History of The New X-Men - The Gifted

  • Published: 22 January 2018
  • Today on the show, Faust talks about The History of The New X-Men, who I feel served as a a major inspiration for Fox's "The Gifted", right down to the fight for survival! Prep yourself for the upcoming X-Men TV shows and Movies with this Comic History!!


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    "New X-Men is a superhero comic book series published by Marvel Comics within the X-Men franchise. After the end of Grant Morrison's run on X-Men vol. 2 titled New X-Men, the title was used for a new series, New X-Men: Academy X. The title was later shortened to simply New X-Men.

    New X-Men: Academy X was launched during the X-Men ReLoad event. The Academy X subtitle was dropped from the title when the new creative team of Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost took over the series with issue #20.

    Whereas the other X-Men comics mostly deal with established adult mutants, this series concentrates on the lives of young students residing at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning as they learn to control their powers.

    After the 2007 crossover X-Men: Messiah Complex, the New X-Men title was canceled and briefly relaunched as Young X-Men for 12 issues. The series was written by Marc Guggenheim. After the first arc of Young X-Men, the characters began appearing in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. With the cancellation of Young X-Men the characters were folded onto the main X-Men books, appearing most prominently in the pages of X-Men: Legacy, Wolverine and the X-Men, and most recently, in X-Men." - Wiki
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  • ItsSuperEffective
    ItsSuperEffective   2 years back

    Hey guys, first of all, thanks so much for watching!!
    As always, if you can remember to thumbs up the video, and share it everywhere, since that really helps a lot!! And if you're new, dont forget to subscribe!

    Footnote though - the way this run of the X-Men was connected to the gifted, is that repeatedly through this run, these children are referred to as "The Gifted". While the school has always been a school for "Gifted Youngesters", this was one of the first times were a team was referred to as "The Gifted" in this volume!
    Aside from story/plot/who the characters ARE wise...yeah Fox doesnt care about that, and never has.

    • Cody Oliver
      Cody Oliver  3 months back

      What is the comics range that you covered in the video?
      Some of the later stories after the trip to hell I dont know what books those are

    • The outlandish Outlander
      The outlandish Outlander  7 months back

      Do the rest of the seven soldiers

    • Ger
      Ger  2 years back

      Adam Leslie -Josh ended up resurrecting himself from the grave but had some mental issues for a while. He tracked down the guys who killed him then killed them and resurrected them over and over, then tried to heal some mutants with M-Pox before he lost control and started killing mutants and Magneto's Uncanny team that came to save him. They stopped him and left him with Xorn to recuperate and get back in control.

    • Kaya Conrad
      Kaya Conrad  2 years back

      ItsSuperEffective I have a crush on you

    • Vooohooo Doo
      Vooohooo Doo  2 years back

      Faust Are you going review Raven Daughter of Darkness ?
      I am looking forward for that

  • 》Xx.Itz_Ann _Playz.xX《

    Anyone else think dat faust looks like Elixr in this?
    Nope? Just me?

    • FranmanBSA
      FranmanBSA  2 months back

      It’s a great book and it’s a shame how the characters got so mistreated after this series. They are mostly background in the following x-books, with the exception of rockslide and anole.

      • Troy Hoeft
        Troy Hoeft  6 months back

        Your gay kid

        • Cliff Davis
          Cliff Davis  6 months back

          Whoooooooo time out WTF. U telling me they made ice man gay. 😤😠😡🤬

          • The outlandish Outlander
            The outlandish Outlander  7 months back

            The new x men are AWSOME

            • Kingdrago101
              Kingdrago101  8 months back

              This is so dark 😢😢 I like it

              • Mikhael Tontey
                Mikhael Tontey  9 months back

                His name is Jay GUTHRIE. Hate that Sam and Paige never reacted to his death.

                • death plz
                  death plz  9 months back

                  Ok who else didn't follow any of what he said?...

                  • orphanmaker1
                    orphanmaker1  10 months back

                    did you ever get to read the origonal series of "the new mutants. it delved deeply into the school side of life mixed with being young heroes but on a more realistic scale of mutants living in the shadows without the murder and constant attacks. it really gave the character more time to develop and flesh out. Magik was keeping her demon side a secret from her team mates, Mirage was dealing with the death of her parents, Sunspot with the death of his girlfriend, Cannonball was facing leaving his family without a source of income to come to the school and wolfesbane was messed up by her strict religious upbringing. each character had a solid back story fro before they came to the school and family commitments.

                    • Teddy P. Gray
                      Teddy P. Gray  11 months back

                      The Gifted??

                      • The D A Experience
                        The D A Experience  1 years back

                        Decimation gets overlooked a lot, but that New X-men team went through hell characters dying left and right and some of the best character development for a younger class of mutants since maybe generations x and this was a HUGE cast. I mean to go through M, Stryker, Nimrod, Limbo and more in just the first year. Every arc was an event. I seriously miss this book an wish they were an equivalent in the X verse now. Generation Hope just never did it for me

                        • Dino Andes
                          Dino Andes  1 years back

                          Thank you for this! I loved it!

                          • Corinne Olivia
                            Corinne Olivia  1 years back

                            Why don’t they make this into a show?!?! 😩

                            • Asdf Ghjk
                              Asdf Ghjk  1 years back

                              Good info but there’s nothing connected to the show :( such a click bait

                              • Pelo MK
                                Pelo MK  1 years back

                                It sounds depressing

                                • phylle Alagos
                                  phylle Alagos  1 years back

                                  dud that hair is a MAJOR throwback. LMAO. and thanks for this video i find the whole comics thing very confusing. idk where to start.

                                  • Dorth Surreal
                                    Dorth Surreal  1 years back

                                    What's wrong with worshipping Magneto? I mean really.

                                    • London Stackz
                                      London Stackz  1 years back

                                      IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE ❗❕

                                      • TimeTravel Travez
                                        TimeTravel Travez  1 years back

                                        They are nothing like The Gifted. They are New X-men, not The Gifted. The Gifted is a word that Charles Xavier uses for his student at his school. It's a place for people with Gifted.

                                        • Sky Assassin
                                          Sky Assassin  1 years back

                                          is it just me or does he look like a young shane Dawson?

                                          • blue arrow
                                            blue arrow  1 years back

                                            I prefer the tv show

                                            • Ezekiel Green
                                              Ezekiel Green  1 years back


                                              • Fearless 4 Him
                                                Fearless 4 Him  1 years back

                                                Why is Magik so unattractive? I thought she was super hot? What happened to her nice legs and hot body?

                                                • max maron
                                                  max maron  1 years back

                                                  my favorite was Icurus! the red winged guy. they killed him off.

                                                  • Malik Olawale
                                                    Malik Olawale  1 years back


                                                    • WhitePhoenix OfTheCrown

                                                      I love it all, it tells the stories we need to see in all things and learn from them

                                                      • Kyle Stewart
                                                        Kyle Stewart  1 years back

                                                        pixie was in deadpool 2

                                                      • The Marvelous One
                                                        The Marvelous One  1 years back

                                                        That's not the same Protege the Living Tribunal got rid of all those years ago, is it? I kind of doubt it, but just wondering. I didn't read much of the New Mutants except for the William Striker story. The asshole who had people thinking he could see their future, and save them from being killed. Like the guy and the taxi.
                                                        Other than that, I'm not really a fan of the New Mutants. I tend to stay away from comics like this. Like the Runaways too. Too much teenager shit.

                                                        Don't you mean, Cuckoos? Not Cookoos.

                                                        • rlouis215
                                                          rlouis215  2 years back

                                                          See this is why i think the movies are doing better then comic books i read a couple comics and its dark a lot of them are i like how the movie universe does it its serious but has a good amount of comedy so its not to dark even the last avengers movie although it was a bit more darker then other it still had a lot of levity. And don’t like M day to basically knock off a bunch of mutants and make them lose their powers I didn’t like and having so many mega level mutants in these comics I’m like well then just forget the other mutants then lol i think the movie universe my choice not saying comic isn’t good but damn its a bit to dark

                                                          • Astonthepunk Punkish immortals

                                                            Shane Dawson?

                                                            • TIGRI7
                                                              TIGRI7  2 years back

                                                              What I think at the new X-men ? A new hope :-)

                                                              • marcelo2169
                                                                marcelo2169  2 years back

                                                                Bring back New X-men!

                                                                • EmmanuelPierrePortraits

                                                                  If the New X-Men had a tv series....Young Justice who?

                                                                  • alex
                                                                    alex  2 years back

                                                                    bobby's big gay book :)

                                                                    • alex
                                                                      alex  2 years back

                                                                      they really went through it huh???

                                                                      • Pictish Warrior
                                                                        Pictish Warrior  2 years back

                                                                        I'm more into the originals, these new heroes seem weak.

                                                                        • Me
                                                                          Me  2 years back

                                                                          What ever happened to wind dancer

                                                                          • max maron
                                                                            max maron  2 years back

                                                                            I loved the character Icarus!! they killed him off. I hated that. but yeah he was one of these young mutants.

                                                                            • Cian
                                                                              Cian  2 years back

                                                                              Rockslide and armour are my favourite teen mutants!

                                                                              • Jameer Hairston
                                                                                Jameer Hairston  2 years back

                                                                                How do you know all of this

                                                                                • BonMart Zulueta
                                                                                  BonMart Zulueta  2 years back

                                                                                  Well we have New X-Men: Dead Souls.

                                                                                  • Warren Ward
                                                                                    Warren Ward  2 years back

                                                                                    so.....iccarus is basically angel....got it.

                                                                                    X-men are probably the single hardest comic series to ever keep up with....because theres so many books.

                                                                                    • Orange Ranger
                                                                                      Orange Ranger  2 years back

                                                                                      I really like Surge

                                                                                      • PainLola Grim
                                                                                        PainLola Grim  2 years back

                                                                                        I loved this run. I wish they had more on these X-men. Thanks for doing this. You’re the best!

                                                                                        • Emilio Pro 101
                                                                                          Emilio Pro 101  2 years back

                                                                                          Do you mean the new mutants

                                                                                        • The Immortal Super Being

                                                                                          So according to you if someone is "legally a child" lol they can't even decide not to have there wings cut off so to you if a legal thing say they can't say no to having apart of there body cut off even know even two year olds can say no to stuff like that they can't so he got his wings cut off because he could not say no........have you alway been retarded or what of course he could say no no matter your age or what legality bullshit says moron you can say no or yes to things god WTF.

                                                                                          • Patte
                                                                                            Patte  2 years back

                                                                                            I miss surge... she is basically the only member of these new mutants that never appeared after this