JLo’s Makeup Artist Transforms My Sister Erika ...

  • Published: 27 December 2019
  • Scott Barnes does a FULL GLAM Makeover on my Sister Erika!
    xo's ~ Tati

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Comments • 3 822

  • Cherie Brittin
    Cherie Brittin  4 hours back

    Erika needs a model contract like ASAP, she’s gorgeous.

    • Love AndLight
      Love AndLight  11 hours back

      Her sisters makeup looks more natural verses tati

      • Muy Caliente
        Muy Caliente  11 hours back

        He's literally the Bob Ross of makeup- his soothing presence, brush movements and artistic skills are just 😍

        • Jody Parkman
          Jody Parkman  17 hours back

          Wow! Erica looks identical to Tati! Love all 3 of you!!! Excellent channel! I love Tati

          • Jody Parkman
            Jody Parkman  17 hours back

            I love it!! Love Scott !!

            • Boola Roola
              Boola Roola  1 days back

              I loved this because my eyes are a little hooded like Erika's so it was fun to see him work with that😍

              • claudia navarro
                claudia navarro  2 days back

                The back of his head is making me anxious. It looks really irritated.

                • Tayli Morgan
                  Tayli Morgan  2 days back

                  I feel like I’m watching a bob ross video

                  • Jenny
                    Jenny  2 days back

                    Erika is so nice and positive. And beautiful too

                    • Isabela Trigueros
                      Isabela Trigueros  2 days back

                      ur lip color in this looks wack

                      • Amanda L
                        Amanda L  2 days back

                        Imagine if Tati got JLO on her channel!!!

                        • Melissa Caron
                          Melissa Caron  3 days back

                          You and Erika sound alike!

                          • Brooke Greene
                            Brooke Greene  3 days back

                            Jaime French!!

                            • Helen Monaghan
                              Helen Monaghan  3 days back

                              I just want to know why the back of his head is so red

                              • Jing Denning
                                Jing Denning  3 days back

                                OMGEEE!!.. TATIIIIIII!!!!!.. YOU ARE HILARIOUS GURRRLL!! 😂😂😂.. and SCOTT BARNES just love ya booo!!❤️

                                • brunom72
                                  brunom72  3 days back

                                  id love to see this happen on a man...not drag makeup, not femme fatale makeup but a guy that has some regular imperfections. id LOVE to see that.

                                  • Jelissa Jaynes
                                    Jelissa Jaynes  4 days back

                                    When they talk about Jaime 😍🥰

                                    • Kalli Karen Allison Robertson

                                      I love Scott barnesssss

                                      • mrsjoannecruz Cruz
                                        mrsjoannecruz Cruz  4 days back

                                        Please do more videos together

                                        • seatlegirl
                                          seatlegirl  5 days back

                                          That Naked concealer was patchy though! Thank God for Scott's powder that made it look so much better

                                          • Erica Vaughn
                                            Erica Vaughn  5 days back


                                            • Katia Andrade
                                              Katia Andrade  5 days back

                                              21:05 tati was using the blendiful before announcing it!

                                              • Tracie 315
                                                Tracie 315  5 days back

                                                I would love more then anything to have Scott Barnes do my makeup! Dealing with Melasma and mature skin I would love to see what he would do! 😫🙏🏼

                                                • LoveplanetEarth
                                                  LoveplanetEarth  5 days back

                                                  I love when you have Scott Barnes there!! Thank you !

                                                  • Weijia Kwok
                                                    Weijia Kwok  5 days back

                                                    when Erika said "Holey Smokea"

                                                    • Ramona Hottgenroth
                                                      Ramona Hottgenroth  5 days back


                                                      • Krabby Kat
                                                        Krabby Kat  6 days back

                                                        they look and sound the same. they're practically the same person

                                                        • Alex N
                                                          Alex N  6 days back

                                                          His name is Scott Barnes...

                                                          • Jeannie Jones
                                                            Jeannie Jones  6 days back

                                                            Are they twins?

                                                            • Kim A
                                                              Kim A  6 days back

                                                              They gave Jaime French a shout-out!!!

                                                              • Kim A
                                                                Kim A  6 days back

                                                                Who are the 851 monsters who didn't like this video?

                                                                • Cynthia Renee
                                                                  Cynthia Renee  6 days back

                                                                  -I I

                                                                  • Val B
                                                                    Val B  6 days back

                                                                    I didn't read the title at first and I was like damn why does Tati look so different 🤦‍♀️

                                                                    • Libelunapattylu
                                                                      Libelunapattylu  1 weeks back

                                                                      Tati can you do the tutorial of the makeup you have please.

                                                                      • arandum Hufflepuff
                                                                        arandum Hufflepuff  1 weeks back

                                                                        I swear she was kinda flirting with him

                                                                        • asiakitek
                                                                          asiakitek  1 weeks back

                                                                          How’s calling this Chanel foundation?

                                                                          • right spyder
                                                                            right spyder  1 weeks back

                                                                            She ended up looking like a model. Wow Scott is a magician

                                                                            • Erinw0178
                                                                              Erinw0178  1 weeks back

                                                                              Love Scott Barnes. He's amazing artist.

                                                                              • Grace Lamb
                                                                                Grace Lamb  1 weeks back

                                                                                This is so satisfying to watch

                                                                                • TheCezu
                                                                                  TheCezu  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I could endlessly watch Scott paint on and on and on ...for eva and eva <3

                                                                                  • Almond Zmbduck
                                                                                    Almond Zmbduck  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I love that they LOVE Jaime French!

                                                                                    • Saba xo
                                                                                      Saba xo  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Sandra bullock vibesss

                                                                                      • Xristina Lo
                                                                                        Xristina Lo  1 weeks back

                                                                                        What drops are please;

                                                                                        • sacredsiren
                                                                                          sacredsiren  1 weeks back

                                                                                          She sounds EXACTLY like Tati, the makeup turned out beautiful

                                                                                          • chadyfrs93
                                                                                            chadyfrs93  1 weeks back

                                                                                            at some points, some phrases, I swear she sounds EXACTLY like Tati

                                                                                            • Rita Trcka
                                                                                              Rita Trcka  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Please have Jamie French on your channel!

                                                                                              • Ernestina Dominguez
                                                                                                Ernestina Dominguez  1 weeks back

                                                                                                Oh so sweet, loving the warmth between these people 🥰

                                                                                                • Emily
                                                                                                  Emily  1 weeks back

                                                                                                  I feel like she legit has more interesting things to ask him and say to him than most actual makeup youtubers with guests