Sideline Bling - Sergio Ramos + TikTok = Perfection

  • Published: 19 December 2019
  • Sergio Ramos is new on TikTok, FIFA turns 26, Bayern Munich hated the UCL draw and more FITS, KITS & KICKS!

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Comments • 46

  • Dodgerblue 1792
    Dodgerblue 1792  1 months back

    I need to find myself a latina wife.

    • Wilians Garcia
      Wilians Garcia  1 months back


      • Burhan Talay
        Burhan Talay  1 months back

        are they really trying to speak about football🤣🤣🤣

        • alejandro valdez
          alejandro valdez  1 months back

          Why y’all hate?!? Having girls talk sports opens up letting girls watch more sports and be coherent about it. Who wouldn’t want a gf that actually knows soccer and gets it smh lol.

          • J
            J  1 months back

            alejandro valdez If a girl watches this she’s probably less likely to get into football

        • DesertHaunter
          DesertHaunter  1 months back

          I feel like I lost brain cells listening to these girls pronounce words. “Okay so liiiiike... liiiike and like”

          • The Beaver
            The Beaver  1 months back

            No one cares about Mexico

          • joel levi
            joel levi  1 months back

            Hell no Chelsea are in for a whip! 3-0 at least, mark my words

            • Best Vibes
              Best Vibes  1 months back

              Ramos 😂😂😂gay

              • AGENT 357
                AGENT 357  1 months back

                You girls are cringie...maybe try to contract REAL YOUTUBING PPL

                • Alex Arvizu
                  Alex Arvizu  1 months back

                  Bein sports get actual people that know what they’re talking about please

                  • Name Change
                    Name Change  1 months back

                    Bayern scared of Chelsea? 2019/2020 Chelsea ? Uhhh don’t know about that one

                    • Oscar Rivera
                      Oscar Rivera  1 months back

                      FIFA 16 is the best fifa game ever 💯💯💯🥰

                      • Unknown is my last name
                        Unknown is my last name  1 months back

                        Obviously they don’t know shit about soccer 🤷🏽

                        • gera DaGoat
                          gera DaGoat  1 months back

                          You guys are reading off a teleprompter, if you two wanna commentate on fashion and critique football kits do it somewhere else we ain’t here for that nonsense, why would Bayern Munich be scared of Chelsea ? “Hopefully they play better this time” obviously you two don’t know how to analyze fútbol, no manchen de verdad chivas es puro mexicano por eso hizo lo mismo que mexico, y que importa como se mire la playera fashion doesn’t win games the players do. I’m out not clicking on this channel again foreal

                          • Bryan Barragan
                            Bryan Barragan  1 months back

                            A las dos pendejas

                            • InsaiyanAthletics
                              InsaiyanAthletics  1 months back

                              Who had the brilliant idea of putting these two as hosts. 🤣😂 Que lastima, se ven bien bonitas, pero estan rete pendejadas 🤣☠️

                            • Pedro Ocegueda
                              Pedro Ocegueda  1 months back

                              Who the hell let these girls commentate on soccer?

                              • ChuyJr
                                ChuyJr  1 months back

                                Courtois dislocated his arm

                              • Tojil Sosa
                                Tojil Sosa  1 months back

                                Who’s here for Ramos’s TikTok 💀😂

                                • CraftyProFTW
                                  CraftyProFTW  1 months back

                                  Yep, couldn’t really care less for the rest of the video

                              • Luis Orellana
                                Luis Orellana  1 months back

                                Did she really just started texting when the other 1 said gamers dafaq?!

                                • Adam Saadeh
                                  Adam Saadeh  1 months back

                                  Why tf would Bayern Munich be scared 😑.... these people are 2 clowns who know nothing about football

                                • Martin Aguilera
                                  Martin Aguilera  1 months back

                                  Also Bayern Munich is most likely to win lmao obviously y’all haven’t seen them play.. talking about the past lol.. I’m a Chelsea fan and I know we’re not gonna win but I just hope we get lucky and win

                                  • Martin Aguilera
                                    Martin Aguilera  1 months back

                                    lelennyfox34 I don’t think no one ever consider them winning the prem or champions lol like I said I’m Chelsea fan and I’m happy on how they’re doing rn going to the 16th round in cl and 4th in the prem is not bad for Frank Lampards first year as Chelsea and coach and the fact that they had a transfer ban made it more difficult.. honestly Chelsea shocked the world and I love it lol but on the other hand you’re totally right

                                  • lelennyfox34
                                    lelennyfox34  1 months back

                                    The fact that people really believed that Chelsea could win the Prem or the CL is hilarious. It's a very young and inexperienced squad(besides a couple of players). I mean, the only young one in that current squad who has any UCL experience is Pulisic.

                                • Martin Aguilera
                                  Martin Aguilera  1 months back

                                  Obviously they’re stupid enough not to know that Chivas is an all Mexican team so you can guess where they got that idea ? Lol bonitas pero nah no lo quiero decir 🤣

                                  • RighteouzKings
                                    RighteouzKings  1 months back

                                    It's not the first time they do it. A couple of years ago they had a green jersey.

                                  • Miguel Cardiel
                                    Miguel Cardiel  1 months back


                                  • VTG
                                    VTG  1 months back

                                    Martin Aguilera thank you

                                • Miguel Cardiel
                                  Miguel Cardiel  1 months back

                                  Hating on chivas 😂

                                  • Martin Aguilera
                                    Martin Aguilera  1 months back

                                    Miguel Cardiel Bro they don’t know shit lmao they just reading shit off the screen #Vamosporla13

                                • Cristian Garcia
                                  Cristian Garcia  1 months back

                                  Wassup with the girl on the left

                                  • Cristian Garcia
                                    Cristian Garcia  1 months back

                                    disturbed neural oscillations aye personality could be a 10 and that’s rare

                                  • disturbed neural oscillations
                                    disturbed neural oscillations  1 months back

                                    Cristian Garcia she’s like a light 7 bro reevaluate your standards

                                • Eyad Misk
                                  Eyad Misk  1 months back

                                  they don’t know shit about football lmfao

                                  • Play-Action Kill
                                    Play-Action Kill  1 months back

                                    These girls a straight 🔥🔥

                                    • Play-Action Kill
                                      Play-Action Kill  1 months back

                                      @MissEliJ You are very welcome. 💙

                                    • AGENT 357
                                      AGENT 357  1 months back

                                      @MissEliJ muy bonita pero no saben comentar...ponganse las pilas y den mas emocion al canal porque hasta ahora la mayoria de los comentarios tienen razón...parecen muertas ayi adentro...mucho cringe y falsedad.

                                    • MissEliJ
                                      MissEliJ  1 months back

                                      Play-Action Kill thank you ❤️