Game of Thrones Season 8 EP5 (The Bells of Stupidity) Review, Critiques, Anger

  • Published: 13 May 2019
  • It was so bad..

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  • Quinn's Ideas
    Quinn's Ideas   9 months back

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    • Olga Efremov
      Olga Efremov  2 months back

      She lost her 2 dragons (children), Jorah (the most loyal advisor, but also a person who could tame her sometimes through his gentle heart), her best friend (Missandei) and the man she desired (Jon Snow), and she was obsessed with the Iron Throne (even when The Long Night was so close!), people in the North would never recognise her as a queen. These were cumulative reasons. She was always ruthless and this scared me. Anyways, the people from King's Landing would not bend the knee for her, but only out of fear, not because they would see her as a true queen.
      Have you considered this?

    • Keanu Carmean
      Keanu Carmean  9 months back

      Why did Tyrion tell on Varys anyways?

    • Liv V
      Liv V  9 months back

      Wow I could really feel in your voice how pissed you were. Never seen you like this in a video 😔 I feel you tho.

    • zyanide
      zyanide  9 months back

      @Ashley Tupper It's teenager. You got mad at your mom and come back for dinner.

    • Wolffe
      Wolffe  9 months back

      Why was Varys destroyed so easily?

  • Sythen
    Sythen  7 days back

    Re-watching these, it's funny how you transform from overly optimistic at the beginning of the season until being unable not to fall apart.

    • James Harrison
      James Harrison  2 weeks back

      6:35 nice Air Shaffir voice from there on! 😂

      • Canute likes soup
        Canute likes soup  2 weeks back

        I caught on to Game of thrones extremely late but I said this before I started watching rant videos.

        I said that given the universe that they’re in, Daenerys is the best ruler the 7 kingdoms could possibly have. I said that with no knowledge of Jon Snow’s real name! I said that knowing Jon Snow didn’t want to the iron throne.

        *It can’t be* logically explained as to why they made her character flip a switch like that. I don’t regret watching GoT’s at all but come tf on.. anyone that defends the writers decision to do this with her (or any other characters they screwed up,) they’re just fanboys. They butchered so many character arcs...

        • Boris Sheen
          Boris Sheen  3 weeks back

          you're defending deanerys pre season 8.. I've always thought she was a PoS. I'm out.

          • Stitchpuppy01
            Stitchpuppy01  4 weeks back

            They subverted expectations when they shouldn't have and didn't when they should have. Backwards, hack-ass writers. If you don't know what to do with it, give it to someone who does. Like a random 14-year old walking down the street. Literally anyone else.

            • peter lewis
              peter lewis  1 months back

              I thought it was a metaphor for showing how `innocent` people are not safe unless they hold their leaders to account . Like us in the west don't care about where our weapons exports go or our covert government interference or wars ,or worse our indifference to peoples suffering when all we vote for is tax cuts . We are all guilty and if something comes and bites us we only have ourselves to blame . Sorry kingslanding !.

              • Robin Banks
                Robin Banks  1 months back

                Cersei and Jaime’s deaths were good? XD

                • Robin Banks
                  Robin Banks  1 months back

                  Fuck all the Dumb and Dumber apologists! I don’t care what they have to say! They can suck my dick!

                  • Robin Banks
                    Robin Banks  1 months back

                    I wouldn’t call the dragons her children. She didn’t exactly become pregnant with them.

                    • TexMechs
                      TexMechs  1 months back

                      So my husband wanted to know who the Golden Company was and why they were so wanted and revered in the books. He hasnt read the books, having asked that particular question so I explained it as best as I could. Before the show aired, we toasted each other and said "under the gold, the bitter steel!"

                      Biggest let down in a long time. I told him about Homeless Harry and the Blackfire rebellion and the long lost company of soliders who just wanted to come home.

                      He told me it reminded him of when I explained who Euron Crowseye was...

                      • PoorMans Chemist
                        PoorMans Chemist  1 months back

                        Man I love this guys passion for a good narrative and I share his frustration at the quality of writing coming out of Hollywood.

                        • jbot91
                          jbot91  2 months back

                          They chose to end it after season 8. Then they completely rush danys supposed plot. And they use the books as an excuse. If you wanted to follow the books, you shouldn't have rushed the series. You cant do both

                          • Tom Phelps
                            Tom Phelps  2 months back

                            The World Of Ice And Fire isn't a product of the characters

                            The Characters are a product of the world

                            • Manuel Enrique
                              Manuel Enrique  2 months back

                              Danerys wasn't mad. She was just delusional, cruel and merciless.

                              • Emily B.
                                Emily B.  2 months back

                                Don't mind me, just here 6 months after it aired because I'm still bitter about this atrocity of an episode :):):):)
                                Dany is my queen from this day, till my last day, fuck D&D

                                • Ali Rahmatellahi
                                  Ali Rahmatellahi  3 months back

                                  Ya know she burned King's Landing to inspire fear because no one loves her in Westeros than the people of Essos did. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE. I mean in the earlier seasons Dany said that she doesn't expect people to raise dragon banners or shout her name. In Season 7 She said that she doesn't expect the people to cry out for her or drink secrets toast to her health. She knew she wasn't wanted or loved in Westoeros. SHE KNEW SHE HAD TO EARN IT LIKE SHE DID WITH THE SLAVES. Now in Season 8 she was depressed that the people loved Jon more than her. Seriously, I would've been fine having Dany go mad, making her a more tragic character but they did it way too fast

                                  • keelo brown
                                    keelo brown  3 months back

                                    foreshadowing is not character development.... even though there was barely any foreshadowing for this at all..

                                    • Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine

                                      I love this review!

                                      • Hana
                                        Hana  4 months back

                                        Can Ep. 6 get any worse? I don't know, Ideas, can it? CAN IT?

                                        • Connor Grissett
                                          Connor Grissett  4 months back

                                          I mean
                                          Roose was pretty evil lol

                                          • Darth Youtuber
                                            Darth Youtuber  5 months back

                                            The only 10 seconds I liked in this episode were when Jaime and Cersei hugged ... That's it, only these TEN SECONDS I Iiked. The rest was not just a garbage mess, but something completely diffrent ...

                                            • TheFandomCommunitySlut IamDany

                                              Soooooooooooooo!!! If daenerys didnt forgot about the Iron Fleet Rhaegal and missandei would be still Alive and she didnt Need a reason to turn mad ?! WHAT THE FUCK !!

                                              • Irene Parkin
                                                Irene Parkin  5 months back

                                                In one of the books epilogue, it states that she's "as mad as her father" (aka The Mad King).

                                              • Arnold Rivas
                                                Arnold Rivas  5 months back

                                                Man you’re restrained here 😉
                                                By also...this episode left a bitter taste and me trying to justify what brought Daenerys to this point.

                                                If we had a full season and a half to see how thing got here, I would’ve been less upset. HBO offered more episodes to wrap this up in a satisfying way. But...we got this and have to dissect what it all means.

                                                • CynicallyObnoxious
                                                  CynicallyObnoxious  6 months back

                                                  I guess after this Martin decided to be hella involved in the GOT prequel

                                                  • madadh the wolf hound
                                                    madadh the wolf hound  6 months back

                                                    They could have used dreams of fire and the doom of valyria and a hundred other things to send dany mad. Even the mad king was driven mad in that way. So dany just flips over night fucking pants the scorpions turn out to be a joke and by the way dragon fire in the books it's not explosive. I watch the first seasons all the time but I can't watch this season again I just can't and all because the writers just seem to not give a fuck. This could have been their achievements of a lifetime but no all the best got episodes came from George

                                                    • TJ Jordan
                                                      TJ Jordan  6 months back

                                                      Couldn't agree more! I personally like the idea of Daenerys going mad, but it's a direction that needs time and development in order for it to work, and the show never did any of those, making it just an out-of-character action. An action I hate. And like you said, other characters have killed before. Tywin Lannister sacked King's Landing, an action within character because he doesn't care for the common folk.

                                                      • Shaved Ape
                                                        Shaved Ape  6 months back

                                                        -874 is what i came up with

                                                        • CJ Everyday Gaming, fun
                                                          CJ Everyday Gaming, fun  6 months back

                                                          What in God's name was the white horse.... and tywin lanister killed babies which robert was party too...

                                                          • CJ Everyday Gaming, fun
                                                            CJ Everyday Gaming, fun  6 months back

                                                            This episode made me sooooo upset... but the next episode I cried um like alot😢

                                                            • UnderBridge Rock
                                                              UnderBridge Rock  7 months back

                                                              Danni was a cunt from the set off. She used her victim status and looks to get sympathy, especially from men ;) The audience fell for it all. It was foreshowed from the start, and if you re-watch the beginning of the series, she was committing war crimes the entire show. It was just a poorly executed, rushed finished.

                                                              • Jacob Wood
                                                                Jacob Wood  4 months back

                                                                @UnderBridge Rock

                                                              • UnderBridge Rock
                                                                UnderBridge Rock  4 months back

                                                                @Jacob Wood Go look at the delight on her face as Drogon danced around after he killed her brother saying, "I will rape there women and enslave their men . . ." Danny loved it. Cut to the next seen and she sets off dragging a naked man to death behind her horse. Danny loves death, torture, enslavement. It all feeds into her sense of superiority, and her God complex. Being abused doesn't justify the death and subjugation of millions, sorry try the math again. You've just got a crush on her and your balls will lie endlessly to protect her. That's why RR.Martin is a genius. Danny ALWAYS hid behind looks and victim status. That's the point. That's the character and he knows you'll fall for it. And you have and do.

                                                              • Jacob Wood
                                                                Jacob Wood  4 months back

                                                                UnderBridge Rock she spent her whole life since being a small child on the run from a king who wanted her dead. Hiding from place to place with no home. Here brother abused her. She was sold off to a savage. And when he died she spent months walking through a desert only to find a city where people wanted to kill her

                                                                Things didn’t start to look up for her till season 3

                                                                You are clearly misrepresenting her

                                                              • Jacob Wood
                                                                Jacob Wood  4 months back

                                                                Killing slavers is not a war crime. Also your extremely nieave for believing war crimes existed in the ancient world

                                                            • Justin Salazar
                                                              Justin Salazar  7 months back

                                                              I love you for this

                                                              • Stylezz iR
                                                                Stylezz iR  7 months back

                                                                Thank you. People complain about Dany killing the masters in a cruel way just because she saw a child nailed to a cross. Hello the child wasn’t the only one nailed to a cross. There were 164 more nailed. One person nailed to a cross every mile.

                                                                • shardinhand
                                                                  shardinhand  7 months back

                                                                  it is what it is, and the writers should not be reworded for their demanding taking the pay cheak for a show they nolonger care about... they are greedy, arrogant and careless... and if you support their future work... your telling them and those like them they can get away with destroying more series for profit and fame.... and im not even a fan of this show, i dont hate it or anything, its just not my thing... but i dont aprove of such waste and outright distain for the art and the fan base.... i dont aprove of any of what the "d&d" represent now.

                                                                  • Jacob Wood
                                                                    Jacob Wood  4 months back

                                                                    Unfortunately those hacks are being rewarded with Star Wars. Oh brother

                                                                • Franky Lee
                                                                  Franky Lee  8 months back

                                                                  John's script for season 8: I dunt want it. she' s mu queen

                                                                  • pplr1
                                                                    pplr1  8 months back

                                                                    Thanks again for this but I'd feel better if the rating was -874 or -875. Good range to put it in though!

                                                                    • Robby H.
                                                                      Robby H.  8 months back

                                                                      Yeah, when she burned the Tarlys alive, I got that the creators want her to show her descent into madness since she could have hanged or beheaded them instead, which would have been the more "civilized way". But I completely agree

                                                                      • Robby H.
                                                                        Robby H.  5 months back

                                                                        That's fair. I just meant a more common way

                                                                      • Nicholas
                                                                        Nicholas  5 months back

                                                                        What does being civil have to do with it how is being instantly obliterated by a dragon any more uncivilized then hanging
                                                                        That doesn't really make a difference how you die
                                                                        It's pretty instantaneous

                                                                    • Dimitris
                                                                      Dimitris  8 months back

                                                                      I'm watching this about a month late but I feel you! I'm as infuriated now as I was when I first watched the episode. What a waste of a budget and of the potential the finale had. The least I was hoping for was an ending that just made sense. I already had low expectations when it comes to the writing but D&D managed to go even lower. One thing I will say about Emilia Clarke is that she gave a HELL of a performance this season despite the fact that they totally butchered her character. Basically, everyone was doing their absolute best and showing us what excellence looks like. Everyone EXCEPT for the writers. Team Dany for life.

                                                                      • Sparks
                                                                        Sparks  8 months back

                                                                        Exactly put at the side the events, the whole s8 is a disaster storytelling is not if Daenerys will turn into the mad queen, which can happen books, but with better context and core narrative then in the way they get there was a just something to spoiled the books and I think the bittersweet ending is not that how characters arcs and the whole story will end is that the readers and the fan of the book saga will know already the fate of the story by this horrible spoiler product which was S8. D&D are amazing producers BUT horrible storytellers they might I don't know to write a good script for one EP of Black mirror or something else, but they and the other guy Cogman can write decent script but no complex materials like GOT and what happens is for the first 5 seasons they have the books as solid benchmark to make a great Tv. show. They just were by their own with lots of money and a glorify egos to do whatever they could do. HBO makes little care about this because already the series was paid off, so nobody oversees them as they delivered S6 and S7 with great positive acceptation by critics but in S8 everything went down, I guess Martin have to change few things substantially to close the saga in an epic and beautiful way, this is perhaps our dream of spring.

                                                                        PD: For the events unfolding in "Dance with Dragons" there's great possibility that Daenerys arrive in Westeros when the threat of the Others is imminent is very possible, so she will fight with Jon Snow and many other the Great War or the Battle of Dawn by that point Aegon VI or the fake Aegon will betray her with the Lannister she will get paranoic many of the people close to her die and she will battle down in south defeating the Lannister forces, Aeagon and The Golden Company, fake Aegon will have the horn that controls dragons so he thinks he will defeat her so easily but he will fail . She will keep one dragon (Drogon of course) and will burn down KL no because she got full mad queen but because it was just a war, Cersei will survive and had Jamies's, dwarf baby. But the full closing of the Others (WKrs) is not killing the Great Other (Night King) but something crazier that has to do with Bran and the BloodRaven ( 3 eyes Raven) Jon killing Daenerys? Perhaps. But just remove how it happens in the show that was just a spoiler... it will happen but so different.

                                                                        • Blastin TV
                                                                          Blastin TV  8 months back

                                                                          Why are u being like"why are u doing this Daenerys? "......It wasnt Daenerys it was d&d bro dany would never do it

                                                                          • Hunter D
                                                                            Hunter D  8 months back

                                                                            I am answering this very late but if you look at Dany's face during the sounding of the bells as her face changed from dispair and unfulfillment to one of rage she never took her eyes off the Red Keep (RK) right up to the very moment she took off again, never looking down at the ground at the people so to me her target was the RK and only the RK (the director always had Ms. Clarke's eyes on the keep so I don't think even Emilia knew how the scene would playout eventually).

                                                                            • TheDDGRAY
                                                                              TheDDGRAY  8 months back

                                                                              More than one month later, I still can't get over it. It was such a bad writing.. I hate Dumb and Dumber so much, and I will always.

                                                                              • Ben
                                                                                Ben  8 months back

                                                                                Yeah, regardless of the hardness she showed during the show, she didn't show any madness. She wins the conflict and then goes completely "mad" in an instant and spends the rest of the show burning innocent people instead of specifically attacking the tower. It made no sense, one of the worst moments of storytelling I've ever seen. Then the next day she's all in, no complicated emotional response. Such bad writing, still can't believe it. I'm boycotting their Star Wars movies, they've proven they have no talent of their own, just good at portraying someone else's talented writing in visual form. Goddamn, I still can't believe how bad season 8 was, it really couldn't have been worse. It was a nightmare finish, utter destruction of a fantastic story.

                                                                                • Chancelor Higgins-Gloor
                                                                                  Chancelor Higgins-Gloor  8 months back

                                                                                  Robert was a stupid drunk that got thousands and now millions killed because a woman didn't love him.

                                                                                • facra games
                                                                                  facra games  8 months back

                                                                                  You sound really desperate

                                                                                • perfectibility999
                                                                                  perfectibility999  8 months back

                                                                                  Just a thought, maybe if Aeris had burned the city he really would have turned into a dragon. Maybe he was having visions of the sort Daenerys had, which came true.

                                                                                  • Joe Marwood
                                                                                    Joe Marwood  8 months back

                                                                                    Drag them sis