Chris Canty breaks down expectations on Patrick Mahomes this season | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published: 24 July 2019
  • Chris Canty joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to discuss Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Canty breaks down the lofty expectations ahead of Mahomes going into year two.

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    Chris Canty breaks down expectations on Patrick Mahomes this season | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    First Things First
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Comments • 235

  • First Things First
    First Things First   6 months back

    What are you expecting from Patrick Mahomes this season?

    • Davion Pendleton
      Davion Pendleton  5 months back

      @Steve Jhonson whaaaaaa?

    • devildog65301
      devildog65301  6 months back

      You're right he's not gonna throw for 50 tds 5k yds he's gonna throw 57 tds and 6k yds!! You know why? Because everyone keeps telling him he can't and he won't he can never be. With Patrick Mahomes it's not just throws but exotic throws. If he can minimize that he will be better even with a mediocre defense.

    • Richter Belmont
      Richter Belmont  6 months back

      Tell Christy Carter to call Patrick Mahomes Patrick!

    • Micah King
      Micah King  6 months back

      Broncos gonna smash the Chiefs this year! Fangio is a Defensive genius!!

  • j charles
    j charles  4 weeks back

    i miss chris carter

    • My_Florida_Life
      My_Florida_Life  4 months back

      so funny to look back and see how incorrect these dudes are about stuff... lol

      • Martin Youngs
        Martin Youngs  4 months back

        "No he can't duplicate those numbers." Through two weeks of 2019 - 821 yards passing and 7 touchdowns with no INTs. Hmmm, you sure about that guys?

        • Corey B
          Corey B  4 months back

          now 3 games in over 1k yards 10 tds. yeah hes going to duplicate it if not beat it.

      • Billy Pardew
        Billy Pardew  5 months back

        Some how i dont see anything wrong with a 60 yard. scoring strike on every possession....make yoiur opponate match your scoring

        • Austin Gilbert
          Austin Gilbert  5 months back

          WOW!, I like Cris Canty, I look forward to seeing and hearing his analytics for the next four months.
          I feel great intellectual intensity from this show when he visits.

          • Nick Blaich
            Nick Blaich  5 months back

            He throws bullets. DB’s aren’t use to these passes on a regular basis.

            • KansasIcemaker
              KansasIcemaker  5 months back

              Mush mouth Carter is an idiot, just replace him already.

              • Thanos Etsitty
                Thanos Etsitty  5 months back

                Patty mahomes is gonna have a lot more turn overs this year.

                • Thanos Etsitty
                  Thanos Etsitty  5 months back

                  Patty mahomes is gonna have a lot more turn overs this year.

                  • Michael Greene
                    Michael Greene  5 months back

                    Is there a 6 yr old operating the camera? 6:36 & 7:04

                    • Lenny TheCool
                      Lenny TheCool  5 months back

                      Offense is about rhythm. To compare how Brady runs the offense compared to Mahomes is asinine. Brady throws those dump offs to PEDelman because he doesn't have the arm talent or weapons Mahomes has. The Chiefs didn't win all last year because of the defense which will be much improved this year.

                      • Pop Digs
                        Pop Digs  5 months back

                        Stop tryin to be a Brady madouche

                        • KSU 1989
                          KSU 1989  5 months back

                          I think one thing we're underestimating is the loss of Kareem Hunt. We really don't have a bonafide threat to run those physical yards.

                          • Zee Moses
                            Zee Moses  5 months back

                            Chris is a Bithc that's why his name is CC

                            • Sean S.
                              Sean S.  6 months back

                              Lol, these so called football “analysts” always think they know something that fans don’t. They think Mahomes won’t do as well as he did last year, when they only got better on the offensive side of the ball during the offseason lol. I’m sayin rn, that he’ll be the 1st qb ever to throw for 50+ tds in back to back seasons. Everyone thought as the games went on last year, that the more tape you got on Mahomes, the easier it would be to gameplan against him. I believe our defense, if we are in the high teens to low 20’s overall, will be what gets us to the SHOW this year. I say we go 13-3 and to the SB.

                              • R. Wong
                                R. Wong  6 months back

                                Pat Mahomes is certainly right. Can the team get to be one side of the Super Bowl and can they win that Super Bowl?

                                • Mason Jercier
                                  Mason Jercier  6 months back

                                  All I hear is haters lol

                                  • Benjamin Valenzuela
                                    Benjamin Valenzuela  6 months back

                                    Mahones tears up the NFL last year and walks away with the MVP, and all Carter can do is hate on the kid. I don’t know which I dislike more, him or Mangini.

                                    • Dave R
                                      Dave R  6 months back

                                      The only way he doesn’t throw 50 again is if the defense is better. If they get a good defense he won’t have to throw 50

                                      • Bradley Boyer
                                        Bradley Boyer  6 months back

                                        He will have more touchdowns this yr watch its almost Showtime folks

                                        • David Pavlicek
                                          David Pavlicek  6 months back

                                          Chris Carter says Patty Because he can't say Patrick, Only would be able to get out of this mouth is patruck

                                          • david kroeker
                                            david kroeker  6 months back

                                            “He don’t know routes” yet he can accurately hit the receiver without even looking. Uhm ok if you say so

                                            • cedric holt
                                              cedric holt  6 months back

                                              Ravens fan chief will be 7-9 no then 9-7

                                              • fisher foster
                                                fisher foster  6 months back

                                                cedric holt still salty after that loss? Don’t worry, enjoy being second fiddle to the browns.

                                            • Jason Harris
                                              Jason Harris  6 months back

                                              torn ACL by week 5

                                              • Gassy Jalapeño
                                                Gassy Jalapeño  6 months back

                                                The reason the receivers wide open is because of Reid’s offense and mahomes’s arm talent. Mostly arm talent. Mahomes didn’t lose neither. He’ll throw another 50TDs just to shut these guys up. He’s listening. Maybe these analysts are goating him for ratings??

                                                • 1djdamn
                                                  1djdamn  6 months back

                                                  HA! These dudes are clueless! Mahomes is going to throw 60 6000 this year! Laugh now cry later! Mahomes has 3 4.2 WRs this year and Kelce to boot! Youve been warned!

                                                  • Scott Campbell
                                                    Scott Campbell  6 months back

                                                    It's still possible for him to do what he did last year. Just because no one has done it back to back. Doesnt mean it's not possible.

                                                    • Adam Hunt
                                                      Adam Hunt  6 months back

                                                      What part of sitting on the bench his rookie year and having Alex Smith teach him about the defense and calling audibles didn't they understand, the kid can do it all... the next best qb.. H.O.F

                                                      • Joey Chapman
                                                        Joey Chapman  6 months back

                                                        The Chiefs won't be as good as it was last year.

                                                        • Odyssey Music
                                                          Odyssey Music  6 months back

                                                          They are talking about picks that didnt happen... We can play that game with everyone ever - thats not good analysis

                                                          • Odyssey Music
                                                            Odyssey Music  6 months back

                                                            What is cris carter doing? Lol like shut up bro.

                                                            • KCFANJJ1
                                                              KCFANJJ1  6 months back

                                                              I think Mahomes biggest challenge this year is playing a different schedule from what he played last year. New teams, new schemes he didn't see last year.

                                                              • Mike Ferrin
                                                                Mike Ferrin  6 months back

                                                                Correction: the Chiefs were not 12 in TOP, they were 26th. Only six other teams had the ball more on offense.

                                                                • Mike Ferrin
                                                                  Mike Ferrin  6 months back

                                                                  Everyone says he can't duplicate 2018 stats, but they never say why.

                                                                  • Trevor McDowell
                                                                    Trevor McDowell  6 months back

                                                                    Mike Ferrin because your defense has to be terrible to do as well as he did. If they can’t stop anyone he’s always scoring on offense. Usually when scoring 36 points (avg points on a chiefs loss) we won’t have to keep passing.

                                                                • Jason c
                                                                  Jason c  6 months back

                                                                  You guys are annoying with missing people's names up get their names right or don't be analyst

                                                                  • Jason c
                                                                    Jason c  6 months back

                                                                    Stop calling him Patty his name is Patrick get it right

                                                                    • Amanda allesgut
                                                                      Amanda allesgut  6 months back

                                                                      Nick wright have a good set of hair its good that hes realising that

                                                                      • B Smith
                                                                        B Smith  6 months back

                                                                        Carter is a hater

                                                                        • Derek Smidl
                                                                          Derek Smidl  6 months back

                                                                          Calling it now back-to-back MVP for him. Mahomes 4675 yards still has 42 passing TDs and will have 11 picks with 5 rushing TDs. A stellar season still...

                                                                          • LUCIO BOYS
                                                                            LUCIO BOYS  6 months back

                                                                            Cant wait for Texans vs Chiefs Deshaun vs Mahomes
                                                                            #younggoat #DW4

                                                                            • Job Mausali
                                                                              Job Mausali  6 months back

                                                                              Nick is right..our defense will make a huge difference on this next season.

                                                                              • samson gersing
                                                                                samson gersing  6 months back

                                                                                hes going to throw 4 more this year Superbowl chiefs kingdom -->

                                                                                • Michael Herrera
                                                                                  Michael Herrera  6 months back

                                                                                  Mahomes just needs to be himself. Remember Brady threw one Td pass in the AFC championship game and zero in the Super Bowl, with 2 Int It’s all about the Defense.

                                                                                  • Phillip Castillo
                                                                                    Phillip Castillo  6 months back

                                                                                    What’s up with Carter’s eyebrows? I can’t stop staring....

                                                                                    • John Brown
                                                                                      John Brown  6 months back

                                                                                      GO CHIEFS!!!!

                                                                                      • Martin Brown
                                                                                        Martin Brown  6 months back

                                                                                        Kansas City Chiefs 2019 Superbowl Champions!!!!

                                                                                        • Martin Brown
                                                                                          Martin Brown  6 months back

                                                                                          @Joseph Smith Idk they have really good numbers to win it this year.

                                                                                        • Joseph Smith
                                                                                          Joseph Smith  6 months back

                                                                                          Martin Brown I sincerely hope that man, I’ve been a Chiefs fan since 1998 when I was 3. But sadly no, Reid will mess it up and Pats will repeat.

                                                                                      • Joseph Cartwright
                                                                                        Joseph Cartwright  6 months back

                                                                                        Obviously they didn't notice all the additions the Chiefs made to the offense and defense both. Now also have Cody Thompson, Mecole Hardman etc on offense. And defense has Frank Clark, Brashaud Breeland, Tyrone Mathieu, Mark Fields, Darron Lee,Damien Wilson,Juan Thornhill, Emmanuel Ogbah,Alex Okafor,Khalen Saunders etc.