• Published: 05 January 2020

    Happy Sunday! I am so excited to share my #BestandWorst Eyeshadow Palettes of 2019 and by request - they will be RANKED! This was crazy difficult with 43 palettes to decide between, but I hope you find this fun! #RankingMakeup

    Ranking Makeup:
    2019 Regrets:
    2019 Flops:
    Best Affordable:
    Best High End:

    JenLuvs Reviews:

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    ABH x Carli
    ABH Riviera
    ABH Sultry
    Charlotte Super Sonic
    Colourpop CA Love
    Colourpop Coconuts
    Colourpop Flutter By
    Colourpop Good as Gold
    Colourpop Honey
    Colourpop Main Squeeze
    Colourpop Midnight Masquerade
    Colourpop Orange
    Colourpop Purple
    Colourpop Smoke Show
    Colourpop Sweet Talk
    Dominique Berries and Cream
    Dose of Colors Pretty Cool
    Huda Emerald
    Huda Beauty New Nude
    Juvia’s Place Nomad
    Kaja Guava
    Karity Picante
    Lawless Mini
    Lawless The One
    MAC Flameboyant
    Marc Jacobs Steeletto
    Natasha Denona Gold
    Natasha Denona Mini Nude
    Natasha Coral
    Nars Ignited
    Pat McGrath Bronze Temptation
    Pat McGrath Sublime
    Persona Identity 2
    Sigma x Beauty Bird
    Sigma Enchanted
    Sydney Grace Autumn’s Reign
    Tati Beauty
    Too Faced Buttered RUm
    Too Faced Pretty Rich
    UD GOT
    URban Decay naked Honey
    UD naked Reloaded
    UD Shortcut

    ♥On Me
    Too Faced Born This Way Concealer
    Charlotte Tilbury Powder
    Smashbox Cali Contour - Contour, Bronzer, Blush
    TheBalm Mary Loumanizer
    Natasha Denona Mini Glam
    Benefit Bad Gal Bang
    Patrick Ta She’s Proud Lipliner
    Lawless Glazed Gloss
    Wander Beauty Brow
    Top - Local Boutique
    Earrings - Ana Luisa

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Comments • 692

  • Samantha March
    Samantha March   2 weeks back

    Happy Sunday! Thank you to everyone who requested I film this in the ranking style - it was a challenge but it was a lot of fun :) I also wanted to say I was filming the day after finding out my Aunt had passed away and it was difficult to stay focused and enthusiastic, but I gave it my all. I am traveling this weekend for services so I won't be as active in my comment section as I usually am. Thank you so much for your support and kindness during this difficult time. Much Love.

    • Grace Moore
      Grace Moore  2 days back

      Sending ❤️ your way... Xoxo

    • Stephanie Smith
      Stephanie Smith  6 days back

      I'm so sorry to hear that, thank you for such a great and informative video. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts ♥️🙏

    • Leanne Coronado
      Leanne Coronado  7 days back

      Samantha March sorry to here about your Aunt. Prayers being sent to you and your family.

    • Cat's Eye Beauty
      Cat's Eye Beauty  1 weeks back

      I'm so sorry for your loss, Samantha. I had no idea until I saw this. To barrel through 42 eyeshadow palettes, and giving your reviews on all of them, wow. Much love to you and your family. ❤

    • Kelsey Frisbey
      Kelsey Frisbey  2 weeks back

      I'm so sorry for your loss may she rest in peace

  • Glaucia Beauty
    Glaucia Beauty  3 hours back

    I love my Natasha Denona Mini Nude as well, but I think the shimmer shades have too much fall out =/
    My #1 palette since 2014 is still the Too Faced Chocolate Bar.

    • Joni'sBeautySpace
      Joni'sBeautySpace  2 days back

      I just ordered the Coconut palette from Colourpop. You’ve made me more excited about it!

      • Makeup With Smidge
        Makeup With Smidge  3 days back

        I strongly agree with the Natasha Denona shimmer formula.

        • Asha M
          Asha M  3 days back

          It's nice to see many of your favs are affordable.

          • Angela Hill
            Angela Hill  3 days back

            I'm thinking about buying the Sweet Talk and Going Coconuts palettes. What's the lowest price that you've seen on these 2 palettes?

            • Samantha March
              Samantha March   3 days back

              hmm... i think i got the coconuts for $9 on sale!

          • Tyra Julien
            Tyra Julien  4 days back

            love this video so much. i really enjoy you longer videos! looking gorgeous as always

            • Natalie Foster
              Natalie Foster  4 days back

              Thank you for including the palette’s ranking number as I watched this in a few sittings so it was easier to keep track. Also you did so well to review that many palettes in a year 👏🏻

              • Darlene Walters
                Darlene Walters  4 days back

                You are good

                • Darlene Walters
                  Darlene Walters  4 days back

                  I really like the eye shadow you are wearing what brand is it

                • Kat Jones
                  Kat Jones  5 days back

                  🤣 i’m wearing the aha honey eyeshadow palette as I watch this LOL. Different make up preferences, I’m a colorful glitter girl🎉🥰👍

                • Kelsey Smith
                  Kelsey Smith  5 days back

                  I absolutely agree about ABH - They are going HARD on releases, really it was just nuts for awhile there. I read that they said they're slowing their roll this year, which is good to hear.

                  • Mina
                    Mina  2 days back

                    Kelsey Smith modern renaissance

                  • Kelsey Smith
                    Kelsey Smith  2 days back

                    Mina which ones are you working on right now? Soft Glam and Sultry for me.

                  • Mina
                    Mina  2 days back

                    Kelsey Smith thanks god, because I had to pass on a lot of their releases. I wish they slowed their roll. Also, their eyeshadow formula doesn't work the same a couple years down the line, so I'm gonna finish up some of their palettes before buying anything new.

                • Sam
                  Sam  5 days back

                  What's the second best color pop palette... She didn't say!

                  • Samantha March
                    Samantha March   5 days back

                    lol oh shoot! i can't remember what I was saying, but I assume I'm referencing the Dream St 😘🙈

                • Jeany Lowe
                  Jeany Lowe  5 days back

                  Great video. I only had a few and will now try Colour Pop based on your video.

                • Jessica Styles
                  Jessica Styles  5 days back

                  I also dont like doing my make up with my fingers

                • Keke Kekek
                  Keke Kekek  6 days back

                  You look like if Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker had a kid. Your eyes are so mesmering😍

                  • Racharina B.
                    Racharina B.  6 days back

                    By 2/3 of your video I could tell you were colourpop fun.

                  • Patreesyah
                    Patreesyah  6 days back

                    Whoops, I just bought Sweet Talk and Going Coconuts 😅

                    • The Riot
                      The Riot  6 days back

                      I wouldn't mind having all of these if you ever want to declutter.

                      • Kamiko Kitara
                        Kamiko Kitara  6 days back

                        This is my first video ever of yours, but holy crap, I totally appreciate all the effort you put into this!

                      • mavrick
                        mavrick  6 days back

                        A lot of work but very much appreciated. I wrote everything down and it will help me figure out where I should replenish my existing collection. Love your enthusiasm and really respect the way you indicate where you got the palettes from - I'm not 100% sure why it matters to me so much, but it does.

                      • Grete Anderson-Gehrke
                        Grete Anderson-Gehrke  7 days back

                        Darn, i love the GOT one.. The green and dark purple together are amazing.

                      • S B
                        S B  7 days back

                        I’m dying at the math skills lol

                      • Marina Costa
                        Marina Costa  7 days back

                        From all these brands, I only use #colourpop because living in Brazil, with our currency a quarter of dollar, only colourpop is worthy. And they send to Brazil. Great video!

                        • Kathleen Martin
                          Kathleen Martin  1 weeks back

                          This makes me want the UD reloaded i liked it but I decided it looked boring and i passed and now I'm rethinking it

                        • duct tape bandit
                          duct tape bandit  1 weeks back

                          Your eyes are so beautiful! I am ordering contacts and got a blue grey color hoping that they make my eyes the color of yours. Or close anyway. I have dark hair and think it would make me look totally different! This video had to take some time to put together! Thank you for this!

                        • Emmi Su
                          Emmi Su  1 weeks back

                          Wait.. Pat Mcgraths shadows are over 6 dollars a pan? And people buy those? Like with their hard earned money...? Well that is just extremely stupid. 😂

                          • Brandi Swendt
                            Brandi Swendt  1 weeks back

                            Wait... aren't you AUTHOR Samantha March?... I'm like "she's familiar" (been out of the loop 4 a min) but really into palettes this yr and just had an AHA moment when I looked down at your name! #HUGEREADERFAN

                          • Benetta Nayou
                            Benetta Nayou  1 weeks back

                            Idk if it’s just me, but the ABH Sultry palette and the Naked Reloaded Palette are totally “dupes” ( if I can call it that because they are both pretty pricey) of each other. They have almost, if not all, of the same colors and color story.

                            • Samantha March
                              Samantha March   1 weeks back

                              i actually thought the same when I first saw them, but I dont think they are as similar as I originally thought! Of course ... if you dont have a giant collection like me I think you could pick either or 😬😂

                          • Gail Faulkner
                            Gail Faulkner  1 weeks back

                            Love this video!! 💕 Can’t even begins to imagine how much work this was!!

                          • Jenny Ta
                            Jenny Ta  1 weeks back

                            Good job Sam!

                          • Candice Mue
                            Candice Mue  1 weeks back

                            You remind me so much of SJP! Such a beauty. Fantastic breakdown of eyeshadow palettes. Xx Candice

                          • Michelle M
                            Michelle M  1 weeks back

                            great review Sam!

                          • Lama Mer
                            Lama Mer  1 weeks back

                            The..silvery pink shade in the colourpop palette is a supershock?? I love using it and everytime I touch it just feels so familiar, like what does this remind me of??😂😂🤦‍♀️ thank you for that

                          • Monika Sienkiewicz
                            Monika Sienkiewicz  1 weeks back

                            Sam - I tried 43 palettes in 2019.
                            Me - I tried just 3 palettes in 2019.

                            • TMD SB
                              TMD SB  6 days back

                              I literally bought 1 pallet in 2019, just an excel 4 shadow pallet. Came to the realization that it’s just physically impossible to use up eyeshadow.

                            • Samantha March
                              Samantha March   1 weeks back

                              lol! that sounds much more reasonable 😂

                          • Abhirami Viswakumar
                            Abhirami Viswakumar  1 weeks back

                            Such a great video 😍😍😍😍

                          • KeenBeautyVlogs
                            KeenBeautyVlogs  1 weeks back

                            The Uh Huh Honey palette was a surprise favorite for me. I do like yellow, but I absolutely love this palette.

                          • Mara R
                            Mara R  1 weeks back

                            I’m the same about putting fingers in make up, I only swatch products in the shop to test the colours but never ever my own ones 😝

                          • Sue S
                            Sue S  1 weeks back

                            Great video! Can you do lipsticks/liquid lipstick?? 😊

                            • Samantha March
                              Samantha March   1 weeks back

                              ooh!! an epic lip ranking video?! hmm... 🥰

                          • Katrina
                            Katrina  1 weeks back

                            I love that thumbnail 😂😂

                          • Samantha Barfield
                            Samantha Barfield  1 weeks back

                            Ranking 43 palettes? I bow down to you

                          • Victoria Panossian
                            Victoria Panossian  1 weeks back

                            Hopefully one day if I were able to get the palettes from Dominique Cosmetics, Tati Beauty, and the ABH Carli Bybel palette, I would buy them <3

                          • Taylah Maree
                            Taylah Maree  1 weeks back

                            I bought a yellow dress to match the uh huh honey palette 😂

                          • Amy R.
                            Amy R.  1 weeks back

                            I’m about to make like a lemming and spend some money...

                          • Bertha Goad
                            Bertha Goad  1 weeks back

                            Awesome job in this video. Love your personality. I subscribed.

                          • Queenie x
                            Queenie x  1 weeks back

                            Hey how did you remove the glitter from Tati palette ??? I kept getting the particles in my eyes and it was scratching and literally hurting I got so nervous both times I took them off, once with eye remover n pad once with makeup wipe so I haven’t been using it !!! :(

                            • Samantha March
                              Samantha March   1 weeks back

                              oh no! when i remove glitter I typically soak a pad in remover, hold it on my eye for several seconds and then wipe away. I havent had any issues that way!

                          • Rebecca Heroy
                            Rebecca Heroy  1 weeks back

                            Thank you for your hard work and food for thought you’ve given me!

                          • Liz Cross
                            Liz Cross  1 weeks back

                            It must be asked now that you have ranked these pallets and the phrase ‘ I don’t find myself teaching for this pallet a ton’, has been said repeatedly- how many of these pallets do you plan to get rid of/de clutter/dispense with? Loved the video by the way.💕💕

                            • Samantha March
                              Samantha March   1 weeks back

                              a lot lol! im excited to start my declutter series very soon! ❤