PART TWO: Christine Lahti on Feminism, Her Show “Evil,” and More!

  • Published: 12 January 2020
  • Christine Lahti joins us, and she’s talking all things feminism and her new show “Evil”!
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  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe  1 days back

    I’m starting to love Amanda!!!

    • Jenna King
      Jenna King  4 days back

      Imma just say it. I don't think she didn't get the part because of sexism. I know this is crazy to say but hear me out it may have been the complete lack of talent.

      • have fun in life
        have fun in life  6 days back

        I agree with amanda

        • Nicholas Valera
          Nicholas Valera  7 days back

          Going to go out on a limb and say none of this ever happened.

          • innerG Pathfinder
            innerG Pathfinder  7 days back

            Amanda just changed the game for me. She asked why not name him and literally I felt like it was an Oprah moment. Loved it. Glad Amanda has joined the team. Be fun but be direct and ask hard questions. Break the innanet bitches!!

            • Nandini Singh
              Nandini Singh  1 weeks back

              When Jeannie said "God had plans for you anyway", I was like "Don't shake off the situation at hand because THERE are SO MANY men who think 'vagina' is a ticket to an upgrade in women's careers".

              • Adriana M
                Adriana M  1 weeks back

                I love Amanda!!!!!!!

                • Phylicia Taylor
                  Phylicia Taylor  1 weeks back

                  Hold on. Why does logical and scientific thinking omit the potential existence of unknown entities? The truth is that we do not know for sure at this moment, but it does not mean there is no possibility.

                  • DaMeshMonster
                    DaMeshMonster  1 weeks back

                    She voted for Trump when she fell off the feminist wagon. Feminists are bullshit.

                    • Madridista Halamadrid
                      Madridista Halamadrid  1 weeks back

                      Grab them by the pussy

                      • Madridista Halamadrid
                        Madridista Halamadrid  1 weeks back

                        I miss the good all days when pussy was easy

                        • shashayaway bailey
                          shashayaway bailey  1 weeks back

                          I don't know anything about this woman but I liked hearing her speak and her stories and journey

                          • Prenons du Thé Ensemble

                            I really see myself in Amanda sooo muchhh🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

                            • M. Agca
                              M. Agca  1 weeks back

                              If she named him, she'd get sued for accusing him - sadly that's the truth

                              • Oho K
                                Oho K  6 days back

                                M. Agca she didn’t say anything at that time and went along, she is mistaken not him 🤷🏻‍♀️

                            • e ForEffort
                              e ForEffort  1 weeks back

                              Amanda had my exact facial expressions during this whole segment. 😂

                              • Chante De Klerk Young mom Young wife

                                Amanda is like someone who try’s way to hard

                                • Star Foxx
                                  Star Foxx  2 weeks back

                                  I don't Believe Her.

                                  • burnthrust
                                    burnthrust  2 weeks back

                                    Most women sleep for something. If it's for money or a job, or to get a bill paid, movie tickets, concert tickets, new hair and nails, It's all the same
                                    If u having sex for something in return it's all the same.

                                    • Gugulethu Sithole
                                      Gugulethu Sithole  7 days back

                                      burnthrust do yourself a favor and travel more. Get out of your neighborhood, visit other states, countries and experience other cultures. You may not see it but your world view is shaped by the neighborhood you grew up in and those you frequent.

                                    • burnthrust
                                      burnthrust  1 weeks back

                                      @Gugulethu Sithole no u need to open your eyes more cause it happens all day everyday

                                    • Gugulethu Sithole
                                      Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                                      You need to travel more; your world view of women is very limited

                                    • Loganne Canady
                                      Loganne Canady  1 weeks back

                                      burnthrust so not love?

                                  • ammarko1000
                                    ammarko1000  2 weeks back

                                    "he touched me and i really needed the job so i let him do it" = prostitute

                                  • ammarko1000
                                    ammarko1000  2 weeks back

                                    woman receiving reimbursement for sex, managed through a representative, is a prostuties workig under a pimp
                                    woman receiving reimbursement for sex ,managed through self-representation, is a free lancing prostutiues ( famanist )

                                    • Chrissy Got The Coils
                                      Chrissy Got The Coils  2 weeks back

                                      Why did they clap when she said the only way to make it to the top...

                                      • Scorpio Skates
                                        Scorpio Skates  2 weeks back

                                        Adrienne is about Sexism, Sleep with a Man to get what you want!😣😣😣

                                      • etf42
                                        etf42  2 weeks back

                                        why wont you name him? because he did nothing wrong and adults have private, consensual, and intimate experiences and sexual encounters that arent meant for the entire world to know, thats why Amanda.

                                        • etf42
                                          etf42  2 weeks back

                                          ​so initiating an intimate touch without consent is always sexual harassment? that is a very diluted definition.

                                          there is a difference between initiating and intimate touch, being told verbally or non verbally that it is unwelcome and continuing, versus initiating an intimate touch and having it reciprocated.

                                        • Agatha z
                                          Agatha z  2 weeks back

                                          Let's not say that he did nothing wrong. Initiating an intimate touch without consent is sexual harassment.

                                        • CONJUNCTION
                                          CONJUNCTION  2 weeks back

                                          etf42 no that’s sexual harassment, imagine going to an interview and having the hiring recruiter rub your thighs...what are you talking about? If you think that’s normal you must be a creep, I said what I said.

                                      • Anastasia Kr
                                        Anastasia Kr  2 weeks back

                                        2:55 Jeannie wasn't impressed..

                                        • Interdimentional Wizard Wiz

                                          These Feminist look terribly oppressed by the dreadful Patriarchy! 'The Future is Female' the moto of feminism..... wow...what kind of equality is that ?
                                          Feminists appear to be superb at 'Projection' shaming and blaming men for all problems.
                                          Feminism became a sexist cult in the end.

                                          • eys292
                                            eys292  2 weeks back

                                            This is why we need Amanda in this show! Her voice is powerful. This white feminism thing is disengenuous and fake, if you really are trying to fight for other women and their safety and rights and if you really do endeavor to protect the next generation of women...then name the perpetrators, name the monsters!!

                                            • d̤̈ä̤n̤̈ï̤ë̤l̤̈ï̤t̤ö̤ ë̤l̤̈ t̤r̤̈ä̤v̤̈ï̤ë̤s̤̈ï̤t̤ö
                                              d̤̈ä̤n̤̈ï̤ë̤l̤̈ï̤t̤ö̤ ë̤l̤̈ t̤r̤̈ä̤v̤̈ï̤ë̤s̤̈ï̤t̤ö  1 weeks back

                                              @ChrissyG I wouldn't say that they're fake feminists, this lady or Rose McGowan, they're more afraid of speaking out in certain situations relating to feminism because of the negative implications associated with it. A fake feminist would be someone like the old Hillary Clinton who didn't handle the whole situation with her husband properly and I would include Julie Chen in this as well who sided with her husband.

                                            • Governor Greenlight
                                              Governor Greenlight  1 weeks back

                                              Been saying this this all along, feminism is a white woman's thing. They dont care for other races

                                            • ChrissyG
                                              ChrissyG  2 weeks back

                                              Exactly. Reminds me of Rose McGowan..she's a fake feminist

                                          • AloTheRainbow Leo
                                            AloTheRainbow Leo  2 weeks back

                                            Yass AMANDA! 💗💗💗💗💗

                                            • Deidra B
                                              Deidra B  2 weeks back

                                              Amanda is so blunt! I love how she’s not afraid to say things or hold her tongue. 🙌🙌

                                              • A P
                                                A P  2 weeks back

                                                Amanda is not here for it. "Why dont you name him?"

                                                • Hope Falls
                                                  Hope Falls  5 days back

                                                  She can't anything because she flirted back with him it was Mutual!

                                                • Louis Ilarraza
                                                  Louis Ilarraza  1 weeks back

                                                  A P I understand your point. But maybe she’s not ready. Let her tell her story when she feels like is the right moment. We don’t know what’s she’s going through. Is just a matter of respect. But I get your point as well. Have a nice day :)

                                                • Adriana M
                                                  Adriana M  1 weeks back


                                                • Mel Mel
                                                  Mel Mel  1 weeks back

                                                  Because she doesn't want to.

                                                • A P
                                                  A P  1 weeks back

                                                  @etf42 but he could be doing the same thing to another girl at this minute. That's what happens when people say nothing.

                                              • the ketchup
                                                the ketchup  2 weeks back

                                                I love amanda!