SMOSH Try Not To Laugh Best Moments (1,000 subs special🎉 )

  • Published: 13 January 2020
  • ▫️we did it!! We hit 1,000 subscribers! Thank you to everyone whose subscribed :D
    - ▫️DISCLAIMER : all of the clips belong to smosh, and in no way am I trying to take them as mine. I just put together these videos for your guy’s enjoyment. I get a lot of comments of people saying I’m “stealing their content” or I’m a “leech” but really am I the only channel who makes compilation videos? I think not. so try to stop spreading negativity where it isn’t needed. ☮️

    Music Credit: LAKEY INSPIRED
    Track Name: “Better Days”
    Music By: LAKEY INSPIRED @
    License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported “Share Alike” (CC BY-SA 3.0) License.
    ↘️ comment below what video ideas you’d like to see! It could be anything :0 ↙️ Compilation: {Part 8}
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  • Rachel Rutkowski
    Rachel Rutkowski  2 days back

    I'd probably watch that show on espn..

    • Mink
      Mink  3 days back

      1:40 murders me every time I watch it

      The first time I saw it in the episode I actually had to pause the video because I was crying lmao

      • marco animations
        marco animations  6 days back

        When your name is Marco

        • Connor Haines
          Connor Haines  7 days back

          2:40, 3:29, 3:59, 11:12 😂😂

          • Watergirl Blue
            Watergirl Blue  1 weeks back

            I love your intro music^^
            It's Better Days by Lakey Inspired btw ♥️

            • Michaela Hartman
              Michaela Hartman  1 weeks back

              Damien and Shayne are such good looking guys. Lol. And extremely hilarious.

              • Grayson Chiu yt
                Grayson Chiu yt  1 weeks back

                Spit out my gamer gurl bath water or you will have to face azorith lmao his face when he said that was like im def going to make him laugh

                • jeff
                  jeff  1 weeks back

                  So..... pepper??

                  • Kimberlee Clingerman
                    Kimberlee Clingerman  2 weeks back

                    Enter me:( leans on the wall casually) Well i just had the worst date of my life.

                    The wall:(I'm leaning on it) Get the fuck off me and dont treat me like a damn therapist.

                    Me:(shocked by the talking wall and definitely not drunk) Woah you can talk? Holy cow i thought that i was alone just now!

                    The wall:(obviously offended) You weren't talking to me?

                    Me: Nope i was talking to myself
                    Suddenly the wall turns into a person and slaps me. I wake up in a cold sweat and sigh in relief because it was just a dream.

                    • KAIsibs Does Gaming
                      KAIsibs Does Gaming  2 weeks back

                      7:17 Why does this always make me laugh?!

                      • KAIsibs Does Gaming
                        KAIsibs Does Gaming  2 weeks back

                        1:42 That threw me off guard so hard

                        • Lila Wilburne
                          Lila Wilburne  2 weeks back

                          Where is Noah's skit about the news reporter that was referenced at 9:55?

                          • hi-it's-mars
                            hi-it's-mars  2 weeks back

                            "spit out my gamer girl bathwater, or face azeroth!"
                            still my favorite line.

                            • Lazaros Lazarides
                              Lazaros Lazarides  2 weeks back

                              7:10 this one's SO good

                              • Tiny Pug
                                Tiny Pug  2 weeks back

                                Congrats on 1k!!💞💞

                                • Fluff Snowball
                                  Fluff Snowball  2 weeks back

                                  NOt GuiLtY

                                  • Esther Melo
                                    Esther Melo  2 weeks back

                                    3:09 Shane shirtless and Noah pants less idk I had nothing else to say so I’m saying that

                                    • Hayden Davis
                                      Hayden Davis  2 weeks back

                                      Yo what’s that intro song, that shits fire 🔥🔥

                                      • Pug Pixie
                                        Pug Pixie   2 weeks back

                                        Hayden Davis “better days” by LAKEY INSPIRED on SoundCloud 👍

                                    • Alex Draven
                                      Alex Draven  2 weeks back

                                      Welcome back my aesthetic boys!

                                      • Justin Anda
                                        Justin Anda  2 weeks back

                                        THANKS FOR THE BDAY PRESENT!

                                        • Brooklyn Rena
                                          Brooklyn Rena  2 weeks back

                                          Damien and Shayne are so funny

                                          • Aone M
                                            Aone M  2 weeks back


                                            • Lada Ptr
                                              Lada Ptr  2 weeks back

                                              Can someone explain to me why Olivia is wearing that freaking training suit in every video???

                                              • Sarah L
                                                Sarah L  2 weeks back

                                                @Faith Bray she's worn it in videos that don't have a water element too (reading courtney's diaries, for one) i think it will just go down as one of life's great mysteries.

                                              • Faith Bray
                                                Faith Bray  2 weeks back

                                                I think it’s because it’s like water resistant and she doesn’t want to get her other clothes wet

                                              • Santi
                                                Santi  2 weeks back

                                                @Lada Ptr ah then I don't know. It was never told why she always wore that parka, but I'm just thinking of it as an Olivia thing. She probably just likes it a lot.

                                              • Lada Ptr
                                                Lada Ptr  2 weeks back

                                                @Santi no i meant like maybe I missed some kind of joke or bet, because she just started wearing it in every video now, she didn't do that before lol.

                                              • Santi
                                                Santi  2 weeks back

                                                Because she wants to

                                            • fandom phan
                                              fandom phan  2 weeks back




                                              • Key
                                                Key  2 weeks back

                                                Where's the parrot scene? "B*tch! F*ck! Sh*t C*nt! Had me on the FLOOR

                                                • Hailey Clausen
                                                  Hailey Clausen  2 weeks back


                                                  I love these videos 1:00 is ONE of my favorites

                                                  • L Maier
                                                    L Maier  2 weeks back

                                                    Love your videos! Keep it up :)

                                                    • Sarter Kong
                                                      Sarter Kong  2 weeks back

                                                      Congrats 🥳

                                                      • LiivAbrahamsson
                                                        LiivAbrahamsson  2 weeks back

                                                        Always awesome 😁

                                                        • Dylan Estlund
                                                          Dylan Estlund  2 weeks back

                                                          Awesome work