BattleBots Rumble Matches in 360 Video

  • Published: 20 September 2016
  • Filmed with a Kodak PixPro SP360:
  • Science and Technology Science and Technology

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  • Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow  3 years back

    Did anyone review this on YT after they posted If I was KodaK I would be PISSED!

    • Scott Walters
      Scott Walters  3 years back

      good footage messed up by a editer! Stop the jump cuts! makes me feel sick!

      • Steve  Johnson
        Steve Johnson  3 years back

        Yes, maybe a warning about the resolution requirements would have been helpful in heading off these negative comments. I have a 1080 monitor which serves my purposes fantasticly for 99.99999% of all applications just apparently not 360 video.

        • ephace
          ephace  3 years back

          this is such a shitty video

          • traxman25
            traxman25  3 years back

            Sorry guys but this camera is crap. It isn't even a real 360 camera and the quality is terrible. Glad I saw this tho, won't be buying one of those ever.

            • SCwirlify
              SCwirlify  3 years back

              I think you made a mistake..

              • Dylan Ritchie
                Dylan Ritchie  3 years back

                First 360 video I've ever seen, I'm glad it was this one.

                • CrazyFalco
                  CrazyFalco  3 years back

                  Again, not 360. (parts of it are)
                  Quality is absolutely terrible.

                  Way to go!

                  • xBLiTZxKRiEGx
                    xBLiTZxKRiEGx  3 years back

                    of course the quality is bad, did you see the size of the camera?

                    • WHITE SKULL FILMS STUDIO
                      WHITE SKULL FILMS STUDIO  3 years back

                      thats has nothing to do with it, all 1080p videos are too low quality , thats why most everyone films at 4k+ to avoid quality loss, at 4k it would be the equivalent of 1080p in quality

                  • PL
                    PL  3 years back

                    can quality get any worse?

                    • Eventorizon
                      Eventorizon  3 years back

                      Why are people bitching... this is an experiment, in an scenario the cameras were never designed for, and its a word first for the sport. Of course its going to look dodgy.
                      If you want to strap a 4K or greater 360 camera to a battlebot and are prepared to cough up the money for a new one when the first one breaks or is annihilated then so be it, just make sure you have deep pockets.
                      These machines experience in excess of 500G in a large impact. They are actively trying top destroy each other. You want to risk your $500+ camera then go ahead.

                      • clownrock95
                        clownrock95  3 years back

                        if the quality was higher could you imagine this in vr that would be terrifying

                        • Nathan
                          Nathan  3 years back

                          Too bad the quality is so bad. Kodak get in the game. You're known for footage. Do it right.

                          • F. H.
                            F. H.  3 years back

                            So bad quality....

                            • BOOZy
                              BOOZy  3 years back

                              RIP headphone users.

                              • David Ashworth
                                David Ashworth  3 years back

                                360 slam cam, The action YOU want to see!

                                • Feroce
                                  Feroce  3 years back

                                  This is awesome! Would have been better with a better quality camera, but this sort of perspective should become a standard for battlebots for anyone not watching on the TV.

                                  • Jugnd K
                                    Jugnd K  3 years back

                                    normaly the content on this channel is super interesting but when my eyes hurt just watching a vid i give up quite fast

                                    • Jugnd K
                                      Jugnd K  3 years back

                                      this is horrible to watch with 1080p also agaiiin not 360 closes you come is 250

                                      • Ethan Sachs
                                        Ethan Sachs  3 years back

                                        1080s*, not 1080p
                                        But really, it should be 1440s or greater

                                    • Robert Backhaus
                                      Robert Backhaus  3 years back

                                      By the way, you got the thumbnails wrong on the two 360° videos. The right thumbnail comes from the left video, and vice versa.

                                      • Matthew
                                        Matthew  3 years back

                                        1080s is not enough resolution for a 360 video. 4k or better is kind of needed duo to the large picture size

                                        • KatjaPurrs
                                          KatjaPurrs  3 years back

                                          even 4k doesn't look very good in 360.

                                      • Catherine Whittaker
                                        Catherine Whittaker  3 years back

                                        If only viewing 360 degree cameras on a laptop was easier...

                                        • FaultyLayline
                                          FaultyLayline  3 years back

                                          I think they need to add roll or something. The video goes pretty lopsided

                                        • Vegaspsycho
                                          Vegaspsycho  3 years back

                                          I've never been able to get 360 videos to work on youtube :(

                                        • Hawkeye117
                                          Hawkeye117  3 years back

                                          Use WASD keys. Works for me.