5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Students

  • Published: 07 August 2018
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Comments • 422

  • Lauryn Harper
    Lauryn Harper  2 weeks back

    I am attempting a vegan lifestyle today and looking at your videos has gotten me so excited. As a university student it is sometimes difficult to eat healthier and cleaner. I have been wanting to find a channel that has good looking meals and have never found one until you! I will definitely be making all of the recipes you have on your channel. Thank you so much!

    • Jita'ame suluma
      Jita'ame suluma  3 weeks back

      you should add some asda vegi sausage to the paella, but honestly buy the saffron , i know you say it tastes the same but unless the cook was english it could not , it has two strong flavours missing saffron and wine

      • Jita'ame suluma
        Jita'ame suluma  3 weeks back

        my auntie showed me how to make money spin when broke , so , the secret is simple , number one, cook in bulk , so buy food for the month not the week because food is cheaper in bulk , so , like the soup above , its real cheap and nice cook a pan and freeze 3 meals eat one , the next day 1 pack of linda mccartneys sausages , make them in a pasta sauce throw in a few veg, eat one meal freeze 3 , oh btw i cut the sausage up , so its like spanish sausage stew , you season to please , add some frozen pepper though its spanish after all , so now veggie mince , half the pack in one pan the other in the other pan , now add onion , veggie gravy powder and what ever herbs and seasoning you like , make mash and add peas at the end just warm them do not cook them peas are healthier just warmed and then add potato on top divide into separate meals , second half you make into a pasta sauce , split again , half for pasta , half add kidney beans and chili and add rice ,, you do this for 7 days , making 4 meals each time you cook and freeze 3 as such you make a months food in the first week and because you use less fuel cooking and bulk food is cheaper , you save a lot

      • Jita'ame suluma
        Jita'ame suluma  3 weeks back


    • baekhyun
      baekhyun  3 weeks back

      The pasta recipe was amazing :D

      • Ania Podzielna
        Ania Podzielna  1 months back

        I am not even vegan or vegetarian and I will so be making these recipes!

        • Samantha Tellez
          Samantha Tellez  1 months back

          what is the song 🤩

          • supa girl
            supa girl  1 months back

            couscous is not a grain, it's pasta, i don't understand where the idea that you can eat couscous instead of quinoa or rice came from, it's literally small pasta

            • IsabellasCorner
              IsabellasCorner  1 months back

              None of your meals are $1.50, where is your proof??? Thumbs down for misleading people.

              • Madeleine Olivia
                Madeleine Olivia   1 months back

                In what way am I misleading people? All the recipes were under £1/$1.50!

            • Mr. Carlo B
              Mr. Carlo B  1 months back

              11:58 does that mean black tomatoes?

              Ba-dum tssssss

              • Emily Daniel
                Emily Daniel  2 months back

                That paella looks delicious 😍😍

                • The Normal Life
                  The Normal Life  2 months back

                  I love all these. I wish food was that cheap here. Fresh produce is so expensive. Even more so at the farmers market. I buy frozen and canned to try and feed the fam. We eat rice like 3 times a week😂

                  • PRATHIKSHA RAVI
                    PRATHIKSHA RAVI  3 months back

                    En samayal.

                    • Louisa Schröder
                      Louisa Schröder  3 months back

                      you are so good at cooking!!

                      • Ben Swindlehurst
                        Ben Swindlehurst  3 months back

                        “You’d pay £4 for this in a cafe”
                        Me: I would never pay £4 for a milkshake

                        • Jessica x
                          Jessica x  3 months back

                          I LOVE THIS VIDEO PLEASE DO MOREE! i just watched the other £1 meals video and im 100% making them allll! it really shows that being vegan can be so low budget - take that mum😂😔

                          • Jessica x
                            Jessica x  3 months back

                            i just watched the other video like this and im 100% making alllll!

                            • Jessica x
                              Jessica x  3 months back

                              I LOVE THISSS DO MOREE💓💓

                              • Courtney Kline
                                Courtney Kline  3 months back

                                I recently found your channel and girl, I’ve been binge watching😍😍 everything looks amazing

                                • Stanislav Angelov
                                  Stanislav Angelov  4 months back

                                  well i am not vegan and still eat this food most of the time and it tastes really good, i hate when people make "budget" vegan videos and tell u to eat beans with grass for a week and ur gonna be fine, ur medical bill will fill in the rest

                                  • Elizabeth Shaw
                                    Elizabeth Shaw  4 months back

                                    The L's are silent in paella. I never heard a Brit that didn't say it with the L's. it's a foreign language and people need to learn how to say it. I've heard people say tortilla with the two L's. You are pronouncing it correctly.

                                    • Elizabeth Shaw
                                      Elizabeth Shaw  4 months back

                                      I am disabled and live back in America missing the UK very very much. I have exactly $74 per month for food vegan food. If I want to make my Infamous famous vegan chili I can because I really purchase something in cans like kidney beans or pinto beans. I have about 250 herbs spices and Seasonings on my baker's rack. I bought a gallon of oil and half a gallon of soy sauce back when I had a larger budget. I have pasta up the wazoo and plenty of rice I can make whatever I want whenever I want. It can be done on the budget but you've got to cook from scratch canned beans here are not as cheap as the UK so I found a deal on 12 lb of pinto beans I use them for my baked beans and my chili also for taco soup. I take my biggest hit on nuts and I just had to throw away from the freezer 608 bags of nuts because they had been in there too long and not under vacuum seal conditions with my FoodSaver which I will do now! I get three years out of most food with the FoodSaver and it was a birthday gift 5 years ago. The best place I have found for nuts seeds things like that is Trader Joe's or nuts.com. I purchased my oats in a 10 lb package and if I want to make Mark breakfast sausage you can make that stuff out of Oats and I have Jimmy Dean's sausage spicing recipe. During the war they made a lot of meat out of Oats and it's delicious. I also found a soy isolate protein at a very good price and I have frozen berries because I am encouraged to eat. I my appetite was lost when I was 20. So I can do a smoothie around 3 or 4 p.m. and then work on deciding what and making or have already made in the Crock-Pot something for my larger meal between 10 p.m. and midnight. And no there is plenty of research that it does not matter when you eat your food. The fat you eat is not the fat you wear and I don't go to bed until about 3 a.m. I need to get some dry chickpeas because I want to make falafel. But it can be done and you can eat lovely tasty food. I first started with recipes I used for meat and replaced the meat and cheese if there was cheese. I tell you I make the best damned marinara sauce on the planet!

                                      • C C
                                        C C  4 months back

                                        Idk if you've already done it, but could you do a pasta and rice cooking video? i'm awful at them

                                        • The Winningest Duo
                                          The Winningest Duo  4 months back

                                          Can’t wait to make the pasta https://youtu.be/u3QS9X0r7dg

                                          • Seven Ellen
                                            Seven Ellen  4 months back

                                            Oh god! Onion AND garlic?! I love them both but I am going to stink later! Ha ha! :D Let's be honest, those things don't half make you gassy too! X-)

                                            • Ree Ree
                                              Ree Ree  4 months back

                                              Mmmm delicious! The music was kind of sad :(

                                              • Kerry
                                                Kerry  4 months back

                                                I made the creamy mushroom pasta for my husband. He ate 3 bowls at the table and 4th later as a midnight snack! I had to make it for him again about a week later. I made it on a propane grill because we were at our cabin - it turned out beautifully.

                                                • elinor matoky
                                                  elinor matoky  4 months back

                                                  thank u so much for your great recipes! in the pasta dish.. do you think I can use almond milk and tahini instead of soy milk? (cant drink soy milk)

                                                • Daniel Yeomans
                                                  Daniel Yeomans  4 months back

                                                  These videos are so relaxing 😊

                                                  • Eleanor Nelson
                                                    Eleanor Nelson  5 months back

                                                    Just made the vegetarian paella it was so delicious! As I didn't have a lot of the vegetables you mentioned, I added alternatives (carrots and peas) and it still turned out amazing. I love that you can use whatever vegetables you have lying around and as a student this is perfect for me!

                                                    • Jenn in Kanata
                                                      Jenn in Kanata  5 months back

                                                      You could use pickled artichokes where you can get them cheap for a small jar of them for a dollar or two here in Canada you can even get them at the dollar store here.

                                                      • Leah R.
                                                        Leah R.  5 months back

                                                        My boyfriend and I got to the milkshake and decided to pause the video and make it and it was so yummy!!

                                                        • Lia
                                                          Lia  5 months back

                                                          Hey. I love your recipes and your channel. I’m a 16 year old vegetarian and I still live with my parents so I have to cook all of my meals on my own. I don’t really have a high budget for food but your recipes really help me. They’re pretty healthy too and that’s important for me because I’m trying to lose weight( My doctor told me I should, it’s not for being skinny) and I already lost 10 pounds. Sometimes I add non vegan but vegetarian ingredients but they still taste super good. I live in Germany btw.

                                                          • mamma, j
                                                            mamma, j  5 months back

                                                            Hi hun love your chanel hun would love to meet up hun I'm.in Kent hope to go get your advice on my channel hun I think we have a lot in common hun hope to meet u hun x

                                                            • Latte
                                                              Latte  5 months back

                                                              @mamma, j Oh ok 😂 I was confused

                                                            • mamma, j
                                                              mamma, j  5 months back

                                                              @Latte sorry just my phone dose of lol x

                                                            • Latte
                                                              Latte  5 months back

                                                              Sorry but what's with all the huns?

                                                          • Lewis Jacobs
                                                            Lewis Jacobs  5 months back

                                                            safron is cheaper to buy online you get lots. Also paprika is a reasonable substitute

                                                            • extremelyhappysimmer
                                                              extremelyhappysimmer  5 months back

                                                              Is tahini affordable?

                                                              • Slammin Sam
                                                                Slammin Sam  6 months back

                                                                Great channel! My fortnightly grocery bill has been getting waaay out of hand, thankyou for inspiring me with your budget yummy recipes for us plant based folks, all way from Tasmania! :-)

                                                                • Aissatou Lewla Daff
                                                                  Aissatou Lewla Daff  7 months back

                                                                  Hey Madeleine! I also live in the UK and wondered where you get your nutritional yeast from? They don't have it at my closest Tesco :/

                                                                • Coco & Olli
                                                                  Coco & Olli  7 months back

                                                                  how is tesco cheap thoooo

                                                                  • Alice Stead
                                                                    Alice Stead  7 months back

                                                                    I'm not vegan but i am a pescetarian! I love watching your videos and now i mainly eat vegan meals! although i don't think I'm ready to give up dairy and fish yet, i still think i'm doing my bit for the planet by reducing my intake of dairy and fish :)

                                                                    • Alfiev3
                                                                      Alfiev3  8 months back

                                                                      Gonna try the mushroom pasta tomo - Don't have tanhini though so gonna use homous instead, hope its works with it!

                                                                      • Kioko
                                                                        Kioko  8 months back

                                                                        How can you claim to be vegan, when you still eat living organisms? Yeast are living organisms FFS!
                                                                        Don't you all claim that everything should have chance to live? And yet you are not afraid to kill something. Hypocrite.

                                                                        • Madeleine Olivia
                                                                          Madeleine Olivia   8 months back

                                                                          Very confused, by this merit then I’m also killing and eating plants as they are also living? Yeast isn’t an animal, therefore it’s vegan

                                                                      • no-name
                                                                        no-name  8 months back

                                                                        You should bring out a cookbook - vegan recipes for students. I’m not a student, but I’m on a budget and I would definitely buy it. Thank you for sharing budget-friendly vegan meals.

                                                                        • Beautiful Redwoods
                                                                          Beautiful Redwoods  8 months back

                                                                          it all looks so good ! thank you for the good recipe ideas

                                                                          • Claudia Sanchez Esteve
                                                                            Claudia Sanchez Esteve  8 months back

                                                                            That is NOT a paella!!! Omg

                                                                            • orangge386
                                                                              orangge386  8 months back

                                                                              Great ideas for meal preps. Thank you, dear Madeleine!

                                                                              • Joyce Chan
                                                                                Joyce Chan  8 months back

                                                                                I love your vlogs and love your budget vegan cooking 🥰

                                                                                • Lolilot
                                                                                  Lolilot  8 months back

                                                                                  you have to put pomegranate syrup on your couscous salad! we always do that in turkey it tastes really good

                                                                                  • Michala Reichenbach
                                                                                    Michala Reichenbach  8 months back

                                                                                    Also I love that these comments on here are so lovely and positive <3

                                                                                    • Michala Reichenbach
                                                                                      Michala Reichenbach  8 months back

                                                                                      3.0 minutes in to the video and realizing that mushrooms in Denmark (even the cheapest ones) are like 1,7 £