Top 10 Amazing Tactical Survival Gears | Part 2

  • Published: 09 November 2019
  • You never know when you fall victim to situations where you feel threatened for your life. That’s why you should always be prepared for any situation that may arise and keep few tactical survival gears with you to face these situations. In this video we are going to show you Top 10 Tactical Survival Gear that you must see before going out and buy.

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    1. Steiner Night Vision and Beacons 13:25
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    2. Garmin MARQ Commander 11:52
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    3. Trijicon REAP-IR Thermal Sight 10:27
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    4. VORTEX RAZOR HD 4000 08:50
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    5. Pulsar Accolade Thermal Binocular 07:17
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    6. Hard Head Veterans ATE Tactical Helmet GEN2 06:01
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    7. 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack 04:37
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    8. Real Avid AR15 Tool 03:12
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    9. SureFire Scout Light 01:54
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    10. SIG HOGUE EX-02 KNIFE 00:36
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
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  • mohammad imran Khan
    mohammad imran Khan  3 weeks back I don't have that much of money, my chances of survival is zero.

  • per berg
    per berg  3 weeks back

    A folding knife will never beat at fixed blade in shtf sit. Sorry.

    • Top 10 Zone
      Top 10 Zone   1 weeks back

      Thanks for letting us know your opinion.

  • Fafhrd 2
    Fafhrd 2  3 weeks back

    A knife that you can't change the carrying clip to left or right, just mean they haven't though it through = don't buy it!

    • Top 10 Zone
      Top 10 Zone   1 weeks back

      Thanks for letting us know your opinion.

  • Simmy Sims
    Simmy Sims  3 weeks back

    Survival gear? In warzone?

    • Itz Atomic
      Itz Atomic  1 months back

      I love the outdoors life and just found an amazing survival pen for those who love the outdoors life as much as me

      • xingmen neigong
        xingmen neigong  1 months back

        Top 10 clickbait titles

        • ironfae
          ironfae  1 months back

          This list isn’t for everyone. If you’re not a wealthy, military trained hunter, you won’t afford to survive.
          There are plenty of practical survival items under $100 each; most are under $50. They’re not on this list. Stop implying that survival is only applicable for rich people.

        • Free Ryder
          Free Ryder  1 months back

          Ya I can afford an $8000 rifle scope..

          • Rick Grimes
            Rick Grimes  1 months back

            I’d probably have stop eating for a while

        • Oliveira Rodrigues
          Oliveira Rodrigues  1 months back

          Todos são padrão

          • Random TOP 10
            Random TOP 10  1 months back

            Who else here loves top 10s

            Plz check my channel out and give me some feedback

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              Arslene Hamiche  1 months back


              • Russell Anderson
                Russell Anderson  1 months back

                Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up