B.J. Boston, Bronny James & Sierra Canyon win Rancho Christian rematch | Prep Highlights

  • Published: 12 January 2020
  • Sierra Canyon's B.J. Boston leads all scorers with 30 points as the Trailblazers take down Evan Mobley and Rancho Christian High School 78-62 in a rematch of their Dec. 30 overtime game in which Rancho Christian was victorious.

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Comments • 54

  • shimène CARITA
    shimène CARITA  5 days back

    BJ BOSTON!!!!!!

    • Kobe Bryant
      Kobe Bryant  1 weeks back

      Y can’t I have at least half of Sierra Canyon talent

      • Kobe Bryant
        Kobe Bryant  4 days back

        anu junior Alemanji I have I work on my game in the summer and before basketball started and right now we are just playing a bunch of tourneys

      • anu junior Alemanji
        anu junior Alemanji  5 days back

        Kobe Bryant work half as hard as they do

    • Aseer Shameem
      Aseer Shameem  1 weeks back

      Trash - it was better when it was Cassius Stanley, Kenyon Martin Jr, Scottie Pippin Jr vs both Isaiah and Evan Bros that was close and very entertaining

      • M Kay
        M Kay  1 weeks back

        Bruh the thumbnail looks like the WNBA😂

        • Timothy John
          Timothy John  1 weeks back

          Who is a Bronny James? Too much too soon.. Lebron’a shadow way too big. Poor kid.... actually rich kid.

          • D rob
            D rob  1 weeks back

            The truth... Those other players on the team don't care about James or Wade... They actually came to the school because they knew the cameras would be following them...🤣

            • Jonathan Corpuz
              Jonathan Corpuz  1 weeks back

              I need new technology. Can't tell difference between teams jerseys

              • RCXY Autographs
                RCXY Autographs  1 weeks back

                I go to this school! That's our gym!

                • RCXY Autographs
                  RCXY Autographs  1 weeks back

                  John Acevedo True Dat! 😂

                  Yup, Pasadena City College's gym is now property of BJ Boston, Inc.

                • John Acevedo
                  John Acevedo  1 weeks back

                  No that’s BJ Boston’s gym now ...

              • Michael Ciesielski
                Michael Ciesielski  1 weeks back

                Hey ESPN, whoever works on your Youtube content just wanted you to know I dont think I have ever clicked dislike on a youtube video before but you guys are tripping with these Lebron's son clips. For real you should be ashamed of yourselves.

                • Hafizh M
                  Hafizh M  1 weeks back

                  Awful jersey selection, the color almost similar

                  • txdang2009
                    txdang2009  1 weeks back

                    Seriously, I couldn't tell which team was which. I thought one team is supposed to be have light uniforms and the other dark?

                • Brando
                  Brando  1 weeks back

                  ESPN is going to drown us with Lebrons kid.

                  • Martin Smith
                    Martin Smith  1 weeks back

                    I hate the nickname 'Bronny'.

                    • Martin Smith
                      Martin Smith  1 weeks back

                      @ALYoungFuture Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time to hate. Does that answer your question?

                    • ALYoungFuture
                      ALYoungFuture  1 weeks back

                      Martin Smith your hate doesn’t matter though so why hate

                  • Patrick Keith
                    Patrick Keith  1 weeks back

                    Love the click bait used by ESPN. They didn't show Bronny score one basket in the highlight. Stop using the kid's name for views

                    • Eunoia Ville
                      Eunoia Ville  1 weeks back

                      Patrick Keith I’m sure they will listen to u

                  • llong3316
                    llong3316  1 weeks back

                    ESPN is gonna make the world hate this kid for no reason...son had no highlights

                    • Tylar Durten
                      Tylar Durten  1 weeks back

                      People already hate him because they're failure's. They hate his father, the hate don't fall far from the tree

                    • AreYouComp
                      AreYouComp  1 weeks back

                      llong3316 true

                  • OTKP
                    OTKP  1 weeks back

                    More like Ziaire Williams, B.J. Boston and Sierra Canyon. The Hype for Bronny is too much too soon

                    • ScareTigerr
                      ScareTigerr  5 days back

                      Tylar Durten I know bronny doesn’t lead the team

                    • Tylar Durten
                      Tylar Durten  1 weeks back

                      @ScareTigerr he's a freshman. No freshman lead's their team to anything. Microwave society

                    • ScareTigerr
                      ScareTigerr  1 weeks back

                      Tylar Durten it’s not hate it’s an opinion if he not ready to be the top dog of the team he’s not ready

                    • Tylar Durten
                      Tylar Durten  1 weeks back

                      @AreYouComp I knew it wouldn't take long to find one of these comments. To hate on a child, boy you must be miserable.

                    • AreYouComp
                      AreYouComp  1 weeks back

                      OTKP that what I’m saying is because his dad and they trying to get views

                  • Plank
                    Plank  1 weeks back

                    That boston kid is nice bruh 🔥

                    EDIT: ok so i just finished the video. What was the point of having bronny in the title other than clicks?

                    • Mike Tank Brown ll
                      Mike Tank Brown ll  1 weeks back

                      They showed more highlights of this high school team already, then the whole WNBA last 2 season put together. ESPN, you ain't right.😂

                      • canab salad
                        canab salad  1 weeks back

                        Zenigundam shut up u beta male

                      • H R
                        H R  1 weeks back

                        @christopher tolbert absolutely they could these kids all already more athletic and stronger then wnba players as it is.

                      • christopher tolbert
                        christopher tolbert  1 weeks back

                        Y’all are stupid if you thing these high school teams would beat WNBA teams .

                      • H R
                        H R  1 weeks back

                        these highschool teams would be a wnba team

                      • Dontrell Jones-Tobin
                        Dontrell Jones-Tobin  1 weeks back

                        Zenigundam I high doubt bronny would loose considering his speed and athleticism being leagues over both of them.

                    • Davey J
                      Davey J  1 weeks back

                      Bronny ain't get on the court

                      • Plank
                        Plank  1 weeks back

                        Davey J espn resorting to clickbait yet again smh

                    • Zenigundam
                      Zenigundam  1 weeks back

                      Garbage. Absolute garbage. Whatever you do Roy Williams, do NOT recruit Bronny. As a matter of fact take the Knicks job and retire after you coach them to a title. You proved yourself as a legend at Kansas and North Carolina. Stop coaching these scrawny Gen Z scrubs, the game has changed to cater to weak, skinny, finesse players like Brandon Ingram. Bring the best out of James Wiseman and RJ and win a title with the Knicks and retire as the goat. You don't need Bronny, he's awful.

                      • Angel5999
                        Angel5999  1 weeks back

                        Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


                        Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

                        • Angel5999
                          Angel5999  1 weeks back

                          Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


                          Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

                          • Tara Plock
                            Tara Plock  1 weeks back

                            Why are they showing his highlights??? He doesn't even start🤣🤣🤣 Melo was getting 94 as a freshman. NO EXCUSE

                            • Nehemiah Howard
                              Nehemiah Howard  1 weeks back

                              @Nate cuz we all know you aint bout that and at the sign of a hood you taking a detour

                            • randomz dude
                              randomz dude  1 weeks back

                              Tara Plock bc he doesn’t go chucking up every shot

                            • Nate
                              Nate  1 weeks back

                              Tara Plock but u wouldn’t go anywhere near the hood tho

                            • Tara Plock
                              Tara Plock  1 weeks back

                              @Nehemiah Howard I didn't know gangs are only for black people and black women... Shame on me

                            • ksolo614
                              ksolo614  1 weeks back

                              @Browny B Melo played with Lonzo and Liangelo on a top ranked team. Not hard to find the videos on here.