Jet Fuel in See-Thru Rotary Engine? Let's try it!

  • Published: 24 June 2019
  • Thank you Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube Channel for loaning the rotary engine to me. Let's run the see-thru rotary (Wankel) engine on Jet Fuel. You can see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel) while it's running to see how Jet fuel burns compared to other types of fuel and compared to a piston engine. He did an amazing job designing and building this very durable rotary engine! Please check out his video on the rotary engine:

    We also tested Jet fuel in an electronic fuel injected generator, applying a load along with several other gasoline engines to compare performance. Hope you enjoy the video!

    Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
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  • Warped Perception
    Warped Perception  7 months back

    Todd, don't hold back, blow it up! I'll just build another one. That was insane I think it looked better running on jet fuel than RC fuel. I wasn't sure what would happen, it does have a glow plug and not a spark plug but that was really cool to see it on your channel.

    • TheConspiracy Realist
      TheConspiracy Realist  5 days back

      Now I know your first name!👍🏼

    • Halo Fan
      Halo Fan  1 months back

      Do you use a fissure space pen?

    • TimeSplitter1701
      TimeSplitter1701  2 months back

      I'd love to see one of those motors put into a nitro RC buggy.

    • pro pro
      pro pro  2 months back

      That engine saw so much(kils and revives) that it can be on museum

    • Miktecrep
      Miktecrep  2 months back

      Warped perception and Project farm, I like both channels as both provides 1000% actual results better than Mythbusters

  • Bleach v5
    Bleach v5  1 days back

    I put airplane fuel in my sled to clean and freshen up my sled every new season

  • Nick Maclachlan
    Nick Maclachlan  4 days back

    Hmmm, Jet Fuel aint exactly exotic like everybody's basically Diesel/Kerosine.

  • Winter Summers
    Winter Summers  5 days back

    yo can that stuff melt steel beams?

    • Litespark
      Litespark  6 days back

      The only thing i was annoyed by was how you called toluene "two-lane"

      Otherwise an awesome project 😳😮👌 Incredible!

    • Ricardo Herrera
      Ricardo Herrera  7 days back

      Jet fuel doesn't melt steel rings.

      • Chris Stenton
        Chris Stenton  7 days back

        Avtur or Avgas?

        • BulletN3ctar
          BulletN3ctar  7 days back

          sir we need that jet fewl 2 go 2 marz. plz stp using it 4 ur lawnmower.

        • Kenneth M. Price Jr.
          Kenneth M. Price Jr.  7 days back

          This is a great video! I was surprised at the jet fuel results in both the mower and generator. Jet fuel is supposedly the same fuel as kerosene and can be used in diesel engines. How many times have I heard that the gasoline engine wouldn't start because the idiot put diesel into the fuel tank? Great shot of the carburetor. Now I know not to give up the idea, just increase the percentage of gasoline in the tank. Compression is too low for the kerosene to reach auto ignition temperature so the spark plug initiates the burn. I think compression ratio was the problem with the micro Wankel engine when you switched it to Jet Fuel. It was fun hearing that thing get up to speed on the aviation fuel. That engine would rip as a gen set. Rolls Royce designed a Wankel to run on diesel. They used a two stage design to increase compression. It was so efficient they put the design on the shelf and forgot about it. Cheers!

          • mac madden
            mac madden  7 days back

            Trey gowdy?

            • Peter Karel Kraus
              Peter Karel Kraus  1 weeks back

              It should work for a RC turbine though. Maybe. Lol

              • 1320 Kidd
                1320 Kidd  1 weeks back

                I really wish I could have your fan, the white box fan it’s one I’ve always wanted in my collection!

              • andy craig
                andy craig  1 weeks back

                Toluene is NOT Tulane. Tall-you-een

                • andy craig
                  andy craig  1 weeks back

                  @Project Farm there's no malice, just a devout grammar nazi. It's like a tic or something

                • Project Farm
                  Project Farm   1 weeks back

                  Thank you for the feedback

              • Blurem
                Blurem  1 weeks back

                aaand here i am watching someone testing out some engines with some fuel at 4:30 am

                what's wrong with me

                • Andy
                  Andy  1 weeks back

                  Exactly what type of “jet fuel” was used and where did it come from?
                  Last time I checked, Jet A fuel was pretty similar to diesel.

                  • KY SPORTSMAN
                    KY SPORTSMAN  6 days back

                    @Trooper Bri I was also a ramp agent for comair/delta. I miss that job more than anything. If it was half of what I make now I'd still be doing it

                  • Trooper Bri
                    Trooper Bri  6 days back

                    I was a ramp rat for years at a private charter back in the 90's. The Jet A we sumped from aircraft went into employee vehicles.

                  • KY SPORTSMAN
                    KY SPORTSMAN  7 days back

                    Almost everything at the airport runs on jet a. They are all desiel engines. I used to work at an airport. The same truck that filled the planes with jet a also filled all of our tugs and equipment

                  • KY SPORTSMAN
                    KY SPORTSMAN  7 days back

                    Jet a is more like kerosene

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   1 weeks back

                    Local airport. Thank you

                • Jake Tsaikos
                  Jake Tsaikos  1 weeks back

                  My dad used to run his rx3 13b rotor on avgas (jet fuel)

                  • Jake Tsaikos
                    Jake Tsaikos  7 days back

                    Dayne Wilson ok 👍🏼

                  • Dayne Wilson
                    Dayne Wilson  7 days back

                    Av gas is not the same a jet fuel or jet a

                  • Jake Tsaikos
                    Jake Tsaikos  1 weeks back

                    Project Farm no worries thanks for making these videos :)

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   1 weeks back

                    Thank you for the feedback

                • Deth Kount
                  Deth Kount  1 weeks back

                  WHY ARE YOU YEELLLING!!!!?

                  • Apophisurgod Goauld
                    Apophisurgod Goauld  1 weeks back

                    Dude you're destroying our environment.. Lol

                    • CLP
                      CLP  1 weeks back

                      Have you tried camp fuel (naptha) or paint thinner yet?

                      • CLP
                        CLP  1 weeks back

                        @Project Farm I'd really like to know if it's worth raiding that stuff from the hardware store if the apocalypse comes lol

                      • Project Farm
                        Project Farm   1 weeks back

                        Great suggestion! I need to test them again now that I have the Farmabago

                    • Ivan Aslan
                      Ivan Aslan  1 weeks back


                      • James Dickey
                        James Dickey  1 weeks back

                        Great video, loved the chill bacon grease explanation. lol. Would there be anyway for the small gasoline engine to run on the jet fuel or any kerosene based fuel without the spark plug? I assume it would have to be a relatively warm engine for the fuel to properly vaporize prior to combustion occurring under compression. If it is a compression ratio issue, can the engine be adjusted in any way to tighten the tolerance to raise the compression to combust diesel, jet, or other fuels similar to those?

                      • leoo c
                        leoo c  1 weeks back

                        Jet fuel unnite before ( Top dead Center). It can blow, very unstable.

                      • ngentotsemua
                        ngentotsemua  2 weeks back

                        Confirmed jet fuel can't melt steel beams

                        • Qwunk12
                          Qwunk12  2 weeks back

                          See if it will run on f-76 or DFM.

                        • Indrid Cold
                          Indrid Cold  2 weeks back

                          Jet fuel is just kerosene with some additives to help fire not to spread in the event of a ruptured fuel tank. It is not as glorious as it sounds.

                        • Adventures with Frodo
                          Adventures with Frodo  2 weeks back

                          People basic misconception of jet fuel.
                          I remember when Mazda tried the rotary engine in a car. There is a reason it is no longer around.
                          I want to se a jet engine on you bicycle, lol.

                        • ARCSTREAMS
                          ARCSTREAMS  2 weeks back

                          never seena homemade rotary engine,,how did he get past the seal leak design? lol damn this thing run on moonshine or methanol?

                          • ARCSTREAMS
                            ARCSTREAMS  2 weeks back

                            @Project Farm what you think can it run off methanol? is it possible to vaporise it into the intake?

                          • Project Farm
                            Project Farm   2 weeks back

                            Thank you!

                        • Casper Born
                          Casper Born  3 weeks back

                          Two lane or toluene? :3

                        • thar34
                          thar34  3 weeks back

                          This guy reminds me of SMITHERS🤓🤓

                        • b3j8
                          b3j8  3 weeks back

                          Ha! Seeing that little tank of a rotary engine, reminded me of the(brief) Wankel engine era 45 yrs back! Only they weren't nearly as dependable as that little dude! Cool slow-mo!

                        • Chad Rudolph
                          Chad Rudolph  3 weeks back

                          Please test out patron plus for ware and tear. On engines and bearings.

                          • Barry Davies
                            Barry Davies  3 weeks back

                            STOP SHOUTING

                            • glahome1
                              glahome1  3 weeks back

                              OMG! So many commercials!!! UGG!!

                              • George Decato
                                George Decato  3 weeks back

                                2'd installment of this vid could be same engines running jet fuel with octane booster.

                              • Blackner2424
                                Blackner2424  3 weeks back

                                So much pre-det with the jet fuel. That's wild! Out of curiosity, what grade did you use? Jet-A? JP-8?

                                • Project Garage
                                  Project Garage  4 weeks back

                                  Where can I buy jet fuel?

                                  • Clyde DeLancey 57Technoman

                                    I've worked with jet fuel in the military. It is just a higher grade of diesel with a lower flash point. It's not fracking nitro....

                                  • Stephen harris
                                    Stephen harris  4 weeks back

                                    Rc airplane motors need air they run hot fast without a propeller and even with one at high rpm if you are holding the engine down and not letting it move through the air

                                  • random drive cams Blackvue DR750s-2ch DR750s-2ch

                                    I would like to see carbon build-up test with an abrasive brush cleaning the inside of the cylinder versus a non abrasive brush.

                                  • Alan Hawkins
                                    Alan Hawkins  4 weeks back

                                    Tol u ene

                                  • Leonel Salgado
                                    Leonel Salgado  4 weeks back

                                    how much times this motor has been dismounted? how cant my car be same plus cheaper awell? XD

                                  • Chad
                                    Chad  4 weeks back

                                    Will a rotary engine drive your motorized bicycle? Let's find out! ;)

                                  • Sam Kimpton
                                    Sam Kimpton  1 months back

                                    Yo I don’t care if it doesn’t work, I just want someone to put this in a takahashi rx-7 build and say that “yes it’s not a car If it has a big wing and runs on jet fuel; it’s a nerf’d plane.”

                                  • peter chumpis
                                    peter chumpis  1 months back

                                    sounds just like my rx

                                  • PhazonXL Productions
                                    PhazonXL Productions  1 months back

                                    Jet fuel can't melt steal beams.

                                  • chad rocca
                                    chad rocca  1 months back

                                    Why add jet fuel to every motor you can get your hands on. We know it breaks down the oil on the blow by because it doesnt burn right, hotter. I'm just not sure wtf your doing.

                                    • ElTurbinado
                                      ElTurbinado  1 months back

                                      Why did the jet fuel win in the generator but lose in the predator?

                                      • Husa Berg
                                        Husa Berg  1 months back

                                        How did the go kart catch on fire? Oh i just spilled a bit of jet fuel during refueling