Synth Jam 16: GarageBand, Geo Synthesizer, iRig MIDI e Yamaha P95

  • Published: 24 September 2012
  • Here is a JAM playing with just one iPad running GarageBand and Geo Synthesizer, with the support of Yamaha's P95 Digital Piano and iRig MIDI. Everything was made live. A little drum loop on SmartDrums, a GB Pad called moonrise and my Lead, released with Geo Synth (Padrini Lead), with some modifications (delay, cutoff and gain).

    The custom lead can be downloaded here:


    Uma JAM de um só iPad rodando o GarageBand e o app Geo Synthesizer, contando com o apoio do piano digital Yamaha P95 e a interface iRig MIDI. Tudo feito na hora da gravação. Uma rápida batida no SmartDrums do GB, um pad chamado Moonrise controlado pelo P95 e o improviso no Geo Synthesizer utilizando um lead de minha autoria, presente na versão original do app (com o nome de Padrini Lead), mas ligeiramente modificado com delay, ligeira distorção e filtro um pouco mais fechado.

    O lead customizado pode ser baixado aqui:

    Confira o post deste vídeo no MusicApps:
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  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique  4 years back

    show d+.

    • FranKamente / Francesco Lombardi

      Haven't you got any latency issues with this setup?

      • Marcus Padrini
        Marcus Padrini   4 years back

        @Francesco Lombardi :) Hope you enjoy your music apps!

      • FranKamente / Francesco Lombardi
        FranKamente / Francesco Lombardi  4 years back

        @Marcus Padrini Thank You for the answers!!!

      • Marcus Padrini
        Marcus Padrini   4 years back

        @Francesco Lombardi it depends on your controller. Some keyboards, like the Yamaha MOXF, can be used as MIDI controllers and audio interface using just a USB/Lightning adapter. When the keyboard is not compatible with the iPad, but has MIDI connectors, you can use a MIDI x USB cable ou an iOS MIDI Interface, like the iRig MIDI. 

      • FranKamente / Francesco Lombardi
        FranKamente / Francesco Lombardi  4 years back

        +Marcus Padrini Wow...great info!! How do you connect the iPad with the MIDI controller? A simple USB/Lightning cable or a MIDI merge like iConnectmidi?

      • Marcus Padrini
        Marcus Padrini   4 years back

        +Francesco Lombardi Very low latency. And it is an old video. Now you can set the latency in many apps (low/Ultra low/safe/etc). In many cases the latency is lower than when I am playing with my iMac or Macbook.

    • smoky mountain blogger
      smoky mountain blogger  4 years back

      Very nice!

    • Jonathan Aske
      Jonathan Aske  5 years back

      Hi, great sound by the way!! I have a P-95 and an iPad air and am looking to connect the two. I have a midi lead which goes to a USB and a connector to change that to a lightning connecting to fit it in the iPad... I can't seem to get any app to pick up the signal... Have you got any ideas?? /// recommend any apps?

      • Phouthasone Kitayaso
        Phouthasone Kitayaso  6 years back

        How do you connect iRig MIDI on your YAMAHA P95?

        • Marcus Padrini
          Marcus Padrini   6 years back

          Just connect the iRig MIDI IN to the Yamaha P95 MIDI OUT and it works fine. :) If you are using a new iPad (retina display or Air) you will also need a 30 pin x lightning adaptor (available on the online apple store).  

      • lddevo88
        lddevo88  6 years back

        Beautiful piece! Any idea what synth Moonrise might be based from? 

        • Mariel Rabello
          Mariel Rabello  6 years back

          Qual cabo é esse? e aonde comprou, so precido do cabo e do iRig MIDI? tenho um p95 e ipad 3. obrigado desde já.

          • taddeito
            taddeito  6 years back

            How did you make the P95 work as a MIDI and actually play different sounds than the ones it already brings?

            • Marcus Padrini
              Marcus Padrini   6 years back

              Thanks! I am note sure if it was inspired by Dream Theater, but since I am playing with an app created by Wizdom Music (Jordan Rudess) and a timbre that reminds the Haken Continuum, that kind of association is pretty normal :) And I really like Dream Theater, of course.

              • Magnus Aanonsen
                Magnus Aanonsen  6 years back

                Sound amazing! Is the melody inspired by Dream Theater, or is it just the sound that makes it seem like it?

                • S A
                  S A  6 years back

                  Where do you connect the audio in the iPad

                  • Balta Games
                    Balta Games  7 years back

                    Show! Parabéns Marcus.

                    • James Mathison
                      James Mathison  7 years back

                      That was awesome! We want more!! :D

                      • Fernando Goya
                        Fernando Goya  7 years back

                        Cara vc é bom heim!!!!!

                        • RedMarcMusic
                          RedMarcMusic  7 years back

                          Good Work Marcus!
                          I have the Yamaha P-105 and I want do something like your video.
                          But I have a problem... your P-95 have MIDI and my P-105 have USB and AUX
                          do you know any adapter for tablet?

                          • PhilW222
                            PhilW222  7 years back

                            Beautifully done!

                            • H. DUARTE
                              H. DUARTE  7 years back


                              • Samuel Deschamps Cabral

                                Muito, muito bom!

                                • Marcus Padrini
                                  Marcus Padrini   7 years back


                                  • Marcus Padrini
                                    Marcus Padrini   7 years back


                                    • Marcus Padrini
                                      Marcus Padrini   7 years back

                                      O roteador está ali apenas por estar. Nada de complexo aí. Piano Digital P-95 conectado ao iPad via interface iRig MIDI e só. Abs!

                                      • Marcus Padrini
                                        Marcus Padrini   7 years back

                                        Não, MIDI via iRig MIDI. :)

                                        • Marcus Padrini
                                          Marcus Padrini   7 years back

                                          Thanks! :) And still waiting for your videos with iPad Music Apps :P

                                          • Marcus Padrini
                                            Marcus Padrini   7 years back


                                            • Vivi Pedraglio
                                              Vivi Pedraglio  7 years back

                                              Marcus, great performance like always!!! big kiss....Vivi.

                                              • Tércio Ferreira
                                                Tércio Ferreira  7 years back

                                                Midi via wifi (suposição)?

                                                • Salatiel Duailibi
                                                  Salatiel Duailibi  7 years back

                                                  Muito Massa cara! Voce usa aquele roteador para que?? poderia fazer alguns videos explicando toda essa conexão que voc faz? Tá de parabéns.
                                                  Deus te abençõe!

                                                  • Amilton Ribeiro
                                                    Amilton Ribeiro  7 years back

                                                    muito doido parabens criatividade mil!

                                                    • Monty7.2
                                                      Monty7.2  7 years back

                                                      Spectacular! Love this piece!