Trying to be Vegan for a Day | Hannah Meloche

  • Published: 05 April 2018
  • bringing back my trying series! trying to be vegan for a day... it was actually a plant based diet and i loved it so much i am now vegetarian! lemme know what i should try next!

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  • Maddy Beauregard
    Maddy Beauregard  1 months back

    did she say what she ate for breakfast?

    • Brooke Bowers
      Brooke Bowers  1 months back

      i do not use instagram because it wants an i phone or android and cannot ise insta! i need a phone so badly ! a mac book pro is a dream..great food ..a feast! if ye have xtras of hoodies i would trade ye some art ..all money goes to meds ..i a, term ill on bedrest ! i yses a plant based diet and life if u can help me Hannah I will bespoke art for you even ,merch with misprints and AVACADO PROUD OF YOU HANNAH ! I AM MAKING

      • Audrey McAlexander
        Audrey McAlexander  1 months back


        • Thora Arlandson
          Thora Arlandson  2 months back


          • Lilli Bräuchle
            Lilli Bräuchle  4 months back


            • Moments 4 girla
              Moments 4 girla  6 months back


              • Potato ;D
                Potato ;D  6 months back


                • Andressa Neves
                  Andressa Neves  6 months back

                  Being vegan is not a joke is not mean to be funny is not a cute challenge. Is a big cause.

                  • Sophia Gantyuk
                    Sophia Gantyuk  6 months back


                    • kai dr
                      kai dr  7 months back

                      that intro killed me😹

                      • Unicorn Lover
                        Unicorn Lover  7 months back


                        • Izzy kenny-earle
                          Izzy kenny-earle  7 months back

                          Being vegetarian and vegan is so amazing !! It’s actually quite good for the environment as well :) plus it saves animals which is such an amazing thing 💗💗

                          • Grace Goodwin
                            Grace Goodwin  7 months back


                            • The Kavacado
                              The Kavacado  7 months back

                              yeet i went vegetarian for my new years resolution and it's great

                              • Simply morgan
                                Simply morgan  8 months back


                                • sophie greenman
                                  sophie greenman  8 months back


                                  • sofia mikael
                                    sofia mikael  8 months back

                                    omg y'all are gorgeous! luv you guys' channels! and i use instagram stories wayyyyy more than snapchat stories.

                                    • Caitlynne Thompson
                                      Caitlynne Thompson  8 months back

                                      avacado 🤪

                                      • Emily Melvin
                                        Emily Melvin  8 months back

                                        I go weeks without eating meat bc I don’t even really like it so I could go vegetarian I just hate diets

                                        • Jose Ruano Vlogs
                                          Jose Ruano Vlogs  8 months back

                                          4:36 are you shading Emma?😂

                                          • Grace Macmillan
                                            Grace Macmillan  8 months back


                                            • Sean Roach
                                              Sean Roach  8 months back

                                              i love you so much Hannah your my favorite person ever

                                              • Melly36x Rocca
                                                Melly36x Rocca  8 months back

                                                Avocado 🥑

                                                • Kaitlyn Geroux
                                                  Kaitlyn Geroux  8 months back


                                                  • jane olivia hershberger
                                                    jane olivia hershberger  8 months back

                                                    the thumbnail <3 u cuties

                                                    • sunny
                                                      sunny  8 months back


                                                      • Salma Oun
                                                        Salma Oun  8 months back

                                                        Avocado 🥑 😂❤️❤️❤️

                                                        • squirrelly hedgehog
                                                          squirrelly hedgehog  8 months back


                                                          • Siobhan
                                                            Siobhan  8 months back


                                                            • Alisar Xox
                                                              Alisar Xox  8 months back

                                                              Avocado 🥑

                                                              • Alexandra C
                                                                Alexandra C  9 months back

                                                                Awww Emma and these girls. Miss it

                                                                • Bethany Eaton
                                                                  Bethany Eaton  9 months back


                                                                  • Wes Polley
                                                                    Wes Polley  9 months back

                                                                    Too much coffee one enough is OK

                                                                    • Tyla-Monique Seddon
                                                                      Tyla-Monique Seddon  9 months back


                                                                      • Fr3dd0Fr0gs
                                                                        Fr3dd0Fr0gs  9 months back


                                                                        • Fariha T
                                                                          Fariha T  9 months back

                                                                          Aww Emma in the start of her video I felt so bad I wish I was their to sit next to her and talk will Ellie and Hannah were sitting together 😭😂😔❤️

                                                                          • Brownie Books
                                                                            Brownie Books  9 months back

                                                                            yeah join the veggie squad!

                                                                            • Smera Kapoor
                                                                              Smera Kapoor  9 months back

                                                                              Avocado 🥑

                                                                              • Carlyle Johnson
                                                                                Carlyle Johnson  9 months back

                                                                                Fricking AVACADO

                                                                                • Mena Farag
                                                                                  Mena Farag  9 months back

                                                                                  March 2019 anyone???

                                                                                  • abigail suriel
                                                                                    abigail suriel  9 months back


                                                                                    • yoga is fun
                                                                                      yoga is fun  9 months back

                                                                                      lol i’ve been vegan for 1 month

                                                                                      • Chisi Amanda Xiong
                                                                                        Chisi Amanda Xiong  9 months back

                                                                                        Avocado ♡

                                                                                        • Jamie Nelson
                                                                                          Jamie Nelson  9 months back


                                                                                          • Osasere Jacob
                                                                                            Osasere Jacob  9 months back


                                                                                            • Ava Berry
                                                                                              Ava Berry  9 months back

                                                                                              you are soooooooooooo pretty like what. and Ellie and Emma like its not fair

                                                                                              • MariahM23 Zephier
                                                                                                MariahM23 Zephier  9 months back


                                                                                                • sudeshna saha
                                                                                                  sudeshna saha  9 months back

                                                                                                  Been vegetarian my whole life!