All reactions to new death challenges (Season 3)

  • Published: 11 August 2018

    These are all the reactions to death challenges. One is not really that accurate but that was what I could find.

    Intro song: “I like it” by Cardi B

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  • Kartoffel
    Kartoffel   1 years back

    Hey guys!

    Hope you enjoy this new video! You can turn on captions/subtitles on this video. They should be worded right, but not *Everything* is 100% correct ...

  • Masky :P
    Masky :P  4 weeks back

    I just noticed how your profile was Ro screaming or something-

    • Kimy KeayKoby
      Kimy KeayKoby  5 months back

      Did u see Manny for the first film he was just like "OMG he is like so hot and I love his accent"

      • Banana Guy
        Banana Guy  5 months back

        Is it only me that likes the intro??

      • Karmocha Linnie
        Karmocha Linnie  6 months back

        *R I P B I T C H*

        • criss wilson
          criss wilson  7 months back

          This is sad my parents let wach this vid ther are good and sad i want a.lot of sad.vids

        • Frisian Gaspar
          Frisian Gaspar  7 months back

          The Snake woman is kind of like the jorogumo from s2

          • Youtube Needs to STOP
            Youtube Needs to STOP  9 months back

            I love how Teala was more useful when she was dead to Nikita Joey and MatPat during the last episode

          • Jinky Waldron Waldron
            Jinky Waldron Waldron  1 years back

            But Ro made it to Top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Jojo the Pineapple
              Jojo the Pineapple  1 years back

              I love this series to death don’t get me wrong, but safiyas death ticked me off for more than one reason
              A. There was like no reason for it besides for her to die except for the fact that they needed someone to die
              B. Manny. Should’ve. Died. Period. He lost! I understand there was a plot twist but I just feel like they should’ve stuck to mannys death
              C. Yes this is bias, but she deserved better

              • jana mowafy
                jana mowafy  11 months back

                I agree because its not fair

            • Gaming With Cookie
              Gaming With Cookie  1 years back

              This is Awesome!

              • Director Krennic is Under appreciated

                Who else ships Ro and Matt

                Ratt lol not a good ship name

              • simple simplicity
                simple simplicity  1 years back

                Ur channel has rosanna face lol cuz shes comeing back for sure

              • Greenpumpkinpie
                Greenpumpkinpie  1 years back

                I still think Sophia’s death was unfair she died for WINING the fun house

              • Cjwilson 2255
                Cjwilson 2255  1 years back

                Love the intro

                • BlueDragonss 15
                  BlueDragonss 15  1 years back

                  MY CINNAMON ROLL RO

                  • CookieKlive Makesmusix
                    CookieKlive Makesmusix  1 years back


                    • Samuel The Gamer 101
                      Samuel The Gamer 101  1 years back

                      Joey KILLED Ro!!!

                      • Dino UwU
                        Dino UwU  7 months back

                        Joey told her to try to get Maria and she went got cursed and went to the death challenge

                      • Queen PinkiMingi
                        Queen PinkiMingi  1 years back

                        How Ro failed by herself in that challenge why should he have let her beat him not like everyone their hates life Nikita and Joey Ro Safiya and Manny are capable of Collens Nikita for Manny Matt for Jc

                      • Sofia Salamanca
                        Sofia Salamanca  1 years back

                        Samuel The Gamer 101 How? I haven’t watched it and I don’t want to watch it because it’s scary

                    • 8Khamsing Pathammavong
                      8Khamsing Pathammavong  1 years back

                      How did you make that intro?!

                      • Boba Violet
                        Boba Violet  1 years back

                        I love the music in the beginning

                        • Colors__
                          Colors__  1 years back

                          I love when colleen died

                          • daja vu
                            daja vu  3 months back

                            This is a stupid opinion

                          • pissy virgo
                            pissy virgo  10 months back

                            it still made me almost cry. it was so realistic

                          • jenny Lover
                            jenny Lover  1 years back


                          • Drake_Red
                            Drake_Red  1 years back

                            ItsDiamondnight Dragon its her opinion you!!!!!

                          • ItsDiamondnight Dragon
                            ItsDiamondnight Dragon  1 years back

                            leticia hernandez it’s there opinions dumbass

                        • Ethan Vo
                          Ethan Vo  1 years back

                          Hey guys!

                          • Gacha Dani
                            Gacha Dani  1 years back

                            Loved da intro

                            • hanni lay
                              hanni lay  1 years back

                              The song

                              • X- Garethx
                                X- Garethx  1 years back

                                Teala is dunn for

                                • Jinky Waldron Waldron
                                  Jinky Waldron Waldron  1 years back

                                  The Lucy episode this is were I'm sad before this episode Ro died😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

                                  • Sofia Salamanca
                                    Sofia Salamanca  1 years back

                                    Jinky Waldron Waldron Thxs!!!!

                                  • Jinky Waldron Waldron
                                    Jinky Waldron Waldron  1 years back

                                    She was Stabbed by The Witches in Each Body Parts

                                  • Sofia Salamanca
                                    Sofia Salamanca  1 years back

                                    Jinky Waldron Waldron one question How did Ro died I don’t want to watch it bc it’s scary but can you tell me how Ro died

                                • Cookie kawaii
                                  Cookie kawaii  1 years back

                                  Besides the ones after she died, the strong man and the snake woman challenges why is it that all the challenges have safiya somewhat included in it...?

                                  • Leo Baftirovski
                                    Leo Baftirovski  1 years back

                                    If you think about it the only person who doesn’t die in season 3 is Nikita since mat did die and joey was dead

                                    • PaulPlayz
                                      PaulPlayz  1 years back

                                      If there was no mortimer then she would have been dead

                                    • Queen PinkiMingi
                                      Queen PinkiMingi  1 years back

                                      So we missing 2 more

                                  • Duncster Ducks
                                    Duncster Ducks  1 years back

                                    Project Zorgo is Watching...

                                  • Wisely 12
                                    Wisely 12  1 years back

                                    2:59 her face makes it more worse

                                    • JuMpY LiOn
                                      JuMpY LiOn  1 years back

                                      why did Saf read like 50% of the notes telling them what it was

                                    • ツ nominus ツ
                                      ツ nominus ツ  1 years back

                                      *doesnt open*

                                      • Alexa Boix
                                        Alexa Boix  1 years back

                                        Escape the NIGHT.

                                        • PotterHead Pets
                                          PotterHead Pets  1 years back

                                          dun dun dun the music has soooooo shoooook

                                          • Frances Paramel
                                            Frances Paramel  1 years back

                                            Why did the intro make me ShOoK

                                            • 96022pj
                                              96022pj  1 years back

                                              Was it just me but would jc be helpful if he didnt die do soon?

                                              • Eden Mac
                                                Eden Mac  1 years back

                                                Triggered Nikita true, but then again, the only reason he died in the first place was because vitaly didnt grab whatever it was they left in the room. but that is definitely a vaid point..

                                              • Lumine
                                                Lumine  1 years back

                                                Eden Mac I mean, if Rahat didn’t revive him, he would still have been dead in season 2

                                              • Eden Mac
                                                Eden Mac  1 years back

                                                he won fight of the living dead s2, so i reckon he would've killed it

                                              • Floofy Snoot
                                                Floofy Snoot  1 years back

                                                @Kartoffel I think that too XD

                                              • Kartoffel
                                                Kartoffel   1 years back

                                                96022pj He would've carried the team. But I sadly think he would die in the strongman challenge ...

                                            • 96022pj
                                              96022pj  1 years back