Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson, Kyle Kuzma, Carmelo Anthony (1/8/20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

  • Published: 08 January 2020
  • Topics:
    ► Cowboys' press conference (0:16)
    ► Lakers (23:53)
    ► Tom Brady (37:41)
    ► Rooney Rule (50:49)
    ► Lamar Jackson (1:05:19)
    ► Matt Rhule + Joe Judge (1:15:36)
    ► Kraft + Brady (1:27:00)
    ► Kyle Kuzma (1:37:57)
    ► Mike McCarthy (1:47:35)
    ► Carmelo Anthony (1:52:18).

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    Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson, Kyle Kuzma, Carmelo Anthony (1/8/20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Comments • 21

  • Zaki Choudhary
    Zaki Choudhary  1 weeks back

    Brady can do more than anybody else, with way less. So, let's give him even less than that, delete the O-line, and then we can finally get back to pretending it's all his fault. lol

    • William Freeze
      William Freeze  2 weeks back

      Thanks for the show guys!

      • Jason johnson
        Jason johnson  2 weeks back

        Those other teams don't make good ratings

        • Timothy Shaw
          Timothy Shaw  2 weeks back

          I front these guys a like .

          • Maury P
            Maury P  2 weeks back

            Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy -Shannon Sharpe

            Probably one of the most beautiful turns of phrase I’ve heard all year

            • Shawn Boyd
              Shawn Boyd  2 weeks back

              The chargers? Brady don’t wanna play chiefs twice a year

              • T.K Jenkins
                T.K Jenkins  2 weeks back

                Skip!!!! Ezekiel Elliott has to earn his name being said on undisputed!!! Remember #2? Now its Kawhi Leonard!!!! So yea mention Zeke by #21!!! Until he earn his name back!!!

                • Giffond Hall
                  Giffond Hall  2 weeks back

                  skip makes me cringe as a cowboys

                  • Flying Spacerock
                    Flying Spacerock  2 weeks back

                    Shame on Shannon for what he did to That Eagle Hater. Skip was just as dirty with that 'hmmmm'

                    • First Name Last Name
                      First Name Last Name  2 weeks back

                      Lmao talk more about the cowboys than the Texans game 😂😂😂

                      • Ruben Olguin
                        Ruben Olguin  2 weeks back

                        First Name Last Name it’s always gonna be that way my man. It’s Americans team. The haters and the fans make sure of that

                    • Absolutely aV
                      Absolutely aV  2 weeks back

                      I wish y’all would talk about playoff team more than you do. you usually are talking about a team named Lakers, Pats, or cowboys with the occasional Clippers and Ravens in there

                      • Absolutely aV
                        Absolutely aV  2 weeks back

                        @rockneverdiedim happy when they talk about Jackson and the Ravens. I would like to hear their picks and analysis over all playoff games instead of only Dallas and NE over and over again

                      • rockneverdied
                        rockneverdied  2 weeks back

                        Lord forbid my ravens finally get some recognition

                    • David R
                      David R  2 weeks back

                      Tom Shady Is done he needs to retire & pray the CHEATRIOTS don't get Exposed 4 all their years of cheating Finally we will have an Exciting cheat free Super Bowl 👍

                      • David R
                        David R  2 weeks back

                        @Jason johnson ?🤔?

                      • Jason johnson
                        Jason johnson  2 weeks back

                        Oh no face

                      • LucidoMafia
                        LucidoMafia  2 weeks back

                        Be careful about talking bad about Thanos Brady. 😂

                    • david da vinci
                      david da vinci  2 weeks back

                      That’s so wild that it’s been 3 days since the deshaun miracle play and not one topic not even a 30 second segment on deshaun Watson been brought up , the media been disrespecting Watson for way to long.

                      • rockneverdied
                        rockneverdied  2 weeks back

                        NFL network has talked about it once an hour since

                      • David R
                        David R  2 weeks back

                        Totally Agree all this show & ESPN want to talk about is the CHEATRIOTS or the Cowboys I m a fan of Texas teams root for Houston & Dallas & but stop talking about Dallas & give DW & the Texans their credit