A Huge Pearl Has Been Destroying Marriages Since the 1500s

  • Published: 10 July 2019
  • Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but not any jewelry is a good gift. You'll be surprised to know some pieces of it, like a cursed pearl, can destroy marriages! And that certainly makes that jewelry a girl's worst enemy. One pearl in particular managed to make plenty of enemies over centuries of ruining its owners' love lives.

    For about 300 years, the infamous La Peregrina pearl was the largest to have ever been found, originally weighing in just shy of 56 carats or about 11 grams. King Philip presented his new bride with the mesmerizing pearl as a wedding present. Mary and Philip never got divorced, but it is known that the king left her not long after tying the knot. And that was only the beginning of the pearl's adventures.

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    How it all started 0:58
    The pearl goes back to King Philip 3:27
    La Peregrina reappears with Joseph Bonaparte 4:18
    The pearl goes to English Duke 5:36
    Elizabeth Taylor gets the cursed pearl 6:23
    Where is it today? 8:42

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    -It was a slave in Panama who found the pearl in the early 1500s. Since Panama was a Spanish colony at the time, La Peregrina was then immediately handed over to Prince Philip II of Spain who presented it to his wife Mary. Queen had a taste for getting rid of people she didn’t like very much. Philip later left her, and it could’ve been the title thing, Mary’s not-so-enticing looks, or, given the victims yet to come, it may have been the cursed pearl at work.
    -The Spanish king tried to give La Peregrina to Mary’s half-sister and successor, Elizabeth I…as a way to propose marriage. After her refusal, Philip kept his big shiny pearl, and it stayed with the Spanish Crown for the next 250 years.
    -After Napoleon Bonaparte had declared himself Emperor of France, he made his older brother Joseph the King of Spain, and his wife Julie Clary would be Queen. She was the next lucky lady to receive the pearl as a gift from her husband. They pretty much lived totally separate lives.
    -From Napoleon, it was sold to an English Duke by the name of James Hamilton in 1848. He’d bought the pearl for his wife Louisa.
    -Richard Burton presented La Peregrina to his wife Elizabeth Taylor. There’s no proof that La Peregrina was to blame for these two actors’ failed marriage, but on the other hand, there’s also no proof that it wasn’t.
    -The pearl was sold at Christie’s auction house on December 14, 2011 to a private buyer for a whopping $11.8 million.

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  • WorldIsALie X
    WorldIsALie X  7 days back

    I want the pearl
    Cause I know I won’t get married
    It won’t ruin my relationships cause I never had one

    Now that just sounded depressing😂

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        • Studi Buddi wItH a nOoB

          "The Seven Husbands of Elizabeth Taylor"

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            It’s the reason I bet 100% it is

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                I have that pearl

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                  Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttttt it could be katy perry her marriage broke in 2012 oooooo

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                    Manpreet Singh  3 weeks back

                    I may have a pearl that looks almost the same as the one in this video I'm kinda scared

                    • OFFICAL_ SHADOW _TRAINER

                      Random woman: gets married

                      This pearl: imma end this man’s whole career

                      • Yondon Dookhuu
                        Yondon Dookhuu  3 weeks back

                        The pearl looks like a teardrop. 💧

                        • Auri’s Adventures
                          Auri’s Adventures  3 weeks back

                          DIAMONDS are a girls best friend. The necklace was a PEARL. There’s a difference

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                            RJP parish2  3 weeks back

                            WOW BEAUTY

                            • Kristen Cotty
                              Kristen Cotty  3 weeks back

                              Can i just say they were both Catholic she was known for killing Protestants in her short reign, her probably wouldn’t have had a problem with her killing protestants

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                                Yes of cource it was the reason

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                                  When I eat a pear for breakfast I feel like I am eating that Pearl hahahahahahahahahaha

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                                      Is the Pearl real?

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                                        I wants to be single when’s I grows up

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                                          Carats sounds like carrots 😂

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                                            Many cursed jewelry alert!!!!

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                                              Pear shaped ? It’s not even close to a pear

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                                                I think it's all about FRANCE🇫🇷

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                                                    A cursed pearl...hmmm..a heart breaker?

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                                                      I live in Panama and ITS IS IN PANAMA IN 300 YEARS AGO!?!?!

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                                                        Pearl: I will destroy all of your marriages.

                                                        Love: Is power a joke to you?

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                                                          I live in Panamá City

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                                                            • Mohammadi Gouhar
                                                              Mohammadi Gouhar  1 months back

                                                              James Hamilton and Louisa : well always stay together,...
                                                              Well the pearl:.........

                                                              AM I A JOKE TO YOU!!!???

                                                              • HonesttoWhoo
                                                                HonesttoWhoo  1 months back

                                                                I know terrified because I have a necklace that has that pearl but I’m not married

                                                                • Hocomania OMG
                                                                  Hocomania OMG  1 months back

                                                                  Thats why you should never trust slaves

                                                                  • Meliodas
                                                                    Meliodas  1 months back

                                                                    Philip the 2nd is the reason why philipines was named philipines when portugese colonated our country search it in youtube history of the philipines.

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                                                                      The cursed pearl is cursed because it's shaped like a tear drop

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                                                                                        This video came out on my birthday

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                                                                                          I wish Elizabeth Taylor's dog would lost the pearl so there wouldn't be anymore ruins of any other marriages 💔

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