TimeShape - Contemporary App Music @Berlin Cathedral 6|6|2013

  • Published: 04 December 2013
  • "Time Shape" by Puya Shoary is a musical composition that can be stylistically categorized as Minimal Music. First it may sound simple: Every musician is following two different rhythmic motifs. However, the different rhythms combined evolve into a complex sound structure. This sound structure is modified with the use of effects by another musician, while the whole piece is floating between eleven loudspeakers spread all around the cathedral's arch.

    The DigiEnsemble Berlin used an Ableton Live-Patch controlled by Konkret Performer (iOS).

    -- Anniversary Concert at Berlin Cathedral on 6|6|2013
    The DigiEnsemble's performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio played on mobile devices only at the Berlin Cathedral in 2012 was a huge success. In celebration of the Berliner Dom's 20 year anniversary, the cathedral's organist Andreas Sieling and the DigiEnsemble paired up and gave their first concert together on June 6, 2013.

    For the anniversary show, the musicians composed four pieces. Their intention was to experiment with the sound possibilities of the cathedral's interior architecture. They used 12 loudspeakers, placed all around the cathedral, and created new sounds as "frozen echoes" and "fluid music" (rainshower in the dom).

    # 1 Fusions - a piece by Uwe Schamburek | soundart
    # 2 TimeShape - a piece by Puya Shoary | spatial music
    # 3 Quell-Klang - a piece by Daniel Grote | soundart
    # 4 Higgs - a piece by Nico Steckhan | soundart
    # 5 Bach: Air - performed by cathedral organist Andreas Sieling with Uwe Schamburek, Matthias Krebs and Daniel Grote

    It's with great thanks to Audiofly Soundtec GmbH for the technical support. http://www.audiofly.eu/

    -- DigiEnsemble Berlin
    Matthias Krebs
    Uwe Schamburek
    Daniel Grothe
    Puya Shoary
    Nico Steckhan
    Stefan Meinking
    Johannes Wolff
    Miriam Akkerman
    Kathleen Kinzel
    with Andreas Sieling

    Liesa Rademacher
    Joanna Podkowa
    David Gion Müller
    Björn Richie Lob
    Lukasz Fabijanczyk

    Lukasz Fabijanczyk

    Matthias Krebs

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