Reacting to our Ancestry DNA Test Results

  • Published: 22 February 2019
  • Reacting To Our Ancestry DNA Test Results
    Where are we from??
    This was such a fun, hilarious video to film. Honestly, we were a little disappointed in our Ancestry results - not because of our heritage specifically, but because we were under the impression that our results would be much more detailed than they actually were.
    Either way, it was fun (and surprising) to figure out our heritage. And now be sure you join along on our "Chasing our Ancestry" series as we visit all of the countries we are from!

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Comments • 39

  • Tori and Nathan Travel
    Tori and Nathan Travel   8 months back

    Hey everyone! We've been so happy to see that this is such a popular topic. Due to several people's feedback in the comments, we will be uploading our DNA data to a few other sites (such as My Heritage) to see if we can find out any new info. Subscribe to the channel to see that video when it comes out in a few weeks!

    • Timothy Johnson
      Timothy Johnson  2 days back

      Such a lovely couple! I went to Living DNA for my Irish blood and found out that my ancestors came from the Belfast area in Northern Ireland. But they also said that I had Spanish blood in me. NOT.

      • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
        Kaffekaffe Kaffe  2 months back

        English is also often Danish dna, because of the Viking raids

        • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
          Kaffekaffe Kaffe  2 months back

          Sweden is also probably Denmark and some Norwegian as they were all Vikings. And mingled together back in the day

          • Susan Bishop
            Susan Bishop  2 months back

            Upload your raw DNA also to GEDMatch. They have a lot of different formulas to look at. You also can opt to share or not. By that I mean you can let your DNA be used in criminal cases. :)

            • Андрей Денисов

              You must be kidding!
              The guy is so dark. He does not look like European at all!

            • Tahnn Ju
              Tahnn Ju  8 months back

              Wow you are what a true brit looks like....I dont think theres any brit with 100%... 71% is very your results through gedmatch and to get a more accurate breakdown of your tribes and regions and maybe post another video....gedmatch has lots of ethnicity calculators which are more accurate than any DNA test done....even if you do my heritage or ancestry which is better gedmatch will give you the same results...

              • Tori and Nathan Travel
                Tori and Nathan Travel   8 months back

                Tahnn Ju Thank you for that information, I will make sure to look into Gedmatch as well!

            • Katzykamwiz
              Katzykamwiz  8 months back

              So he's Britsh but Also American. Lol

              • Sarcypants
                Sarcypants  8 months back

                Waiting on my results now so doing my family tree while waiting. So far, all my relatives are from the same county in England going back to the 1500s. I guess I'm going to be 100 % UK too haha.

                • Simon McGrath
                  Simon McGrath  7 months back

                  Ireland is not in the UK so how can he be 100% UK?.

                • Tori and Nathan Travel
                  Tori and Nathan Travel   8 months back

                  Sarcypants That is really cool that it showed you exactly the county. That would be an amazing experience to travel to and visit!

              • Violet G
                Violet G  8 months back

                We all got the possible regions(counties, cities, provinces) on the countries assigned from 23and me. For examples, my father in law were County of Cork, Dublin, London, my mother in law were Rhineland-Palatinate
                Bavaria(Germany), Greater London(England) and
                Na h-Eileanan an Iar
                Glasgow City and Highland in Scotland....Mine results were amazing. The city they assigned was where my paternal side of family has been living for 400 years. They also showed the provinces before that which exactly what my family has said all along.

                • Tori and Nathan Travel
                  Tori and Nathan Travel   8 months back

                  Wow that does sound like a thorough test! We may have to try that one as well and see what it can tell us!

              • Ramisa Khan
                Ramisa Khan  9 months back

                Try 23 and me

                • hustledude
                  hustledude  9 months back

                  What do you have against having English heritage?

                  • Markheef Dessal
                    Markheef Dessal  3 months back

                    Fucking colonizer extremely evil people, Bahamas need is reparations by the way .

                • harynjk
                  harynjk  9 months back

                  Hey Tori, there are/were German minorities in Hungary (for centuries), there are still villages (or areas) where most of the peoples have German origin, and as time goes on, they are losing their German identity and consider themselves as Hungarians. Possibly your great-great-grandfather was also in that category, who had German origin, but Hungarian identity. Do you know his last name?
                  Greetings from Kisújszállás! ;)

                  • harynjk
                    harynjk  9 months back

                    @Tori and Nathan Travel No problem, it is okay :)

                  • Tori and Nathan Travel
                    Tori and Nathan Travel   9 months back

                    @harynjk OH wow, haha my bad - I didn't recognize you by your username, I'm sorry!

                  • harynjk
                    harynjk  9 months back

                    @Tori and Nathan Travel No, i have not heard that name, i heard similar, and google only suggest that what i heard "Doszpoth", what is similar, also rare, and i don't know if that could have a German origin or not.
                    I know you were here, i was translating in that camp :D

                  • Tori and Nathan Travel
                    Tori and Nathan Travel   9 months back

                    Wow, honestly I had no idea! That's so helpful, thanks for sharing! His last name got American-ized when he migrated here to "Dozpat". When I researched on my family tree on Ancestry, some of his travel documents spelled it "Doszpath". Have you ever heard that name before? I think it's not a very common Hungarian last name.
                    Also, we have been to Kisújszállás - we stayed there for a week and did a summer camp for some kids at a local school. We visited Spa Kumania every night and it was so relaxing :) It's beautiful there, I miss it!

                • alg11297
                  alg11297  9 months back

                  Germanic Europe? German's borders changed hundreds of time over the years. She says her great grandfather was pure Hungarian but the test says like 4%. How can you rationalize these results? They did this test on identical twins and came out with different results. I think someone sent in their cat's saliva and got some regular results. The majority of Americans have ancestors from either Ireland or Germany so as long as they put those two in you'll think it's got something to it. What a load. How can anyone believe this nonsense? Well for $30 what do you want.

                  • Markos 1899
                    Markos 1899  10 months back

                    Cool video, u guys are fun! U should try the myheritage dna test and compare!

                  • Simon McGrath
                    Simon McGrath  10 months back

                    Ireland is not in the UK ffs, Irish and English are genetically completely different, also the celts never came to Ireland.

                    • scouse nofeyzulla
                      scouse nofeyzulla  2 months back

                      @Jack & Jill they are not galic and Germanic are not the same they look different..

                    • Markheef Dessal
                      Markheef Dessal  3 months back

                      Same shit

                    • Jack & Jill
                      Jack & Jill  7 months back

                      That's not correct. They are pretty much the same

                    • Bailey Newton
                      Bailey Newton  7 months back

                      S McGrath but most of you speak English

                  • Mariah Mills
                    Mariah Mills  10 months back

                    I got 62% NW Europe and 4% Norway on ancestry, transferred my results to MyHeritage which gave me 38% Scandinavian and 25% Balkan (Slavic) my ancestors came from Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, England, and Prussia but ancestry didn’t specify it on my results. Gedmatch also showed Dutch, Germany, Romania and Hungary as my population groups. You guys should both transfer your results to get specific regions, Gedmatch is great at that and it’s free!! A lot of NW Europeans have Scandinavian roots

                    • Mariah Mills
                      Mariah Mills  10 months back

                      Missi Reason how so? I’m still confused by them because ancestry didn’t give me those regions in specific

                    • Missi Reason
                      Missi Reason  10 months back

                      With my knowledge of history, your MyHeritage results make perfect sense.

                    • Tori and Nathan Travel
                      Tori and Nathan Travel   10 months back

                      Oh that's an awesome tip, thanks for sharing! We will check it out!

                  • Gregg Buford
                    Gregg Buford  10 months back

                    You may want to try LivingDna an English company or upload your results to that site possibly. Uploading to other sites can also give you different ethnicity breakdowns as well. Doing your family tree should help you pinpoint places you want to visit.

                    • Jojjo450
                      Jojjo450  8 months back

                      livingdna are being extremely slow at the moment. lots of people have not received their results. so if you want to try livingdna be prepared to wait for quite some time (of course there are exceptions but yeah) i'd strongly suggest going with 23andme instead

                    • Tori and Nathan Travel
                      Tori and Nathan Travel   10 months back

                      These are great ideas, thank you!

                  • SIC ILL
                    SIC ILL  10 months back

                    Can you react to "SIC ILL - Epidemic 2 EP"