The Haunting of Hannah Williams - BuzzFeed Unsolved | MY HAUNTING STORY | Alix Traeger

  • Published: 12 December 2018

    Hi guys! Lots of you wanted me to tell my story regarding the BuzzFeed Unsolved episode on the haunting of one of my BFF'S Hannah Williams! I am alive & well (& not possessed to my knowledge!) #buzzfeed #unsolved #thehauntingofhannahwilliams
    (also I was sick & didn't feel like putting on makeup so HERE'S MY FACE YALL)

    If you haven't seen the BuzzFeed Unsolved episode yet, watch it first!:

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  • Tyler Gillingham
    Tyler Gillingham  2 months back

    Lol I’m watching this at 3:35 AM

    • joe Whaley
      joe Whaley  2 months back

      Well ik Your Crazy cute ...!! A Good kinda crazy ..! 😇

      • A.J. Manol
        A.J. Manol  3 months back

        It wasn’t a little girl. Parasitic entities like to disguise themselves as something unthreatening so you’ll hopefully feel sorry for it and give it permission to stay.

        • Lena K
          Lena K  3 months back

          Maybe you had some kind of sleep paralysis.

          • Carlee Maurier
            Carlee Maurier  3 months back

            WHY am I watching this

            • Joyce Perez
              Joyce Perez  5 months back

              4:38 - story actually begins for those who want to skip ahead to the spooky spooky

              • Laci Love
                Laci Love  6 months back

                You are too funny! 👍😉 You're absolutely adorable 💃very talented and I am addicted to watching your channel!!! 👌😁🤗

                • Ashutosh Jamwal
                  Ashutosh Jamwal  6 months back

                  She talks alot of irrelevant stuff

                  • Achu
                    Achu  6 months back


                    • celia liu
                      celia liu  6 months back

                      Wait it could’ve been Jackson wearing a wig and heels and Hannah’s white dress

                      • Love, A
                        Love, A  6 months back

                        Seeing a ghost/spirit in real life will make you calm at first but after a few seconds, you'll realize oh shit that wasn't an alive human being

                        • Cooking Eena
                          Cooking Eena  7 months back

                          You can’t see the face of a real ghost in dreams or in awake state 😉

                          • Cooking Eena
                            Cooking Eena  7 months back

                            “Maybe this girl is a cool girl” 😂

                            • Irelynd Henry
                              Irelynd Henry  7 months back

                              So my neighbor had a similar experience. She woke up in the middle of the night and saw a little boy standing at the foot of her bed. She wasn’t scared and just went back to sleep, but she drew a picture of him in the morning. Fast forward ten or so years, and she finds the picture, which looks EXACTLY like her son. Just my personal opinion, but I think Matilda might be a future kid.

                              • Johny Wesco
                                Johny Wesco  7 months back

                                Surely she was in dream. Similar experience happened with me in my normal House. I felt it so real that I thought I wasn't dreaming. I could say so after hearing from 11:30 definitely she was in dream

                                • Irelynd Henry
                                  Irelynd Henry  7 months back

                                  Johny Wesco maybe, but Hannah and her son both saw Matilda too.

                              • Xoxo_Moony Emmy
                                Xoxo_Moony Emmy  8 months back

                                This was made on my bd😳😰

                                • Sarah Klein
                                  Sarah Klein  8 months back

                                  Just watched this video as I'm new to your channel (and loving it and your fun and real personality:) I thought I might add a thought or 2 based on my religious beliefs. My grandfather experienced similar things when he fixed over his house and went to ask his rabbi what may be the cause of these crazy noises and things going on. Rabbi asked my grandfather whether he had closed up any window or doorways completely while renovating - he explained that there are spirits and any entranceways that are created, whether door or window are a way for them to come and go freely without letting it be known. He advised my grandfather to drill a hole where the doorway had once been so there would be an opening and after that, he experienced no more uneasy noises and the like.
                                  Thought it may be helpful to look into, if it's something that speaks to you:)

                                  • J Chi
                                    J Chi  9 months back

                                    you look like Kesha

                                    • ricshmitzUK
                                      ricshmitzUK  9 months back

                                      Wow, verbal diarrhoea is on point 👌

                                      • Frishta Safi
                                        Frishta Safi  9 months back

                                        Do more scary stories

                                        • {NYSA MASIH}
                                          {NYSA MASIH}  10 months back


                                          • Apl E
                                            Apl E  10 months back

                                            Starts on 4:22

                                            • Slep Step
                                              Slep Step  10 months back

                                              Coraline 2

                                              • Panagiotis Michalopoulos
                                                Panagiotis Michalopoulos  10 months back

                                                I don't know if you will read this because I am kinda late but just let them say that you look ugly without make up because it's bullsh*t ❤️ you are gorgeous and you should embrace you natural face as you have a great skin and stunning eyes 🌙❤️😍

                                                • Victoria Garcia
                                                  Victoria Garcia  10 months back

                                                  Somebody needs to check out that attic seriously.
                                                  the boys should have stayed there.

                                                  • Irelynd Henry
                                                    Irelynd Henry  7 months back

                                                    Victoria Garcia the attic is tiny. There’s not even room to stand; there’s pipes on the floor and it’s like a foot wide

                                                • Fiqah Shamsul
                                                  Fiqah Shamsul  11 months back

                                                  I LIKE HOW CHILL SHE IS SHE'S REALLY CUTEEE

                                                  • Jennifer R.
                                                    Jennifer R.  11 months back

                                                    Shane Dawson conspiracy theory chills...

                                                    • Sofia Hait
                                                      Sofia Hait  11 months back

                                                      I just died

                                                      • Chanyoung Jung
                                                        Chanyoung Jung  11 months back

                                                        My name is Hannah Lol

                                                        • Technical Android
                                                          Technical Android  11 months back

                                                          Jeez what happened to your face.

                                                          • sunita karole
                                                            sunita karole  11 months back

                                                            Oh god that screams!!!

                                                            • sunita karole
                                                              sunita karole  11 months back

                                                              Ur hands are so much of an Interruption

                                                              • Mary Roach
                                                                Mary Roach  11 months back

                                                                I cant watch I feel so bad for Hannah she is my 3rd favorite buzz feed producer my 1st and 2nd being Alix and Rie.

                                                                • Sean Patrick Octaviano
                                                                  Sean Patrick Octaviano  11 months back

                                                                  It actually made me feel that there’s someone in this room while Im watching this

                                                                  • Aysha Albaz
                                                                    Aysha Albaz  12 months back

                                                                    Who else saw the light flicker near the beginning.

                                                                    • Payton Miller
                                                                      Payton Miller  12 months back

                                                                      Why am I watching this right now!!!😳

                                                                      • waffelhexe
                                                                        waffelhexe  12 months back

                                                                        Maybe the girl is one of the entities that is in there... So there's the girl, that you felt peaceful around and something bad. Maybe the girl was harmed by the other thing and tries to protect Hannah and her family?

                                                                        • Karthik kaku
                                                                          Karthik kaku  12 months back

                                                                          holy fuck she talks soo much

                                                                          • Mary
                                                                            Mary  1 years back

                                                                            “I’m not possessed”
                                                                            I don’t know, sounds like something a possessed person would say 🤔

                                                                            • Jaclyn Macm
                                                                              Jaclyn Macm  1 years back

                                                                              Hannah should make an account and record these ghostly happenings! I’d watch.

                                                                              • Jaclyn Macm
                                                                                Jaclyn Macm  1 years back

                                                                                This is legit!! The story about seeing the little girl makes so much sense! When I saw my first full body apparition, it was super peaceful. I walked towards it and was calm. Once it was gone though... I was like WTF and panicked, but at the time: calm. I relate 100%!!!!!

                                                                                • Kitaemma
                                                                                  Kitaemma  1 years back

                                                                                  I thought the key was a positive thing! Because Hannah said they left the key in the door so the kids wouldn’t lock them out, maybe the ghost thought it was helping them with that?

                                                                                  • RedRock3t82
                                                                                    RedRock3t82  1 years back

                                                                                    Y U K

                                                                                    • Desert Life For Life
                                                                                      Desert Life For Life  1 years back

                                                                                      Watching this and its raining outside

                                                                                      • Mslalastephanie
                                                                                        Mslalastephanie  1 years back

                                                                                        It looks like she’s doing the not my hands challenge lmao

                                                                                        • Tesa Silva
                                                                                          Tesa Silva  1 years back

                                                                                          As a paranormal investigator i understand how things that happen during sleep are sometimes just dreams. That being said, i firmly believe that things that happen at night while sleeping can be legit. We are so open to the paranormal at night our guard is down and it's easier to see/hear things at night while sleeping or trying to fall asleep. I can't recall from the original video but did anyone research the house/property to see if anything happened in the past that would be connected to a young girl? It's usually one of the first things we do as investigators, research the property. I'm definitely a skeptic but i do believe that there are unexplained things that happen. I have seen so many strange and unexplained things. Lastly, as an investigator i always go into situations with the solid belief that nothing can hurt me. It might freak me out, i might get spooked but nothing from that realm can actually hurt me best of luck to Hannah.

                                                                                          • Tracie Burk
                                                                                            Tracie Burk  1 years back

                                                                                            LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I was watching the episode when it came out. My son was asleep in his crib & I was in the living room. It got to the point where the guys were in the boys bedroom talking to the girl/people AND SOMETHING HIT MY COUCH. LIKE, FULL ON HIT THE SIDE OF MY COUCH. I didn’t finish the episode & refuse to watch it again.

                                                                                            • Niki The Gacha Kitty
                                                                                              Niki The Gacha Kitty  1 years back

                                                                                              Wth u served wine for a 10 year old?