How To Feel Safe And Secure

  • Published: 25 February 2015
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  • JHope World
    JHope World  4 months back

    We have come to America for vacation. And they are so many cops everywhere and I just heard about a boy that was shot by the police😰😰

    • p e t a l
      p e t a l  6 months back

      I have a online friend... I told her my age and first name. I'm not supposed to, my mom DOESN'T let me. I'm scared it's a predator... I'm scared.

      • p e t a l
        p e t a l  5 months back

        @Lilly im okay now, yes. We call twice a week and everything is fine! My mom even let me tell her what state I'm in.

      • Lilly
        Lilly  5 months back

        p e t a l Did your friend send a picture or an audio of and from herself?

    • Cady Youngbauer
      Cady Youngbauer  6 months back

      What a sack of actual crap, some freak ranting endlessly about nothing what so ever, thats all this video was.

      • Rachel W
        Rachel W  12 months back

        Omg the person asking the question in this one is ULTRA ANNOYING... stubborn, closed, ONE TRACK MIND

        • Chris Marklowitz
          Chris Marklowitz  1 years back

          Lack of security ans safety can come from a threat, from a feeling of not being enough, from a feeling of othwrs looking down on us, from being alone.

          • Lyanna Bucket
            Lyanna Bucket  2 years back

            Please pray for me. I want an easy fulfilled happy secure respectable lovely life full of more and more loved ones and happiness & sunshine.

            I will not talk about my problems, because I've heard enough of Abraham to know retelling won't do any good. But like u replied to the girl below, I hope & pray that you can show some *concrete, definite, happy* way to me as well. Love and light to you, doing great work👑💖❤

            • Jamillah Shabazz
              Jamillah Shabazz  2 years back


              • Space for the Soul
                Space for the Soul  2 years back

                11:25 !

                • marina leven
                  marina leven  4 years back

                  thank you very much:)

                  • TCK Production
                    TCK Production  4 years back

                    For many years I've been listening to your videos daily and I thank you! They inspired my music so much. Here you have the first few lines of a song that that I'd love to share the video with you "Do you know that you alone can light the universe with a thought with the power of your will there’s nothing that you cannot do."