• Published: 03 October 2015
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    Today I made four different DIY Rainbow Themed Treats! I hope you enjoy them.

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    Rainbow Funfetti Cupcakes
    * (2) Cups Flour:
    * (1-1/2) Cups Sugar:
    * (2) Teaspoons Baking Powder:
    * (1/4) Cup Vegetable Shortening:
    * (1/8) Teaspoon Salt:
    * (2) Teaspoon Vanilla Extract:
    * (1/4) Teaspoon Almond Extract:
    * (1/2) Cup Rainbow Sprinkles:
    * (1) Cookie Scoop:
    * (5) Egg Whites
    * (3/4) Cup of Whole milk
    * (1) Stick of Butter

    To Decorate
    * Blue Decorator Preferred Fondant:
    * Red Decorator Preferred Fondant:
    * Green Decorator Preferred Fondant:
    * Yellow Decorator Preferred Fondant:
    * Purple Decorator Preferred Fondant:
    * Neon Decorator Preferred Fondant Pack:
    * Decorating Icing:
    * Blue Silicone Cupcake Liners:
    * Decorating Tip 12:

    Rainbow Pudding Pops
    * (3) Cups of Milk
    * (1) Box Dixie Cups:
    * (1) Box of Jello Pudding:
    * (1) Pack Bright Gel Food Color:
    * (1) Package Wooden Craft Spoons:

    Rainbow Jar Cakes
    * (5) Egg Whites
    * (3/4) Cup of Whole milk
    * (1) Stick of Butter
    * (2) Cups Flour:
    * (1-1/2) Cups Sugar:
    * (2) Teaspoons Baking Powder:
    * (1/4) Cup Vegetable Shortening:
    * (1/8) Teaspoon Salt:
    * (2) Teaspoon Vanilla Extract:
    * (1/4) Teaspoon Almond Extract:
    * (1) Bottle Red Food Coloring Dye:
    * (1) Bottle Orange Food Coloring Dye:
    * (1) Bottle Yellow Food Coloring Dye:
    * (1) Bottle Green Food Coloring Dye:
    * (1) Bottle Blue Food Coloring Dye:
    * (1) Bottle Purple Food Coloring Dye:

    * (6) Round 6-Inch Pans:
    * (1) Container Decorator Icing:
    * (2) Decorator Bags:
    * (1) Container Rainbow Sprinkles:
    * (1) 2-1/2-Inch Circle Cookie Cutter:
    * (1) Decorating Tip 1M:

    Rainbow Fruit Skewers
    * (1) Pineapple
    * (1) Cantaloupe
    * (1) Container Fresh Raspberries
    * (1) Container Red Grapes
    * (1) Container Green Grapes
    * (1) Container Blueberries
    * (1) Package Wooden Skewers:
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  • Caitlin Liman
    Caitlin Liman  11 hours back

    I’m all for Ro, she’s amazing don’t get me wrong but I’m just giggling at the fact that she said the rainbow in every order it’s not until the last part of the vid😂😂

    • Sabiha Khalid
      Sabiha Khalid  5 days back


      • Greg Lamb
        Greg Lamb  7 days back

        Rainbows are my favorite color

        • Cornel News
          Cornel News  1 weeks back


          • Mia J ane Legaspi
            Mia J ane Legaspi  1 weeks back

            Love 🌈🌈🌧 +. ☀️ =🌈

            • Taffy Mvundura
              Taffy Mvundura  2 weeks back

              Eat the rainbow 🌈

              • Atmaram More
                Atmaram More  2 weeks back

                To can you make diy unicorn treats

                • Hansika B
                  Hansika B  3 weeks back

                  Who keeps watching the same videos and never gets bored

                  • Abdullah Hasnain
                    Abdullah Hasnain  3 weeks back

                    More rainbow

                    • Dasha Hicks
                      Dasha Hicks  4 weeks back

                      Make. Rainbow treats

                      • Lan Patton
                        Lan Patton  1 months back

                        So cute😍😍🐼🎠

                        • Kaitlyn Quinlan
                          Kaitlyn Quinlan  1 months back

                          I have your recipe book

                          • Dining Heartboy
                            Dining Heartboy  1 months back

                            Hey Rosanna, how are you? My name is Colbyn Dinehart! I've been a huge fan of your videos, and I've known you since 2014. I have both of your cookbooks, and my favorite one is "baking all year round"! You really inspired me to do my own cookbook with recipes to celebrate all holidays and special occasions. Also I have a question Bout the font that you used for the title of the cookbook on the cover. What's the name of the font that you used?

                            • Neliswa Reuben
                              Neliswa Reuben  1 months back


                              • Katherine Song
                                Katherine Song  1 months back


                              • Serene Leng
                                Serene Leng  1 months back

                                I love you ro!

                                • Jojo360 plaz milo!!
                                  Jojo360 plaz milo!!  2 months back


                                  • ESYA K
                                    ESYA K  2 months back

                                    Here's some DIY Rainbow Treats!🌈
                                    1. Rainbow Funfetti Cupcakes!
                                    2. Rainbow Pudding Pops!
                                    3. Rainbow Jar Cakes!
                                    4. Rainbow Fruit Skewers!
                                    They are done! They're Rainbow Funfetti Cupcakes, Pudding Pops, Jar Cakes and Fruit Skewers! 🌈🌈🌈🌈

                                    • PotatoPanda 1609
                                      PotatoPanda 1609  2 months back

                                      Not to be rude but,


                                      You’re beautiful. Keep up the positive attitude and have a great day! 😊😊😊😁😁😁

                                      ~lot’s of love from Australia

                                      • Elite Survival Food
                                        Elite Survival Food  2 months back

                                        Maybe you could do a pokéball cake.

                                        • Frankie & Sammy Ward
                                          Frankie & Sammy Ward  2 months back

                                          my daughter is obsessed with you Ro!

                                          • XDCREAMYKEN yes
                                            XDCREAMYKEN yes  2 months back

                                            I subscribed

                                            • Sarah Meyers
                                              Sarah Meyers  2 months back


                                              • Fadoua DINAR
                                                Fadoua DINAR  3 months back

                                                2019 anyone?

                                                • Nilofur Ahmed
                                                  Nilofur Ahmed  3 months back

                                                  Can you make rainbow macaroons??

                                                  • Malayah Forever
                                                    Malayah Forever  3 months back

                                                    Me 4 years later...🤣

                                                    Ro’s Family: What's your favorite color?

                                                    Mo: rAinBoW 🤣

                                                    • Rory Magaro
                                                      Rory Magaro  3 months back

                                                      Do it next week

                                                      • Rory Magaro
                                                        Rory Magaro  3 months back

                                                        Can you make a Roberto Clemente bridge cake

                                                        • Rory Magaro
                                                          Rory Magaro  3 months back

                                                          You can not say 6 2 times in a sentence

                                                          • Lalita Dimopoulos
                                                            Lalita Dimopoulos  3 months back

                                                            Ro: Now for the fun part, assembling.
                                                            Me: Really? I thought the fun part was when you eat you creation🌈

                                                          • Alisha Kundi
                                                            Alisha Kundi  3 months back

                                                            rainbow is the color of everything and yummy treats.

                                                            • Angila Malla
                                                              Angila Malla  3 months back

                                                              Why do you look so different here Ro?

                                                              • Gia Favis
                                                                Gia Favis  4 months back

                                                                her eyes look different in this video?
                                                                anyone know why?

                                                                • Vanessa da potato:3
                                                                  Vanessa da potato:3  3 months back

                                                                  Gia Favis She probably did her makeup different and this was like 4 years ago

                                                              • TheCrazyLady 3561
                                                                TheCrazyLady 3561  4 months back

                                                                The brush that you used on the cupcake to make the fondant to stick I have the exact brush set! So cool😃😀

                                                                • Reese Celis
                                                                  Reese Celis  4 months back

                                                                  make cat treats

                                                                  • Mel Bruhn
                                                                    Mel Bruhn  5 months back

                                                                    Make a cheesecake ro!

                                                                    • Maribel Ramos
                                                                      Maribel Ramos  5 months back

                                                                      Anyone 2019!?!?

                                                                      • Kamerin Queen
                                                                        Kamerin Queen  5 months back

                                                                        I love Rainbow sprinkles unicorns on my home to be filled with unicorns and he's recipes to look really good I should try them thanks Rosanna

                                                                        • Dani Jimenez
                                                                          Dani Jimenez  5 months back

                                                                          I loved it love you ro

                                                                          • Mariana Berumen
                                                                            Mariana Berumen  5 months back

                                                                            descendants charter

                                                                            • Cool Halle 31
                                                                              Cool Halle 31  5 months back

                                                                              i also love rainbows just like mo. she choose a great color because it suits her a ton!

                                                                              • Ki'liyah Mass
                                                                                Ki'liyah Mass  5 months back

                                                                                Ur funny

                                                                                • Alexandra Kennedy
                                                                                  Alexandra Kennedy  5 months back

                                                                                  Rainbow jar cakes would be great birthday cakes if you have like a small birthday party like I did last year

                                                                                  • M V
                                                                                    M V  6 months back

                                                                                    I don't like rainbows

                                                                                    I LIKE MOVING RAINBOWS

                                                                                    HOLOSEXUALS WERE U AT!!!????

                                                                                    • And handbags xjjxhxhccnxmz Sparklebsbshdbdhdbdbbdb

                                                                                      Clab with mohrah elisobeth

                                                                                      • Malini Khanna Vasisth
                                                                                        Malini Khanna Vasisth  6 months back

                                                                                        Today I went to Michales and I saw Rosanna’s cookbook I looked through it and I loved it I wanted to by it but my cousin said no

                                                                                        • Crystal fluff
                                                                                          Crystal fluff  6 months back

                                                                                          Wait, is rainbow even a colour?

                                                                                          • Mohana-Ivana Raymond
                                                                                            Mohana-Ivana Raymond  6 months back