Quasar - Multi App Window Manager for iPad (Cydia Tweak)

  • Published: 29 April 2012
  • Quasar - The first ever multi app manager for iPad. Open up multiple apps into separate windows to work on them all at once!

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Comments • 31

  • MR. NLS
    MR. NLS  5 years back

    • Zion King
      Zion King  6 years back

      Phoenix - 1901 SICK TRACK

      • Jones Heywire
        Jones Heywire  6 years back

        10$ and no iOS 7? Shit......

        • C.
          C.  6 years back

          iOS 7??

          • Anjunakitchen
            Anjunakitchen  6 years back

            Is there one for iPhone? 

            • The Real 123
              The Real 123  6 years back

              are there any alternatives for ios 6? 

              • David Smedberg
                David Smedberg  6 years back

                I want it to work for the ipad mini! It just crashes when you respring the device on the mini.

                • عبدالرحمن التميمي

                  please can give me name this app and can i download it for app store?

                  • Donovan
                    Donovan  6 years back

                    Too cool

                    • Garfield100
                      Garfield100  6 years back

                      iPad mini ios 6.1.2 just enters safe mode not working. Pls help

                      • Big L
                        Big L  7 years back

                        Will it work for ipad mini?

                        • Red Pitre
                          Red Pitre  7 years back

                          iPad goes into safe mode after the respring. Currently running 6.1.1. Probably have to wait a bit so they can optimize it for my iOS.

                          • daz 1182
                            daz 1182  7 years back

                            My ipad4 keeps entering safe mode and I cant get the windows working.
                            Any help?

                            • AngryKoala Insane
                              AngryKoala Insane  7 years back

                              They need to create a tweak for some windows startup bar at the bottom.. Fuckin' win :) Thumbs up so anyone could take my idea and create it!!!

                              • anders schmidt
                                anders schmidt  7 years back

                                how do i install it..? it isnt on app-store

                                • Qiike Gonzalez
                                  Qiike Gonzalez  7 years back

                                  able in iphone 4s? or too low...

                                  • Tyler Dowd
                                    Tyler Dowd  7 years back

                                    cool thanks. what would you recommend for 6.0.1 on an iphone 4?

                                    • Tyler Dowd
                                      Tyler Dowd  7 years back

                                      what would you reccommend to use to jailbreak my iPad 2?

                                      • rlouis215
                                        rlouis215  7 years back

                                        see this is an app that apple should have bought and add it to ios 6, they need to hire developers from cydia so their products can truly be the ultimate products

                                        • domigit
                                          domigit  7 years back

                                          My right ear is lonely

                                          • Justin Z
                                            Justin Z  8 years back

                                            Can you get this on the iphone 4?

                                            • ramasart10
                                              ramasart10  8 years back

                                              B.O.B - Wrong. You sir are awesome.

                                              • dorito man
                                                dorito man  8 years back

                                                It would be sick if they had the window snapping like where you drag the app to one edge of the screen and it takes up half of the screen like in Windows 7

                                                • shorya mittal
                                                  shorya mittal  8 years back

                                                  Dude u should make top 10 bst cydia tweaks for ipad 2 .... :)

                                                  • Imafuckingcoward!!
                                                    Imafuckingcoward!!  8 years back

                                                    This app is on my top 5 cydia's apps, truly an amazing apps. AWESOME AWESOME cant wait for it on iPad 3 and further improvements.

                                                    • ImawhiteBoy7thstfan
                                                      ImawhiteBoy7thstfan  8 years back

                                                      um do the same tweak on the ipod touch

                                                      • twickes731
                                                        twickes731  8 years back

                                                        I win

                                                        • MajorasMask2001
                                                          MajorasMask2001  8 years back

                                                          u fail

                                                          • UltimateGrobanite
                                                            UltimateGrobanite  8 years back

                                                            JB killed my iPad until I got rid of it, so I wish this didn't require it :(

                                                            • twickes731
                                                              twickes731  8 years back


                                                              • twickes731
                                                                twickes731  8 years back