Villanova Coach Jay Wright: The Origin Of The 4 Out 1 In Offense

  • Published: 17 October 2015
  • As part of the George Raveling Coaching For Success Academy (, Coach Nick caught up with Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright to talk about the origin of his 4 out, 1 in offense, plus how often he calls plays versus letting his players flow. In addition, he explains what happens when the defense goes zone.

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Comments • 32

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R  9 months back

    What sucks now today’s b-ball is mostly 5 out 0 in offense. Even the bigs are on the perimeter

    • ricky100593
      ricky100593  11 months back

      Really cool

      • neetrab
        neetrab  2 years back

        National Champs AGAIN!

        • Ramsey D
          Ramsey D  4 years back

          Well, they did win.

          • Omraj Kang
            Omraj Kang  4 years back

            The post-Jordan era competition was so easy, that the only thing stopping a 38-year old Jordan on no knees from taking a 19-win team to the 2002 Finals was injuries to him and his 2nd best player Rip Hamilton. But the 1988 - 1990 Pistons were so stacked that even a prime and fully healthy Jordan couldn't take them down with the mediocre help he received in those series (1988 ECSF, 1989 ECF, 1990 ECF Game 7). The 1991 Pistons were also stacked, but it's just that Jordan had help that time.

            In the 1989 run, Jordan had to become the only guard to lead his team in 5/5 categories during the 1989 ECSF against the Knicks, and with Pippen ejected before the 4th quarter of Game 6, Jordan had to drop 12-2-3-1-2 in the 4th quarter along with the game-winning FTs to carry the 6-seed Bulls to their first ECF in franchise history. Jordan shut down Isiah Thomas in that series, but the Pistons were so stacked, along with the Bulls not helping enough, that even a prime Jordan wasn't enough to pull off the upset.

            In the 1990 ECF, Jordan had help through 6 games before his teammates shot a combined 24% in Game 7 to Jordan's 31-8-9 on 48%. The only Jordan teammate in double figures was Horace Grant with 10 points on 3/17 (18%), even Dennis Rodman, almost exclusively a defensive player, outscored all of Jordan's teammates with 13 points on 6/7 (86%). Again, the Pistons and 80s/90s competition were so stacked that even a prime Jordan couldn't take them down with the poor help he was receiving from his teammates. That problem wouldn't be nearly as prevalent in the post-Jordan era.

            As we have already seen, the post-Jordan era was so easy compared to Jordan's era, that injuries were the only thing stopping Jordan from taking a sub-20 team to the 2002 NBA Finals, as the only notable addition. Remember, the 90s had the most 50 and 60-win teams of any decade, even with a lockout season. Jordan's Bulls had to beat 7 60-win teams in their 6 title seasons, more than any other dynasty has in one decade. Jordan wouldn't have to worry about facing such stiff competition in LeBron's easy era.

            • BlueHundred
              BlueHundred  4 years back

              Hey, I love your videos and I don't know if you do requests but I was watching a lot of Bucks preseason and noticed a couple nice offensive sets that are money. Was wondering if you could do a video about their offense. I think their offense is really crafty

              • jerome macapiot
                jerome macapiot  4 years back

                coach u notice of all ur videos .philippine vs china had many views.thats how philippine love this game.

                • Shamborg
                  Shamborg  4 years back

                  "That's a great question"
                  *Coach Nick blushes*

                • Coach
                  Coach  4 years back

                  I wish more highschool and grade school coaches would teach this basic level of basketball. that way the guys/girls will already know these simple things once they reach the next level. there are many pro players who wouldn't be able to play like this.

                • Clutch7
                  Clutch7  4 years back

                  Sorry I rejected Villanova's offer in MyCareer

                  • neetrab
                    neetrab  2 years back

                    where did you end up going?

                • John aka Uncle Drew 2.0

                  Great interview! Great coach!

                • John aka Uncle Drew 2.0

                  When he said "shooting pocket," I wish you would have asked him about the dip.

                  • Chris Ducharme
                    Chris Ducharme  4 years back

                    You In Coach "We Win". I guess he thinks your saying "you Win"

                  • MrYoumitube
                    MrYoumitube  4 years back

                    Fear the Beard.

                    • Gal Bordelius
                      Gal Bordelius  4 years back

                      hahah love the beard coach

                      • Nosupa
                        Nosupa  4 years back

                        good Video coach. our team has maybe 2-3 Bigs so more then likely we'll be running the 4-1

                        • Gabriel Toledano
                          Gabriel Toledano  4 years back

                          isnt 1-2 worse for pivot?!?!

                          • Omnis
                            Omnis  4 years back

                            +BBALLBREAKDOWN When I first watched this video, I was confused too. But watching it again I see that he always teaches the 1-2 because he wants guys to be able to be comfortable in case they CAN'T catch off the hop.

                          • Coach
                            Coach  4 years back

                            +Galactu5 I agree, that was a little confusing. most coaches will tell you to catch on the hop in order to have both pivots available.

                          • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                            BBALLBREAKDOWN   4 years back

                            I think he's a strict 1-2 guy...

                          • Galactu5
                            Galactu5  4 years back

                            yeah, I thought a hop gives you the option of having either pivot. Maybe it was a semantics problem? He answered as if the hop was his method.

                        • augdawg23
                          augdawg23  4 years back

                          we win lol

                        • Cree
                          Cree  4 years back