😭😭😭


        On switch u get maximum of 30 fps

        • itimelord
          itimelord  2 months back

          Keep up the good content avxry and never stop what you are doing or the way you act to "please your viewers*. I enjoy your content best when I know that you are enjoying what you are doing.

          • Mads Bonde Frederiksen
            Mads Bonde Frederiksen  2 months back

            Dude which level are you I’m just curious about it

          • GigglingBadge 10
            GigglingBadge 10  2 months back

            Your insane

            • Ghoul Merks
              Ghoul Merks  2 months back

              Go play cod zombies like the good old days

              • Xeloticxz YT
                Xeloticxz YT  2 months back

                Only 11 comments?

                • Mike Osgood
                  Mike Osgood  2 months back

                  Honestly laughed so hard during this video

                  • OFS x burg424
                    OFS x burg424  2 months back

                    Not even gonna lie wish he did apex still

                    • OFS x burg424
                      OFS x burg424  2 months back

                      Cool seeing a creator that responds to his comments 😄

                    • Avxry
                      Avxry   2 months back

                      New season is out. I will be back on the Apex grind shortly

                  • YogosunPK
                    YogosunPK  2 months back

                    bro how tf is ur lvl that high???

                    • Max Gonzalez
                      Max Gonzalez  2 months back

                      Nooo, as he said he clearly didn’t buy anything 😂😂

                    • YoungPalmTreee
                      YoungPalmTreee  2 months back

                      ET_GamesHD cuz he bought all the tiers so that gives him level 100 straight away

                  • YouTube Imglad
                    YouTube Imglad  2 months back


                    • Joe Williams
                      Joe Williams  2 months back

                      Funniest streamer out there

                      • LivingLargo
                        LivingLargo  2 months back

                        he sleep

                        • TrXppy Dubz
                          TrXppy Dubz  2 months back

                          I thought you went to sleep

                          • Avxry
                            Avxry   2 months back

                            i thought I did too

                        • Noob Henry
                          Noob Henry  2 months back

                          Yasss love you dad 👍🏼