Preview: No. 1 Duke vs No. 9 UCF in second round of NCAA tournament

  • Published: 23 March 2019
  • Here's a look at the top plays from Purdue and Villanova as they prepare to play in a second-round matchup at 5:15 pm Sunday on CBS. Watch live here:

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Comments • 54

  • Jeffro P. Koaltrain
    Jeffro P. Koaltrain  9 months back

    No big man no ship. Didn’t look like Duke had too much trouble with them while he was out. Of course there are runs but ucf hit more 3 than I have ever seen them.

    • Michael Harbuck
      Michael Harbuck  9 months back

      From a duke fan ucf you guys played with a ton of heart. I give you all the utmost credit for being the team with the hardest working players in college basketball. Dawkins father and son WOW. just thank god duke won

      • Gotham City Blues
        Gotham City Blues  9 months back

        Duke just got that W

        • lipp frost
          lipp frost  9 months back

          I don't get how they are saying he will be like LeBron when he never takes a shot

          • Jewel Clark
            Jewel Clark  9 months back

            The basketball team has something that the football team was never going to have this yr,a LEGITIMATE chance at a national championship

            • methedemon
              methedemon  9 months back


              • Shaquille Catchings
                Shaquille Catchings  9 months back

                Zion is going to have a monster block against Tacko 👀

                • Uner Lew
                  Uner Lew  9 months back

                  I literally get teary eyed watching zion play. His passion is amazing

                  • Rachel Childress
                    Rachel Childress  9 months back

                    I cant wait for zion to dunk tonight

                    • Robert Stanley
                      Robert Stanley  9 months back


                      • Hercule _s
                        Hercule _s  9 months back

                        Nahhh, Zion over Tacko💙😈

                        • melvin barnett
                          melvin barnett  9 months back

                          How do you make a almost three hundred pound guy out run you?

                          • Tyler
                            Tyler  9 months back

                            zion a good player but it’s annoying how espn always finds a way to talk about him smh

                            • Good Drugs Farm
                              Good Drugs Farm  9 months back

                              Tyler I can see where you’re coming from but then I realized I couldn’t wait to see him play. Jordan is the only other player that made me want to watch every second he played. I think those commentators feel the same way. Zion is something special to watch and it’s hard not to want to talk about him. But I still understand what you’re saying.

                          • Michael Spencer
                            Michael Spencer  9 months back

                            Zion just outran a guard slipped and still was able to make the basket just nasty he has me sold

                            • Antonio Moton
                              Antonio Moton  9 months back

                              Michael Spencer that's Super Special and most people will miss just how special this guy is and can be

                          • Homeless to Greatness
                            Homeless to Greatness  9 months back

                            Zion reminds me of Anthony Bennett

                          • WhoNotOnThat
                            WhoNotOnThat  9 months back

                            Who y’all got right now ???? Before the game start ??

                          • thedeafgenius
                            thedeafgenius  9 months back

                            I want to see Zion jump over Tacko!!

                            • MeyanArts
                              MeyanArts  9 months back

                              @Erick M tthats what i thought

                            • Erick M
                              Erick M  9 months back

                              @MeyanArts he did get blocked lol

                            • MeyanArts
                              MeyanArts  9 months back

                              @kenj u do it. no need for math. hes gonna get blocked LOL

                            • Nub
                              Nub  9 months back

                              @kenj if he pushes of him and get a lift maybe, but that's crazy dangerous.

                            • kenj
                              kenj  9 months back

                              @MeyanArts Uh dude has a 40+ inch do the math.

                          • Gotoname Lastname
                            Gotoname Lastname  9 months back

                            Puke is going to lose 7 foot 6 can Zion jump that high? Puke loves to plug Zion Williams . Brandon Clark 36 points 8 rebounds 5 blocks. But he's only from Gonzaga...LOL

                            • Gotoname Lastname
                              Gotoname Lastname  9 months back

                              @Michael Harbuck boy your smart .thank you so much .... Wow ... do you know 2+2= please tell me Mister genius..... your the smatest man.....

                            • Michael Harbuck
                              Michael Harbuck  9 months back

                              @Gotoname Lastname iq means intelligence quotient

                            • Jasmin Garris
                              Jasmin Garris  9 months back

                              Baby cry

                          • Ryan Kemp
                            Ryan Kemp  9 months back

                            Zion eating a gordita, a chalupa, and a taco guisado easily lol

                            • AMERICAN SUPERNINJA
                              AMERICAN SUPERNINJA  9 months back

                              Click bait

                            • Teagan Heiter
                              Teagan Heiter  9 months back

                              Duke and North Carolina state for sure

                              • JB
                                JB  9 months back

                                All you can eat tacos for Zion tomorrow

                              • Mason Morial
                                Mason Morial  9 months back

                                *Previewing Zion vs Tacko

                                • Jim Bob
                                  Jim Bob  9 months back

                                  Go knights

                                  • Jim Bob
                                    Jim Bob  9 months back

                                    @Geronimo SoHigh Basketball too 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

                                  • Geronimo SoHigh
                                    Geronimo SoHigh  9 months back

                                    Only football