Will a Gas Engine Run on Charcoal Lighter Fluid? Let's find out!

  • Published: 23 September 2019
  • Charcoal lighter fluid tested as gasoline substitute in electronic fuel injected EFI and carbureted engines. Also tested in see-through Wankel rotary engine, thanks to by good friend Matt, from the Warped Perception YouTube channel. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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  • Piledriver
    Piledriver  1 hours back

    Well I said to myself,it flashes really good but...... no I don’t think so.👍👍👍👍 gréât vidéo

    • scooter Dave
      scooter Dave  18 hours back

      diesel engine on 100% Lucas injector cleaner ? it will run so smooth.

    • Chase Webb
      Chase Webb  20 hours back

      You should do a test on low speed grease. Comparing amsoil grease towards the other competitors

    • Mowers N Blowers
      Mowers N Blowers  4 days back

      Wow, same tshirt

      • Tim
        Tim  4 days back

        Another successful video, time for a cookout! You got plenty of lighter fluid it appears!

      • stopglobalswarming
        stopglobalswarming  4 days back

        The go kart sounded like it wanted to run hard, just couldn’t adjust timing for it.

      • stopglobalswarming
        stopglobalswarming  4 days back

        Another generator is on its way. Thank you for shopping Walmart com

      • Dogman J
        Dogman J  6 days back


      • Mike Aitken
        Mike Aitken  7 days back

        Can or do automobiles "acclimate" to a regular operator with prolonged use? for ex: can a car change engine/computer settings after "getting used to" a specific driver?

        • stopglobalswarming
          stopglobalswarming  4 days back

          If they have computer operated efi and engine management, yes. Some just have “modes” you can select.

      • HardDriveUSA Me
        HardDriveUSA Me  1 weeks back

        I haven’t looked too hard for a comment, but I would have thought you would have propped that drive axle up to keep the kart still while you were tuning it. Or even just remove the drive belt.

      • Lucky Baldwin
        Lucky Baldwin  1 weeks back

        The big secret to charcoal lighter fluid is it's low odor mineral spirits, so it's basically parts cleaning fluid. Way cheaper buying gallons of that rather than quarts of charcoal fluid.

      • The Indoor Outdoorsman
        The Indoor Outdoorsman  2 weeks back

        Was the push mower *more* efficient with lighter fluid?

        • The Indoor Outdoorsman
          The Indoor Outdoorsman  2 weeks back

          ​@Project Farm Well it did give higher RPM's, and I know driving at 55 uses less fuel than driving at 35 does. It may have been. That's a neat little side effect if it was.

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   2 weeks back

          I should have tested for fuel efficiency

      • sycocereal
        sycocereal  2 weeks back

        I know ive asked this before but what kind of go cart is that?

      • Lorenzo Neblina jr
        Lorenzo Neblina jr  2 weeks back

        Wanta know what will kill it, try purple pvc primer or color tiles primer for floor tiles, piston melts.

      • K G
        K G  3 weeks back

        Project Farm:
        "Do you still have that lawn mower for sale?"
        Craigslist seller:
        "Yes I do. Do you have a small lawn that needs mowing?"
        Project Farm:
        "No I want to see if a lawn mower can run on Preparation-H."

      • Bizones16
        Bizones16  3 weeks back

        What did you make your See-Thru Cylinder Head out of ?

      • joewrosenthal00
        joewrosenthal00  3 weeks back

        Charcoal lighter fuels come in two varieties: kerosene-type and alcohol-type (mainly methanol and ethanol). You clearly had the kerosene type.(octane no. 15).

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 weeks back

          Thank you for the feedback. Yes, you are right

      • nabes68
        nabes68  3 weeks back

        Try paint thinner it works good.

      • pertybluestang
        pertybluestang  3 weeks back

        Its proprietary so they dont have to disclose its half gasoline.

        • pertybluestang
          pertybluestang  3 weeks back

          @Project Farm lol my comment was sarcasm for anyone taking it seriously.

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   3 weeks back

          Thank you for the feedback

      • Jason
        Jason  4 weeks back

        will you test auto wax and sealers?

      • Mark W
        Mark W  4 weeks back

        I was happy to see the Wankel rotary engine. Now you can visually seen one of it’s inherent problems; With combustion taking place in only ~ 1/4th of the engine it heats and expands unevenly. Other than the oil burning issue I’ve wondered why there aren’t more generators with Wankel engines. Smaller, lighter, creates more power and if it’s going to run in only a narrow rpm range it can be tuned to be more efficient. Plus it can run on a broader range of liquid fuels more easily.

      • Chris Mayer
        Chris Mayer  4 weeks back

        Friend, I love your channel. That said, with what you use for test fuel,...THAT LAWNMOWER ENGINE IS GONNA KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!!!

        • Brian Forbes
          Brian Forbes  4 weeks back

          what about multi-spark plugs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvlN5PAYCak

        • Brian Forbes
          Brian Forbes  4 weeks back

          How would spark plug gap change the burn efficiency of various fuels you have tested?

        • Steven herd
          Steven herd  4 weeks back

          you forgot one test can you roast a hot dog on a stick over the exhaust pipe while you're running it on charcoal lighter fluid

          • Jonathan fava
            Jonathan fava  1 months back

            Will an engine run on vodka? Or maybe 151?

          • Jordan Mills
            Jordan Mills  1 months back

            What about a 70/30 mix of gas and iodine

            • Jordan Mills
              Jordan Mills  1 months back

              @Project Farm I have just always been told that iodine in gas will melt the pistons to the cylinder walls... Another destruction idea is dissolving pool bleach tabs in gas... Supposed to turn everything aluminum to powder

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 months back

              Thank you for the video idea!

          • MacGyver at large
            MacGyver at large  1 months back

            Lots of pinging in the go-kart engine under load.
            How would this do as a diesel additive to boost cetane?

            • Chris Mayer
              Chris Mayer  4 weeks back

              you're tellin' me; that thing rattled so much, walking skeletons were complaining!

          • bcgrittner
            bcgrittner  1 months back

            Emphasis is dire situation. Short duration with a minimal load. Love the little see-through Wankel. Wankels are more tolerant of low octane fuels.

          • Pyroman /
            Pyroman /  1 months back

            10:12 you should try this in the generator again but add octane booster see if it runs under a higher load

          • Cameron Lilly
            Cameron Lilly  1 months back

            What video editing software and camera do you use??

          • Lucario The Inkling
            Lucario The Inkling  1 months back

            Yo Project Farm make this: Can a gas engine run on 100% Chlorine Bleach? (Make sure you put it outside so it won't hurt you or others :)

          • bearded rider
            bearded rider  1 months back

            Alright, I'm convinced a lawnmower will run on ANYTHING. This guy could get a mower to run on milk.

          • ghhff fghhg
            ghhff fghhg  1 months back

            Will an engine run on Coleman Fuel?

          • Billygoat93
            Billygoat93  1 months back

            You should try running pure tolene or xylene in an engine and see how if it works.

          • YouTubeY2K *
            YouTubeY2K *  1 months back

            I love the see through cylinder heads.

          • adnan anfal
            adnan anfal  1 months back

            Will engine run on vodka?

          • djneo92nl
            djneo92nl  1 months back

            Why would you have lighter fluid over, that shit needs to go on the fire

          • Lindenbum
            Lindenbum  2 months back

            Will a car run on moonshine

          • Jani Kainulainen
            Jani Kainulainen  2 months back

            How about testing if gas engine runs on white spirit/mineral spirit. Theres a legend that some Finnish army vehicles runs with allmost anything flammable, including white spirit. Does a normal small engine perform?

          • Dennis Young
            Dennis Young  2 months back

            Some kinds will work better than others... the more volatile kind might.

            I've encountered some that was close to Coleman fuel, and others that were "kerosene." I stick to the latter for cleaning solvent.

          • Terror Billy
            Terror Billy  2 months back

            Try everclear or some other kind of strong booze lol

          • Kyle Lanning
            Kyle Lanning  2 months back

            Try 3-in-1 oil for fuel and lubrication! Great videos

          • Anime guy
            Anime guy  2 months back

            Will engine run on liquid nitrogen ? That's my question.

          • J.M.ヘススメヂナ
            J.M.ヘススメヂナ  2 months back

            What the heck 2:25 The Jetsons!!!

            • J.M.ヘススメヂナ
              J.M.ヘススメヂナ  2 months back

              That bottle at 0:45 gave me the idea about moonshine as fuel, can you do a vid or is it there already an existing one?

            • Claude Barnum
              Claude Barnum  2 months back

              I ran an 88 Chevy spectrum on around 5 gallons of 87 gasoline and almost all gallon of nitromethane model aircraft fueĺ, the exhaust was glowing bright orange. I did fry the clutch because I got stuck in a field with a doughnut on one of the drivewheels, because I hit the tongue of a house trailer frame that was hidden in weeds 5'+ high, at 60mph.

            • Peter Karel Kraus
              Peter Karel Kraus  2 months back

              Only if it's a Kingsford mower. 😬