[Free Match] Chris Dickinson vs. Kris Statlander | Beyond Wrestling (Intergender, Game Changer, GCW)

  • Published: 10 September 2019
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Comments • 33

  • karan sonwane
    karan sonwane  2 months back

    Great winner

    • The Last Outlaw
      The Last Outlaw  2 months back

      Great wrestling match with a little botch here and there! Still great tho👍🏼

      • Ali Ashoor
        Ali Ashoor  3 months back

        3:25 3:40 9:05 10:12 10:22 10:50 12:25

        • NYCGRKONE
          NYCGRKONE  3 months back

          The mixed match entertainment factor was sort of wearing out for me given how bad the scripting favored the women for shock value...but the women wrestlers in this league are damn awesome. Even against greats like Chris, they somehow shine brighter. Well done.

          • Arvind.s Karpanter
            Arvind.s Karpanter  3 months back

            Kris really Hiro

            • Arvind.s Karpanter
              Arvind.s Karpanter  3 months back


              • Charlie Bo1985
                Charlie Bo1985  3 months back

                Kris Stat is the best!

                • Krishn Kant
                  Krishn Kant  4 months back

                  Very sexy

                • TeamUSASportsFan
                  TeamUSASportsFan  4 months back

                  Be careful with what you wish for. Chris Dickinson cheated at the Kris Statlander vs David Starr match to draw Kris Statlander, should he make it this far. Was he affraid of David Starr?

                  • NYCGRKONE
                    NYCGRKONE  2 months back

                    TeamUSASportsFan he should’ve been afraid of Kris instead

                • TNT Plumbing
                  TNT Plumbing  4 months back

                  At the end kris Statlander looked like she was incredibly happy

                  • TeamUSASportsFan
                    TeamUSASportsFan  4 months back

                    It looks like Kris Statlander has upset the Treasure Hunt tournament #1 seed and shocked the world with this victory.

                    This is Kris Statlander's biggest victory, yet because it's over Chris Dickenson.

                    • TNT Plumbing
                      TNT Plumbing  5 months back

                      Kris Statlander is my favorite alien

                      • broissey
                        broissey  5 months back

                        My two favs from Beyond. I drove to Worcester (4 hour drive) for an episode of Uncharted Territory and was most excited for the announced Chris D match and I got to the venue right after his match ended. I was not expecting him to open the show. It was such a hilarious fail on my part.

                        • TNT Plumbing
                          TNT Plumbing  5 months back

                          Wow she beat him

                        • كمال كاظم
                          كمال كاظم  5 months back

                          I know its Scenario

                        • Matdon Kedah
                          Matdon Kedah  5 months back

                          chris got boner

                          • Matdon Kedah
                            Matdon Kedah  5 months back

                            sexy match.hope kris wear her old black trunk.

                            • Henry Seldon
                              Henry Seldon  5 months back

                              I consider Chris Dickinson to be the total embodiment of wrestling. Perfect physique, excellence of execution and physical strength - he has it all. I honestly think he is the best wrestler today. That being said, Kris Statlander was impressive enough to pin Chris. AMAZING! Thanks for posting.

                              • Trev Bo
                                Trev Bo  5 months back

                                Completely agree. Dirty Daddy is exactly it

                              • Beyond Wrestling
                                Beyond Wrestling   5 months back

                                Did you check out his run during "Uncharted Territory" Season 01 leading to his match at "Americanrana '19" against Daisuke Sekimoto?

                            • AndrewKnowsWorst
                              AndrewKnowsWorst  5 months back

                              Inb4 this blows up to 45 Mill with hella likes and dislikes and a comment section I can't read.

                            • Timmy Turner
                              Timmy Turner  5 months back


                              • Raj Veer
                                Raj Veer  5 months back

                                That's is a love racling

                                • 1114maniacmike
                                  1114maniacmike  5 months back


                                  • MAROO KARIM MUSIC
                                    MAROO KARIM MUSIC  5 months back