Barber of Seville Figaro's Aria - Amartuvshin E.

  • Published: 30 October 2011
  • Barber of Seville Figaro's Aria - by Amartuvshin E. of Mongolia
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  • Tita
    Tita  7 months back


    • Vittorio Maurino TOSI
      Vittorio Maurino TOSI  8 months back

      Con una voce baritonale così profonda e scura non può avere anche l'agilità vocale di un figaro. Infatti qualche vocalizzo troppo vicino all'altro lo taglia e non lo scandisce in modo chiaro, anche con le note veloci e acute non completa l'estensione. Una corda baritonale così vicina a quella del basso è adatta al repertorio del tipo verdiano. Non per il repertorio Rossiniano.

      • NuoLin OuYang
        NuoLin OuYang  4 weeks back

        Ma dai lui si canta sempre come un tenore Rossiniano non può fare Verdi?la cosa più importante deve cantare bene.

    • Yitzhakhazak
      Yitzhakhazak  1 years back

      Younger and lighter voice here with less chest. Amazed to hear this aria after listening to the heavier ones. Remarkable Mongol intsruments. He has to choose his pieces.

      • Ganaa Purvee
        Ganaa Purvee  2 years back

        wonderfull voice

        • Chimee D
          Chimee D  2 years back

          хоолой нь үнэхээр гоё юм. дуурь сайн мэдэхгүй ч цэвэр тунгалаг дуугарч байгааг биширч байна

          • feurzauber
            feurzauber  2 years back

            Formidabile !!

            • bodiloto
              bodiloto  2 years back

              inascoltabile .
              orrendo .

              • ruud jurriaans
                ruud jurriaans  3 years back

                this is brilliant, orchestration as well as voice, XXX

                • 사랑토야
                  사랑토야  3 years back

                  Mundag duuchin
                  Amjilt husii

                  • Palma TOSCANI
                    Palma TOSCANI  4 years back

                    Une force de la nature. Formidablement tonique. Epoustouflant. Je suis preneuse à tous coups et peux me passer pour une fois des raffinements de l'interprétation. Voilà des exécutions techniquement impeccables dont peu de chanteurs en sont capables

                    • Jose Maria da Silveira Junior

                      Este cantante tem uma voz bonita, mas é Baixo. Não é Barítono. Adorei esta orquestra!

                      • bodiloto
                        bodiloto  3 years back

                        questa è la voce del baritono vero.
                        è ovvio che non è basso.

                    • jos doc
                      jos doc  4 years back

                      Amazing baritone-lovely tone

                      • Ognjen
                        Ognjen  4 years back

                        one-in-a-million voice and great singing (maybe too heavy of a voice for Figaro but he handles it commendably), but i could've used some (read - ANY) acting and expression. this Figaro is more of a proud warlord than a barber :D

                        • Piccosoruffo
                          Piccosoruffo  4 years back

                          I love this orchestration. And the voice is world class, he was robbed at the Cardiff singer.  The baritone Pavarotti and praise doesn't come higher than that.

                          • Victoria Suarez
                            Victoria Suarez  3 weeks back

                            No es barítono bajo

                          • Caroline Mitchell
                            Caroline Mitchell  4 years back

                            Totally agree he should have won the Main Prize at Cardiff last year - they sacrificed voice over glitz & glamour.He is totally ALL voice - it's all in his voice - not a showy performance like many others. Superb.

                        • Scott Foreman
                          Scott Foreman  4 years back

                          Hmmm some some sort cut or blip in the video? Terrific voice.

                          • averilleX
                            averilleX  4 years back

                            Where was this recorded? Highly enjoyable.

                            • Edward Eddy
                              Edward Eddy  2 years back

                              averilleX in Mongolia

                            • mongol hun
                              mongol hun  4 years back

                              @averilleX looks like UN general assembly hall.

                          • jacekpta
                            jacekpta  6 years back

                            great voice !!!

                            • matreyia
                              matreyia  6 years back

                              Holy moly...I wish I could speak Italian so I can learn this song.

                              • E Mack
                                E Mack  6 years back

                                This is the most unusual Figaro I have ever heard! What great voice he has!!!!

                                • chuk serchuk
                                  chuk serchuk  7 years back

                                  Чадалтай эрчтэй сайхан хоолойтой дуучин байна. Улам их амжилт хүсье

                                  • silenkoav
                                    silenkoav  7 years back

                                    Ой,а что с микрофоном?!Певца не слышно!

                                    • Zolzaya Sodnom
                                      Zolzaya Sodnom  7 years back

                                      Born for singing an Opera

                                      • wbmstrnic
                                        wbmstrnic  7 years back

                                        This is amazing, his Rigoletto is even better!

                                        • Logan White
                                          Logan White  8 years back


                                          • Otgoo Otgon
                                            Otgoo Otgon  8 years back

                                            Really well performed! Nice.