Will Tottenham & Manchester United survive to the 4th round of the FA Cup? | ESPN FC

  • Published: 13 January 2020
  • Four Premier League clubs are in action this week in the FA Cup 3rd round replays, with Newcastle hosting Rochdale, Watford traveling to Tranmere Rovers, Tottenham facing Middlesbrough and Manchester United welcoming Wolverhampton to Old Trafford. ESPN FC's Steve Nicol predicts the outcome of each match, with both the Spurs and Man United in serious danger of crashing out of the competition.

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Comments • 65

  • alan duncan
    alan duncan  2 weeks back

    In the thumbnail image solskjaer looks older than Mourinho even though he's 10 years younger.

    • saravan shanmugam
      saravan shanmugam  2 weeks back

      Dyer is dead and buried..wolves lost

      • Obrian Neath
        Obrian Neath  2 weeks back

        Wonder what you guys have to say now🙂
        They both made it through

        • Damian Marshall
          Damian Marshall  2 weeks back

          Who is after united beat wolves 😜

          • Curse
            Curse  2 weeks back

            stevie picked united it's a fucking miracle

            • Sahil Oberoi
              Sahil Oberoi  2 weeks back

              "Middlesbrough are sitting in a great position as far as promotion is concerned"...

              ...They're 16th Steve.

              • Nine Five
                Nine Five  2 weeks back

                @jb nowhere near promotion though

              • jb
                jb  2 weeks back

                they are in good form though

            • Sam Allardyce
              Sam Allardyce  2 weeks back

              anyone wonder why the likes of real madrid, barca, psg, juve, man city, bayern, liverpool not keen on bruno fernandes?

              • Mark Pugh
                Mark Pugh  2 weeks back

                @Bulshaale I wasn't on about his age I meant United are just desperate to sign anybody right now as they are no longer an attractive option to players

              • Bulshaale
                Bulshaale  2 weeks back

                @Mark Pugh I don't think 25 is old

              • Gaijin Hakase
                Gaijin Hakase  2 weeks back

                Because they all have amazing midfield already. Pretty simple.

              • Mark Pugh
                Mark Pugh  2 weeks back

                No one else wants him United are just getting desperate for any old player

              • patrick santino
                patrick santino  2 weeks back

                all the teams you mentioned dont lack in midfield

            • Elaine Sharp
              Elaine Sharp  2 weeks back

              Does anyone go back and check how many predictions Stevie gets right...?

            • timoe
              timoe  2 weeks back

              Liverpool will beat united 5-0+ then ole will be sacked

              • Gaijin Hakase
                Gaijin Hakase  2 weeks back

                @flash123 And VVD should've been sent off against Napoli in UCL last season, probably woulnd't have made it out of the group stages.

              • Gaijin Hakase
                Gaijin Hakase  2 weeks back

                @steve11fox It's hilarious that you think I'm a City fan, dum dum

              • 19Lion8
                19Lion8  2 weeks back

                @avb6100 LP has more league title's & trophies then MC, Blackburn & LC combined. In fact more CL's then all 3 clubs.

              • flash123
                flash123  2 weeks back

                @avb6100 Win 1 ucl first. Then talk gangsta.

              • iStrong
                iStrong  2 weeks back

                @avb6100 Don't worry, we'll be the premier league, fa cup and european champions this season. And you'll be the champions of nothing.

            • jjohnsonsfg
              jjohnsonsfg  2 weeks back

              Watford turned around because of Deeney

              • Erik Litsenius
                Erik Litsenius  2 weeks back

                Not sure why Stevie seems to be under the impression that Middelsbrough are doing well in the Championship because they're not

                • Andrew Tommy
                  Andrew Tommy  2 weeks back

                  They have got 13 of their last 15 possible points in the championship so they are on good form at the moment

              • JSpurz
                JSpurz  2 weeks back

                Newcastle 2-1 Rochdale
                Tranmere 0-0 Watford (Penalties 4-3)
                Spurs 2-0 Middlesbrough
                ManU 1-1 Wolves (4-5 Penalties)

              • BoxOfOranges84
                BoxOfOranges84  2 weeks back

                Rochdale almost won at Old Trafford last fall but the bird brains at ESPN wouldn't remember that far

                • Djms&capo DeMorais
                  Djms&capo DeMorais  2 weeks back

                  Now betting news
                  new castle 2 -rochdale -0
                  Tranmere ,0 watford,2
                  middle,1 spurs ,1 penalties decision
                  manutd,1 wolves 2

                  • Rahul Rebello
                    Rahul Rebello  2 weeks back

                    Ole's about to save his job against wolves and Liverpool

                    • Nine Five
                      Nine Five  2 weeks back

                      Not sure about wolves but Liverpool will slaughter them

                    • Mark Pugh
                      Mark Pugh  2 weeks back

                      Lol he will be schooled by Nuno again and Liverpool will tear United apart at Anfield

                    • Advenco
                      Advenco  2 weeks back

                      He will lose both games

                  • OG Cookie Monster
                    OG Cookie Monster  2 weeks back

                    Spurs will get by Boro with ease at home & Wolves should easily beat relegation favorites Manchester United

                    • Gaijin Hakase
                      Gaijin Hakase  2 weeks back

                      You’re a scratch and sniff above United right now but yeah chat away

                    • Sam Ingram
                      Sam Ingram  2 weeks back

                      I could see rochdale beating Newcastle United

                    • Cormac Donnelly
                      Cormac Donnelly  2 weeks back

                      Regan Connor I think he was joking man

                    • Regan Connor
                      Regan Connor  2 weeks back

                      OG Cookie Monster United are in 5th right now and you think that’s relegation

                  • layton4xi
                    layton4xi  2 weeks back

                    We’ll lose at home

                    • Mark Pugh
                      Mark Pugh  2 weeks back

                      Spurs will but United can't beat Wolves to save their lives

                      • Damian Marshall
                        Damian Marshall  2 weeks back

                        In your face

                      • Elaine Sharp
                        Elaine Sharp  2 weeks back

                        Wolves were disappointingly poor in that game against United...but I'm going to say it will go down to penalties and Wolves will nick it.

                      • jjohnsonsfg
                        jjohnsonsfg  2 weeks back

                        United will beat wolves @ home. We have trouble on the road typically.

                    • Um
                      Um  2 weeks back

                      Short answer: Tottenham will win at home
                      Man united will get absolutely destroyed by the power of Adama Traore and lose

                      • Neikoy Redwood
                        Neikoy Redwood  2 weeks back

                        Hey mate... utd won

                      • Speedy
                        Speedy  2 weeks back

                        @AEW IS AWESOME 😂

                      • Da-vid Cargill
                        Da-vid Cargill  2 weeks back

                        or wolves will be creamed by the power of mason greenwood

                      • AEW IS AWESOME
                        AEW IS AWESOME  2 weeks back

                        Nvm guys he corrected his spelling. Ignore my comment

                      • Zib Ndix
                        Zib Ndix  2 weeks back

                        @Gaming with Emmanuel its a loose loose situation. Like loose leaf tea