Joe Rogan | Was Tarantino's Bruce Lee Scene Based on Real Life??

  • Published: 13 August 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1333 w/Tom Papa:

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  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson  40 minutes back

    Think about this brotha joe..people think his judo is's like come on man.

    • Todd Johnson
      Todd Johnson  45 minutes back

      If you know the truth.go on certain sites and even judo gene get's no props.when bruce died judo gene was in films with bruce li.the only resemblance of bruce.that is the essence of jeet kune do.master parker..master lebell.yeah we are all human.but I'll tell you what..judo gene lebell likes enter the dragon.👍

      • Todd Johnson
        Todd Johnson  1 hours back

        You can also see judo gene lebell in bruce li films.people still think to this day judo gene is not world class.withought master lebell you don't have a bad boy named Bruce lee.instead of hurting bruce..he inforced him

        • AJ Grant
          AJ Grant  7 hours back

          Mr. Rogan is correct about what would happen if Gene Lebell grabbed Bruce Lee (100 out of 100 times).  However, very few understand that Gene Lebell would NEVER be able to touch Lee without being hit more times in a VERY short span than he probably had his whole life!  There isn't a person on this planet that (if they didn't die before hitting the ground) would be able to function correctly after Lee connecting with their sternum or God-forbid face.

          • therandom3591
            therandom3591  10 hours back

            Lee broke someones jaw on set of batman, he was annoying everyone flying kicking other actors , lee was a arsehole

            • Shady 702
              Shady 702  14 hours back

              They think that Bruce lee did not know quick kill moves from different martial arts styles. Bruce Lee showed only his family friendly kung fu to westerners to promote kung fu. Rogan & friends need to watch the real old school kung fu.

              • lostintechnicolor
                lostintechnicolor  14 hours back

                I don’t think the movie portrayed Lee as a “buffoon”, just as a guy with a big ego. The scene with Brad Pitt was just “showing not telling” character development. I think it also showed that Pitt’s character had a lot of untapped potential and could have been a big star himself, but was held back by the rumor that he had killed his wife, and also just not having a lot of drive to do something great. He just enjoyed being DiCaprio’s driver/stuntman, and he didn’t really want much more in life. He was apparently some type of commando in either WWII or Korea. So yeah, by showing him holding his own with Lee was just a way or portraying that he could have been a legend himself if things had gone different for him.

                • Un Garza
                  Un Garza  15 hours back

                  Tarantino is a fucking asswipe. And Bruce Lee would have kicked Labelle's ass. Bruce Lee may have been a smaller dude, but he was insanely strong and too damn quick too be able to defend against him.

                  • Reynaldo Dominguez III
                    Reynaldo Dominguez III  17 hours back

                    The Bruce Lee Character was written as a device to show Brad Pitts chops as a stunt man and fighter... just a fun way to advance the plot and the character...

                    • Aldrich Quai Hoi
                      Aldrich Quai Hoi  18 hours back

                      Lol . .. you guys haven’t seen IP Man ? That’s the guy who taught Bruce in Hong Kong . . .and IP Man destroyed martial artists from japan during their occupation of china in WW2 in staged fights . .. all martial arts are systematic and structured, Kung fu has no system and structure and is unpredictable it don’t matter how big or strong its all about speed

                      • me us
                        me us  22 hours back

                        "According to LeBell, Lee was a working stiff on the set of The Green Hornet but was kicking the shit out of the stuntmen. They couldn’t convince him that he could go easy and it would still look great on film. The show’s stunt coordinator, Bennie Dobbins, needed a ringer to deal with Lee, so he called in Judo Gene." "LeBell says when he got to the set, Dobbins told him to put Lee “in a headlock or something.”

                        So LeBell went up and grabbed Lee. “He started making all those noises that he became famous for,” LeBell said, “but he didn’t try to counter me, so I think he was more surprised than anything else.”

                        Then LeBell lifted Lee onto his back in what’s called a fireman’s carry and ran around the set with him.

                        “Put me down or I’ll kill you!” Lee screamed.

                        “I can’t put you down or you’ll kill me,” LeBell said, holding Lee there as long as he dared before putting him down, saying, “Hey, Bruce, don’t kill me. Just kidding, champ.”

                        Back on his feet again, Lee didn’t kill LeBell. Instead, Lee recognized that the lack of grappling was a deficiency in the Jeet Kune Do style of martial arts he was developing. So Lee trained with LeBell for a little over a year with LeBell showing Lee armbars, leg locks and takedowns, and Lee schooling LeBell in kung fu kicks."

                      • James Robert
                        James Robert  1 days back

                        Joe ur a fukin moron gene labell trained with bruce lee and taught him the ground game
                        Bruce lee taught gene striking
                        From interviews of gene labell he does not come off at all like he would beat bruce lee

                        • James Robert
                          James Robert  1 days back

                          Obviously not

                          • Jorge
                            Jorge  1 days back

                            The movie title is "Once Upon A Time..." Get it? It's a fairy tale. Why is this so hard for folks to understand?

                            • 2 Hand Luke
                              2 Hand Luke  1 days back

                              You want to know about Bruce Lee, talk to Dan Inosanto, we need him on this show!

                              • Evan Perez
                                Evan Perez  1 days back

                                lol.. Never met Bruce, but ive known Gene forever. Totally not bias.

                                • mikehdx3
                                  mikehdx3  2 days back

                                  I think Tarantino treated bruce with respect. 1st round Bruce and pitt were underestimating each other and he knocked Pitt on his ass. 2nd round Brad throws Bruce into a car and Bruce gets up like a badass. 3rd round it was even but they were both taking each seriously.

                                  • seb0 seb0
                                    seb0 seb0  2 days back

                                    liess brue less is the beat he can beat anyone with one hand and fight everyone in the world none stop with no break and not even swet one drop lol jk hes a fake just flashy stunts he even said it himself

                                    • mace106
                                      mace106  3 days back

                                      i thought the bruce lee brad pit scene was a day dream while he was on the roof

                                      • tim greenglass
                                        tim greenglass  1 days back

                                        you are right. fantasy sequence. hes sent off the set, disliked for killing his wife. when you see him on the boat drunk & fingering the trigger of his speargun while his wife berates him, thats the flashback.

                                      • mace106
                                        mace106  2 days back

                                        @Timothy Ivey dont think it was

                                      • Timothy Ivey
                                        Timothy Ivey  2 days back

                                        It was a flashback.

                                    • Shane
                                      Shane  4 days back

                                      It was a joke was a joke in a unrealistic movie using some people that really existed and portraying them in an nonfactual way. Get over it, fuck.

                                      • Mr M
                                        Mr M  4 days back

                                        gene lebell wouldnt do shit to bruce. So stfu Joe bitchass Rogan.

                                        • Mr M
                                          Mr M  4 days back

                                          Fuck you Rogan bitch

                                          • louie vasquez
                                            louie vasquez  4 days back

                                            He would crush him if he can get to him, joe.

                                            • William Le
                                              William Le  4 days back

                                              JOE ROGAN IS A DUMBASS. BRUCE LEE IS DEAD. AND IT WAS JUST A MOVIE.

                                              • Ryan Alien
                                                Ryan Alien  4 days back

                                                What i mean to say is that it was a day dream. I don't think it was meant to portray him as if he was real. It was a day dream.

                                                • DevilSegami
                                                  DevilSegami  4 days back

                                                  Did Rogan miss the part about that scene being a dream sequence? lol

                                                  • Andreas Hort
                                                    Andreas Hort  3 days back

                                                    You don't remember the movie well, bro. It wasn't a dream, it was a flashback about why Randy didn't like Cliff.

                                                • Ryan Alien
                                                  Ryan Alien  4 days back

                                                  Hey Joe don't you think that what actually happened is that Brad Pitt was just thinking about would happen if he went down there i mean it starts with him on the roof putting up the antenna and end with him on the roof doing the same thing listening to the same song it more like he is day dreaming that would make sense.

                                                  • Mourning Star
                                                    Mourning Star  5 days back

                                                    Who's the gay guy?

                                                    • Dave Conlin
                                                      Dave Conlin  5 days back

                                                      No Manson girl took off in the car.But she stayed outside and didnt participate and eventually testified against them.

                                                      • Hadrow HWS
                                                        Hadrow HWS  5 days back

                                                        Im disappointed... Why ?
                                                        When Bruce died film industry use his image and persona to make money producing a bunch of silly movies. And Tarantino one of the most pasionated fan of martial arts movies does the same... and the worst its how he portrait him, as a disrespectful cocky dumd hollywood star.

                                                        • Mr.Nobody
                                                          Mr.Nobody  5 days back

                                                          You know that the scene was a day dream Brad Pitt's character was having? Set in a alternate timeline? So why would anyone think this is historically accurate? I'm very confused by all this?

                                                          • Sargento Capitão
                                                            Sargento Capitão  5 days back

                                                            oh, thats because you cant understand a scene, why would he be dayreaming if it is an alternate timeline? also, brad dint get to kick bruce's ass

                                                        • Far_Queue
                                                          Far_Queue  5 days back

                                                          Joe Rogan Show - look at this

                                                          • Stefan Constantinescu
                                                            Stefan Constantinescu  5 days back

                                                            A MYTH was broken
                                                            Tarantino is a Genious. This scene will remain in our memories more powerfull than all Bruce Lee fights
                                                            From the day you see the scene you change all Bruce Lee hype

                                                            • Stefan Constantinescu
                                                              Stefan Constantinescu  5 days back

                                                              A MYTH was broken
                                                              Tarantino is a Genious. This scene will remain in our memories more powerfull than all Bruce Lee fights
                                                              From the day you see the scene you change all Bruce Lee hype

                                                              • Drew Peacock
                                                                Drew Peacock  6 days back

                                                                How is a director depicting Bruce Lee as a jerk in a film any different from a comedian writing a bit depicting someone (Like calling cris cyborg a man) in their act for the sake of getting laughs from the audience? Film and stand-up are both forms of artistic expression at the end of the day and Joe of all people should know better taking that shit seriously, though he is probably just really high.

                                                                • PEGASUS MASTER
                                                                  PEGASUS MASTER  7 days back

                                                                  This really bothers joe 😂😂

                                                                  • Andrea Franzoni
                                                                    Andrea Franzoni  1 weeks back

                                                                    Joe Rogan is just another little man with a big mouth and a big chip, like Bruce Lee.

                                                                    • Mindless TK
                                                                      Mindless TK  1 weeks back

                                                                      I think Bruce Lee wouldve won anyways by using his surroundings, using his agility, hell. Mike Tyson said himself, size doesnt mean anything in a fight. And I believe Gene did teach him a lot, but that's because Bruce learned as much as he could from as many different places, people, and things as possible. But yeah, Rogans been on this like size dominates the fight thing, he said it in the Silver Back Gorilla vs Grizzly Bear conversation and in this one. I mean, I know that when it comes to Rogan theres no one on Earth that has more experience and also no one on Earth as good at spectating fights as Rogan. Bar none. But I think a Gorilla would fuck a ravenous Grizzly up, just with the advantages of thumbs and thinking, and being more territorial the bears, Alpha Gorillas aren't just in charge of their kids, but entire Primes. That, and standing up tall would scare the bear instantly. The Gorilla would get pretty banged up unless it like wrapped around that fucker, got on its back, just beating the macoroni and shit out of it. Same w Bruce Lee, he's smaller, sure, dudes waaaay bigger, but size wouldn't count the match out, especially for someone as aware and as skilled as Bruce. I am biased though I think because I honestly believe that there's no on Earth to this day that could've beaten Bruce. Fighting him at his age and mind set just before his death, he would've taken out both Diaz Bros. McGregor Khabib wouldn't be undefeated Mayweather wouldve retired one time and stayed retired and that's all at the same time btw. He didn't train for boxing, he didn't train for MMA, he didn't train for movies or stunts he didn't train with rules and stipulations, he mastered the art of dying, he trained to know himself to be himself and he was him self. He's literally the Goku of real life. Js.

                                                                      • Alchemistic Academician

                                                                        "A stunt man could never beat Bruce Lee up!"

                                                                        "But the stuntman was Gene Lebell..."

                                                                        "... Fair enough"

                                                                        • Mr M
                                                                          Mr M  4 days back

                                                                          never happened

                                                                      • Alchemistic Academician

                                                                        To be fair, Tarantino is a creep. But he creates good movies so people just give him a pass for being so artistic. The man has a few screws loose, you can see it in his interviews. He is living in his own world. But whatever, as long as he's not hurting anyone and creating quality stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️

                                                                        • BushPiG0
                                                                          BushPiG0  1 weeks back

                                                                          that is the exact buffoon Bruce lee mentioned the bigger they are the harder they fall.

                                                                          • Bmega81
                                                                            Bmega81  1 weeks back

                                                                            He didn't just change things for the sake of entertainment alone. The movie is called once upon a time in Hollywood not once upon a time in real life. That's why we get the typical Hollywood ending. Also there are many things in the film that mirror real people and things that were happening in Hollywood at that time.

                                                                            • one j reaper
                                                                              one j reaper  1 weeks back

                                                                              Haha it was me who defeated Bruce Lee so stop moaning about it. It was fair and square cause he tried stealing my wife. That clip in tarintinos film was most likely based on me and what I done. Life has to tell the truth. It didn't know how else to do it. He reached the game of death and couldn't pass go so him and brandon went with eachother to the way of the dragon, to be one with the dragon satan on the cross of the crow. He overcome the whole world but couldn't overcome himself and death was called to put him out of his misery. Don't touch my wife again.

                                                                              • Kenneth Desmet
                                                                                Kenneth Desmet  1 weeks back

                                                                                I get this get's for a lot of discussions on whether how BL would fight in real life and the difference from the movies and so forth. But this link i share hear could clear things up a bit. This i believe is from a long beach demonstration in the 60's that they remastered and put in good quality so you can clearly see the movements and i think it's a very good example on the intercepting principle that Bruce was focussing on in JKD.

                                                                                You can clearly see it is in NO WAY fancy movements like in his movies. And tho i believe Joe very much that Gene is a beast in fighting and he could probably take Bruce down and choke him out etc. here you can see that Bruce has an incredible speed, timing and power (great attributes) and it would be hard for a lot of grapplers to take him to the ground. I can assure you.


                                                                                • The Farmer and his Horse
                                                                                  The Farmer and his Horse  6 days back

                                                                                  The LB sparring footage was inspirational to me when I first saw it some 12 years ago but back then the quality of the footage was very poor. Now that its been released in recent years in better quality it shows more clearly what BL could do from a distance. But that's the essence of the debate between BL vs grapplers - Would BL be able to keep his distance and intercept with kicks/punches and hurt the grappler? Or could the grappler get inside and take BL down and force him into submission? I think BL would probably beat any similar sized grappler but I don't think his strikes would be enough against a much larger sized grappler.

                                                                              • maladetts
                                                                                maladetts  1 weeks back

                                                                                I can't understand how this vid got 9K upvotes. Rogan just turns into Schaub from another video where he irritated the hell out of everybody, Rogan included, by his stupid take on Bruce Lee episode. Here, Rogan turns around on himself and proves to be a babblemouth, misinforming everyone about the "judo expert"'s credentials and showing zero understanding about the Bruce Lee era's level of martial arts in U.S. and the level of expertise of Bruce Lee himself, who's paradoxically "a personal hero" of Rogan, which is just unbelievable. Being a UFC commentator, Rogan should know more than anybody that skill and efficiency beats just being "a gorilla" and "gorillas" are often the ones who lose most. Rogan, just like the stupid-ass Tarantino, has this "American exceptionality" syndrome deep in his mentality which screws up his objectivity. What could an American adept of JUDO, brought from Japan, TEACH Bruce Lee?! Are you freaking kidding me, Rogan. If Bruce Lee were your "personal hero", you should know from his whole career in U.S. that it was him who was introducing and helping develop the martial-arts world in U.S. and teaching actors and friends, including on movie-sets. What the heck are you talking about. Your gorilla wouldn't even get anywhere close to the lightning-fast cat-like Bruce Lee and would be slapped, scratched with a tiger paw and kicked in the face and in the nuts multiple times while just trying to approach Bruce, and then he would just fly off twenty yards from Bruce's sidekick, that you Rogan yourself are trying to imitate. You're saying ridiculous things and you know NOTHING about your "personal hero", U.S. at the time, history of martial arts and Bruce Lee's era in general. It was a shame listening to this unprofessional uninformed nonsense.

                                                                                • K Taylor
                                                                                  K Taylor  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I don't know much about martial arts but it came a cross disrespectful in the scene with Bruce in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

                                                                                  • Steve Wise
                                                                                    Steve Wise  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Tarantino is such a pussy himself, he went out of his way to make Lee look bad, all the while it was all bs and made up. Oh, and Tarantino claims to be such a martial arts film fan, making most of his money from Kill Bill, then he does this to Bruce Lee’s memory. The problem is people will believe this lie and tell others Lee wasn’t the legend he truly deserves to be.

                                                                                    • josephthemighty
                                                                                      josephthemighty  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Joe is wrong on this one. Lee did have an arrogance to him. It would take less than a minute to look it up.