Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers - Full Game Highlights | June 15, 2019 | 2019 MLB Season

  • Published: 16 June 2019
  • -- Cubs vs Dodgers Highlights - June 15, 2019 --
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Comments • 34

  • TrueRGM
    TrueRGM   6 months back

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    • TknUdwn
      TknUdwn  6 months back

      You should do the Rockies Padres Game they’ve had some crazy games lately

      • アレグスーパー
        アレグスーパー  6 months back


        • Jon Davis
          Jon Davis  6 months back

          I don’t know how Yin Yin Ryu is so good this year

          • NOMO FOMO
            NOMO FOMO  6 months back

            Damnit! Buehler deserves better!!!! Disappointing. As much as I was angry at Darvish for 2017 I don’t think he deserves to be the scapegoat for WS loss. The guy felt horrible and he suffered enough for it. I’m glad he played well last night in front of the Dodgers fan base. It must have been scary and nerve-wracking. Now let’s beat them next game!!

            • zion mathis
              zion mathis  6 months back

              We need a bullpen tf 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

              • Rydawg 26
                Rydawg 26  6 months back

                Outstanding game

                • Lazaro Collera
                  Lazaro Collera  6 months back

                  👍 vid

                  • Ahmed Melian Olivera
                    Ahmed Melian Olivera  6 months back


                    • Juan José Feliz
                      Juan José Feliz  6 months back

                      Mis dos equipos favoritos de la Liga Nacional

                      • La Piña
                        La Piña  6 months back

                        Hahaha Darvish win. Good job Yu🔥🔥🔥

                        • D. Natrop
                          D. Natrop  6 months back

                          It wasn't that long ago when one Dodger player was tested positive on Slumperitus, now half the squad is infected. Time for Roberts to start handing out fluffy rabbit tails for good luck.

                          • D. Natrop
                            D. Natrop  6 months back

                            @Vern Pascal Both been throwing 1.xx ERA seasons for years. If there's anybody who has the right to give up a few runs away now and then it's Kershaw and Jansen. People these days expect them to pitch perfect every game and start talking about choking the moment they make a mistake. And you never hear them complain when a batter can't get hits/runs for days. JT started in a slump but he's doing fine now. Cody the opposite. Only real serious weakness is our bullpen. Jansen is fine though, the rest is trash.

                          • Vern Pascal
                            Vern Pascal  6 months back

                            Ha! I'm a Dodger fan,but know Jansen, and Kershaw, are not what they once were. Both prone to the long ball and that is the last thing you need in the post season.

                        • Des Nutz
                          Des Nutz  6 months back

                          We Needed this Baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Its 315am here in St Petersburg FL. Shout out to my boy True for getting these highlights up for a Cubs fan. This is my second comment bc I had to watch this again. Go Cubs Go.

                        • Jordan Schwarzlose
                          Jordan Schwarzlose  6 months back

                          Those Dodger fans who booed Darvish are a disgrace to the Dodgers.

                          • Ted Striker
                            Ted Striker  6 months back

                            Bullshit. He deserved it.

                          • 100 Percent%
                            100 Percent%  6 months back

                            @Alejandro Diaz "Triggered"...
                            U sound like some fatass minecraft player

                          • Alejandro Diaz
                            Alejandro Diaz  6 months back

                            Jordan Schwarzlose how if he ruined our chances in the 2017 WS. You don’t know how triggered we were that night.

                        • Mark Willis
                          Mark Willis  6 months back

                          Jansen is washed up!

                          • AdamKlestinec
                            AdamKlestinec  6 months back

                            Buehler with a great game. I’d still like to see these starters get a little more slack to throw more than 100 pitches. Maybe complete a game every once in a while. I’ve seen that happen to a lot of great starting pitchers lately.

                            • lincecumfreak55
                              lincecumfreak55  6 months back

                              @Jordan Schwarzlose Your right that not every pitcher is made the same. But then why limit the freaks of nature who could throw 120 to 130 say 5 time a year?

                            • Jordan Schwarzlose
                              Jordan Schwarzlose  6 months back

                              lincecumfreak55 a lot of those pitchers have had issues with their arms for the rest of their life. Not everyone is made the same.

                            • lincecumfreak55
                              lincecumfreak55  6 months back

                              @Jordan Schwarzlose PItchers 20 years ago had the same number of games to play all season. And for instance in 1999 Randy Johnson had 12 complete games, and like 17 games with over 120 pitches! One game with 140! He had a long great run, and even did some great postseason pitching. The human arm has not changed any. Just people's attitudes.

                            • Jordan Schwarzlose
                              Jordan Schwarzlose  6 months back

                              AdamKlestinec don’t want to tire out pitchers. They have a long season. Don’t want them hurt or tired come postseason. Not a Dodgers fan but they got Postseason pass already lol. They locked up the West weeks ago.

                          • Matt Jang
                            Matt Jang  6 months back

                            Wow..when did dodgers became same level with the cubs... maybe cubs going easy on them

                            • Dexter
                              Dexter  6 months back

                              Dodgers have great hitting. That’s about it really.

                            • Na Cl
                              Na Cl  6 months back

                              You want to elaborate on that?

                          • Des Nutz
                            Des Nutz  6 months back

                            Go Cubs Go

                            • Derison Baez
                              Derison Baez  6 months back

                              Dele Like en ser el primero ☝ en Berlín este Video

                              • Estiven Benavides
                                Estiven Benavides  6 months back

                                I sad

                                • Estiven Benavides
                                  Estiven Benavides  6 months back

                                  To bad they lost

                                  • Estiven Benavides
                                    Estiven Benavides  6 months back