Which Masking Tape is the Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 30 September 2019
  • Masking tape testing includes Duck General, Stik Tek General Purpose (Harbor Freight), Duck Professional, Duck Clean, Dollar General, Stik Tek Painter's Tape, Painter's Mate (Menards), 3M Scotch 2020, Frog Tape, 3M Scotch Blue Painter's tape. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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  • Andrew
    Andrew  9 hours back


  • chewy
    chewy  15 hours back

    Why was I hyping up the frog tape
    I literally sat here saying stuff like "Yess frog tape your never disappointing me" "yesss frog tapeee"

  • iby502 sykes
    iby502 sykes  16 hours back

    Ur like Phil swift

    Edit: in a good way

  • I'm just a camel
    I'm just a camel  18 hours back

    When you're in tech graph and the tape won't keep your page down properly..

  • Bennet Williams
    Bennet Williams  18 hours back

    why am i watching this

    • Bennet Williams
      Bennet Williams  16 hours back

      Project Farm congrats. definitely underrated

    • Bennet Williams
      Bennet Williams  16 hours back

      Project Farm i find it so cool how you can make this idea interesting

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   16 hours back

      Thank you for watching!

  • Rebecca Downey
    Rebecca Downey  21 hours back

    I'm actually pissed. Why does the best tape come in bulky and unnecessary plastic packaging?

    • Cody Shearer
      Cody Shearer  1 days back

      Wow helped me a lot thank you.

    • Kallie the Neko
      Kallie the Neko  2 days back

      While frog tape is clearly the best for walls. In my experience, plain blue painters tape works pretty good for water colour art ;P

    • xJuno
      xJuno  2 days back

      i could have used this info about two and a half years ago.. the tape i used wasn't bad when it came to bleeding but it ripped off the white latex paint i applied first and on the part where two colors meet i just ended up using a cheap ass craft paintbrush to do the edge where they meet bc it kept getting ripped off.. fun times

    • William Alumbaugh
      William Alumbaugh  2 days back

      As a painter this test does not really apply to real life. You do not use "yellow" or "white" tape in the same places that you use blue tape. Also most painters know to "feather" next to tape lines because ALL tape bleeds when you load it up. The price point really comes in when you're talking about how long it will stick on a house or on a surface in your house.

    • Brian Mowers
      Brian Mowers  2 days back

      Great test. I am a professional painter and use the multi surface green frog tape about 75%. The blue frog tape also works very very well and I use that around door casings.

    • cucumberzest
      cucumberzest  2 days back

      Hmm. This makes me wonder what type of tape is best for working on different types of paper and art mediums. Nice video.

    • Voodoo mama juju
      Voodoo mama juju  2 days back

      i didn't know i needed this until i watched it. Thank you YouTube for your random recommendations and thank you for making this informative video

    • Jilly Bean
      Jilly Bean  2 days back

      Could've used this 6 months ago when I was spray painting the cornhole boards my Dad made. Or a year ago when I was painting my room, though in that case the tape just wouldn't stick

    • trevor pierce
      trevor pierce  2 days back

      Came to see if my many trials and failures came to the same conclusion as you did. Glad your able to help people save time and money cause you are spot on.

    • moist
      moist  3 days back

      I think the reason I sat and watched a 14 minute video on painter tape without even pausing is because you're very good at getting to the point without any parts of the video where you get bored or want to skip to another part, or get through a long monologue. Great job, good video

    • Анчето lol
      Анчето lol  3 days back

      *Why* *I* *Watching* *this* *at* *2* *Am*

      • Handsome Jack
        Handsome Jack  3 days back

        M3 Blue its a total gamechanger, i remember that i fell in love with it when i was a kid, i liked painting my toys and it worked flawlessly

      • StockyPhil B
        StockyPhil B  3 days back

        Fantastic video! All this knowledge makes me wish I still worked at the blue and white hardware store! 😉

      • Frostedkpop
        Frostedkpop  3 days back

        i like his energy

      • jgelanyi
        jgelanyi  3 days back

        My grandpa told me Frog Tape is expensive but always worth the money, I watched this to see if the proof was in the pudding, that it was 😄

      • Tee Bear
        Tee Bear  3 days back

        im not sure what got me here but im invested in frogtape and how its preforming

      • Metz Abbott
        Metz Abbott  3 days back

        Try the tapes on a textured surface next time

      • Patrick Fields
        Patrick Fields  3 days back

        I want to send you a roll of the low tack tape we use, only frog and 3m blue will have a chance

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 days back

          What's the brand? Thanks for the offer

      • Alone in the Dark
        Alone in the Dark  4 days back

        Yay frog tape

      • Ari
        Ari  4 days back

        I'm here because of the algorithm, stayed to see if this could work for watercolor paper. The tapes i use always rips the paper when i take them off =/

      • Berry Blue
        Berry Blue  4 days back

        No offense but you sound like Kermit the frog

        • Buzz Clout
          Buzz Clout  4 days back

          Why does it sound like he’s yelling

        • Tam Bek
          Tam Bek  4 days back

          My mind has the weirdest attention span. Like an action movie will bore me in 8 minutes, but this? Nah, I watched this. There’s something wholesome about these videos that are just made to help, about such mundane things... it’s really cool to watch <3

        • Muriel M.
          Muriel M.  4 days back

          Thank you, im gonna buy some frogtape even tho i dont paint lol

        • Avery Di Iulio
          Avery Di Iulio  4 days back

          I need to do my homework but instead i will Not

        • Kevin Meek
          Kevin Meek  4 days back

          Great video, you should do one on best de-greaser.

        • 17Industries
          17Industries  4 days back

          Do you have a website where we can see spreadsheets of al the data from these tests? if not, It would be very interesting to be able to have the entire "database" of your experiments

        • Electromech
          Electromech  4 days back

          I wish there was Scotch blue platinum :P

          • Electromech
            Electromech  4 days back

            @Project Farm you do show that the frog tape is pretty skookum

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   4 days back

            Thank you for the feedback

        • Mandy
          Mandy  5 days back

          Me jotting down the best masking tapes for “future use”

        • Cali Georgeson
          Cali Georgeson  5 days back

          I was biased bout frog tape from the beginning. My mother and her father are artists and use frog tape for almost _anything_

        • SavageRadioUwU
          SavageRadioUwU  5 days back

          Me. A child. Looked up tips for acrylic painting. Found this video. Enjoyed the video way way way too much for being a video on tape. (PS great vid. Only video I can watch on painting the walls without literally dying inside)

        • Abbie R
          Abbie R  5 days back

          Bro gimme some of that frog tape

        • XxrustybananaxX 56
          XxrustybananaxX 56  5 days back

          This is the best

        • KzCreationz & More
          KzCreationz & More  5 days back

          Okay, be honest, how many of y’all just came here to see the satisfying tape pulling?

        • cuauhtzin san
          cuauhtzin san  5 days back

          yellow frog tape if you want to make clean strips in any drywall jobs

        • i_rosepetal
          i_rosepetal  6 days back

          Why am i watching this?

        • Charles Tredway
          Charles Tredway  6 days back

          I really thank you for that tape comparison. I painted my whole interior of my house by hand because I had bleed over from using tapes. Now after seeing this video, I’m going to use Frog tape. THANK YOU!!!

        • BangtxnBxtch
          BangtxnBxtch  6 days back

          Me: Not a painter, or artist at all
          Also me: hEy LetS wAtcH a wHoLe VidEO tALkinG aBoUt mAskiNg tApE

        • CHICKEN_pox
          CHICKEN_pox  7 days back

          Aawww yesssss FROG TAPE

        • Brenna Lindberg
          Brenna Lindberg  7 days back

          I swear by Frog Tape and was rooting for it the whole time. I painted my room recently and used frog tape for the whole thing and had no bleeding issues

        • Cup of Tae, with Suga Kookies no jams & a sprite

          I didn't even know so many painter tapes exsisted. I feel so educated. I'm not painting anything. So I don't know why I'm here.....but....still.

        • Cherry Boy
          Cherry Boy  7 days back

          this guys voice has so much casual enthusiasm i keep finding myself giggling. never change