Why is Antisemitism on the Rise?

  • Published: 06 June 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1311 w/David Pakman: https://youtu.be/7X8UMzTjZpU

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  • JohnDaWhale3
    JohnDaWhale3  16 hours back

    I like it when Joe says "mmmmmm...".

    • Michael D
      Michael D  22 hours back

      Joe rogan suuuuuucks.
      This is why people are intolerant.
      Because when you want to have an honest discussion about issues. They bring up the most extreme ( paid informant ) Richard Spensor.
      Get the fuck out of here with that.
      Joe Rogan clearly has ( scripted ) guests on the past 2-3 years.
      It’s the exact tactic late night tv has become.
      Zionist shill.
      When you just point out what THEY admit themselves , then you hear joe “ the toe “ mock people for noticing it.
      He says people just like to say things.
      Most of rogans fans take what he says as the way it is. They don’t know how the game is played.
      Especially the ones who just started watching him the past couple years.
      It’s not as obvious as the MSM but in my opinion he’s worse.
      The calm tone and the centrist mediator is obvious to some.
      More and more see it everyday.

      • 1newbert
        1newbert  3 weeks back

        People have expanded the definition to include being against the State of Israel’s policies, but heaven forbid you say anything, you’ll will be attacked as anti-Semitic. However, many liberal leaning Jews also disagree with current policy. The rise of white nationalism also plays into the issue.

        • RobbieCFC1888 W
          RobbieCFC1888 W  1 months back

          Free palestine 🇵🇸

          • spicecrop
            spicecrop  1 months back

            Most people claiming to be Semites and victims of "Antisemitism", have little to no Semitic blood or genetics whatsoever. But are descendants of Eastern Europeans, who's ancestors converted to Judaism. What constitutes being a "Jew" changes from conversation to conversation. It's either a Religion, a Bloodline, or a National Identity. But all seem to qualify as Jewish, when it comes to "antisemitism".

            • mrmashedpotato
              mrmashedpotato  1 months back

              o/ Never forget that we outnumber you. And that we won't need to have this debate when you're all gone.

              • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq

                *J* ust *E* nd *W* hite *S* upremacy
                Hahahaha just lol at white people. Almost a billion of you and you're being "genocided" by a tribe of 17 million. I guess if that's the case then you deserve it!

                • nick lasalle
                  nick lasalle  1 months back

                  This crap that people are "being embolden" is stupid...i see people saying bad things about caucasians and no one cares...this is another way for the weak to police others.

                  • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                    gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                    Because whites are pale Africanoids with the cunning of Jews - the worst of boths worlds.

                • AT&T . Revenge Dept
                  AT&T . Revenge Dept  2 months back

                  Why have “Jews” been the only non-majority group that keeps getting singled out ...... 🤨

                  • OA
                    OA  2 months back

                    I am an Israeli Jew, so I have never experienced antisemitism... maybe a little when I travel in Europe.
                    I think that antisemitism is on the rise because the vast majority of the Jews are leftist and belong to the PC cult, some of them are really autoantisemitics! If I were a Christian and saw a Jew speaking against Israel, I would hated Judaism and Israel as well... this is very typical to diaspora Jews always to satify the Christians and the left... they learned nothing from the past.

                    • Mark McElroy
                      Mark McElroy  2 months back

                      This comment section is why we Jews needed a country of our own. You hate the ADL, you hate Netanyahu, you hate hasidic and leftist Jews, religious and assimilated, Israeli and American, whatever the Jew does, you hate it. Well then! At long last we have our country back, and we are not dependent on convincing you not to kill us anymore. Go ahead, hate us. Rant in your basements. We will forge our own destiny in our ancient homeland restored. Am yisrael chai!

                    • Red Power.红色的力量


                      • Temujin Bear
                        Temujin Bear  2 months back

                        Jews think its anti semetic to state FACTS about jews.

                        • Akmal Ruslan
                          Akmal Ruslan  2 months back

                          Kick out of 100+ country...

                          • Rob Robinson737
                            Rob Robinson737  2 months back

                            The jews are satans chosen children.

                            • Agency is stored in the balls

                              I agree the Talmud has very extreme views of non Jews and the pilpul used to justify Jewish nepotism and double standards has no place in the conversation.

                              • Tyler Beaumont
                                Tyler Beaumont  2 months back

                                If you didn't have tax, you'd have to privatise the police, firefighters, ambulances (I mean, America can't give you free ambulances anyways, but y'know). If you're anti-tax, then you have to be a nomad. You can't use roads, gasoline, you can't buy anything that is taxed (ie any product in a store or shop!) And if you don't? You can't be anti-tax without being free of the benefits that tax brings - otherwise you're a hypocrite!

                                • dascarter1
                                  dascarter1  3 months back

                                  Blame Trump, How about blame the leftists that openly hate the Jews.

                                  • Miroslav Skoric
                                    Miroslav Skoric  3 months back

                                    Give me all your sheckels😤

                                    • Any F
                                      Any F  3 months back

                                      Because Jews are one of the biggest problem in the world I'm talking about the Zionist ones

                                      • Jack Harper
                                        Jack Harper  4 months back

                                        What's worse than a jew? A white guy siding with one for financial reasons. A traitor is 100000x worse than an enemy.

                                        • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                                          gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                                          Whites have always been prone to group polarization. It's embedded in our DNA to be tribalistic and warfaring, rather than truly democratic and collectivist. Don't think you're an exception because you're not.

                                      • olofpalme63
                                        olofpalme63  4 months back

                                        ...only, I won't debate Gavin McInnes because I'm a sperm drinking libturd who's too afraid of being exposed as a useless pathetic bootlicking imbecile

                                        • Rob Ode
                                          Rob Ode  4 months back

                                          Rich Jews need to realize the far right is not our only threat , the far left is too, many third world Immigrants from both Latin America and Islamic countries are very antisemetic, and also commit a ton of violent crime. I don't understand why liberal Jews cannot support leftist policy while simultaneously advocating border control. If you give me healthcare, higher wages , it won't help me as a poor Jew if I get stabbed by one of the numerous Hispanic Immigrant Gang, or Islamic thugs in my city. Healthcare and higher wages do me no good if I cannot go outside or stop at a gas station because a cartel gang member or Islamicist attacks me or robs me. My neighborhood has gotten tons of Latin Immigrants which turned it into a cartel gang area, on top of it alot of Islamic Immigrants. I cannot afford to live in a gated community, so healthcare does me literally no good if it becomes unsafe to go to store or outside. The amount of harassment Jews recieve from third worlders is bad. We are under attack from all sides. If it's not a Nazi, it's a third world Immigrant. It's a big problem, there's becoming no where to run. Can't afford to move to gated community in USA, Israel is surrounded by Islamicist countries. We really need to fix AMERICA and Europe so Jews have a safe future because Israel is in a ocean of Islamicists. you can have a left wing AMERICA that isn't hell bent on filling streets with cartel gangs, and third worlders and Islamicists. It's like common sense has left us .

                                          • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                                            gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                                            >Be born and raised with a deeply embedded and religiously reinforced xenophobia against Gentiles
                                            >"WHY DO THEY HATE US?!"

                                        • Harmless Doggo
                                          Harmless Doggo  4 months back

                                          > " Take control back from ... "

                                          What the? So David is saying that they have control over the country ?

                                          • Michael anthony g
                                            Michael anthony g  4 months back

                                            Joe the antisemite who suggested a connection between israel and pedophile epstein cause his names jewish though he was an athiest thats like blaming all of africa for bill.cosby joe retweeted things about jews being terrorist before on twitter hes clearly an antisemite himself just lacks the balls to admit it

                                            • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                                              gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                                              The war between Jews and whites is absolutely side-splitting HAHAHA

                                              Jews: "We're born and raised with an active, religiously reinforced xenophobia against Gentiles...why do they hate us???"
                                              Whites: "Wahh wahh we are being "genocided" by a tiny tribe of 17 million people! It's all everyone else's fault!"
                                              I hate you all.

                                            • bes.mp4
                                              bes.mp4  2 months back

                                              Was Epstein not a dual citizen with Israel... you sound like a fucking narc.

                                          • Philabustah Blue
                                            Philabustah Blue  4 months back

                                            Here is the 2 massively intelligent(?) Jews telling us what's good for us. Is "colored people" an old thing? Just, kinda left out a Jew came up with it. Now, did I say that in a derogatory manner? Truth isn't racist. Truth isn't derogatory---but it may be to a liar.

                                            • Philabustah Blue
                                              Philabustah Blue  4 months back

                                              I've seen just the opposite. I've seen relentless attacks on Christians, all over the web, by the Jews. It could be the relentless Christian bashing in every single Hollywood movie made. If it's not that, it's some other historical lie. You guys haven't seen that? You need help?

                                              • nahiag
                                                nahiag  4 months back

                                                Haven't seen the clip but about that image, Christians only not Jews... would jesus be accepted?

                                                • spring roll
                                                  spring roll  4 months back

                                                  why so many dislikes?

                                                  • Dan G
                                                    Dan G  4 months back

                                                    This guest’s ideas are too extreme so he should be blocked from YouTube because I am deeply offended and his ideas are too extreme.

                                                  • mm8
                                                    mm8  4 months back

                                                    I think for the same reason flat-earth movement is on the rise: Internet spreads stupidity. I used to have antisemitic prejudices in the past and all I can say is that I was so naive. Of course there are bad jews, as there are bad chinese/europeans/whatever ethnicity you wanna name. Time to man up people.

                                                    • Nikolaij Brouiller
                                                      Nikolaij Brouiller  4 months back

                                                      Why? Because you can't deny the obvious forever.

                                                      • Azure Vox
                                                        Azure Vox  4 months back

                                                        Jews have been kicked out of a hundred countries in our recorded history, perhaps it is time we start questioning what it is the Jews are doing to get these results.

                                                        If you had a friend getting kicked out of 100 resturants, you sure as hell wouldn't blame the resturants!

                                                        • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                                                          gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                                                          And yet somehow white Gentiles still manage to screw each other over without the help of Jews.

                                                      • highview seeker
                                                        highview seeker  4 months back

                                                        cuz of globalist jews

                                                        • ShantyIrishman
                                                          ShantyIrishman  4 months back

                                                          It’s on the rise because the left loves Islam

                                                          • piotr kamieniak
                                                            piotr kamieniak  4 months back

                                                            this pakman guy is so weak, so fucking weak

                                                            • Murder HeWrote
                                                              Murder HeWrote  4 months back

                                                              I think Rogan wastes his time with some of his guests.

                                                          • Sam Sly
                                                            Sam Sly  4 months back

                                                            Watch Adam geen know more knews. Then you’ll see what’s actually going on

                                                            • julius caesarsalad
                                                              julius caesarsalad  4 months back

                                                              So he points out anti-semitism under trump but not from Ilhan Omar and others on the left. Hmm

                                                              • Joel Anderson
                                                                Joel Anderson  4 months back

                                                                So dogwhistling is just a way to accuse someone of racism with zero evidence.

                                                                • Dave Heimerl
                                                                  Dave Heimerl  4 months back

                                                                  I'm 3 minutes in and david might be right but who decides who can join the conversation? I mean when anyone who says they like trump is a nazi are they barred because the extremists labeled them that ?

                                                                  • sorry mrgoogle
                                                                    sorry mrgoogle  4 months back

                                                                    Steven Crowder's job is comedian.

                                                                    Comedians mess with people for a living.

                                                                    • Carl Kanner
                                                                      Carl Kanner  4 months back

                                                                      Taxation is theft

                                                                    • spldrong
                                                                      spldrong  4 months back

                                                                      This guys just starts off this clip by being wrong multiple times...

                                                                      ... more I watch the more I realize this guy is an idiot. He can not even defend his horrible ideas from the simplest question from Joe.

                                                                      This guy is a waste of time

                                                                      • The Voice of Reason
                                                                        The Voice of Reason  4 months back

                                                                        Taxes are slavery though lol

                                                                        • Ad Kads
                                                                          Ad Kads  4 months back

                                                                          Jews bring it upon themselves. They are the extremists that try to divide people in this country. They control the social media and regular media companies that are actively trying to divide this country by pitting everyone against each other.

                                                                          • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                                                                            gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                                                                            "Wahh wahh Jews are making me consume popular culture! Wahh wahh!" Like nigga turn off your computer or smartphone. Stop using Facebook and Twitter. Stop watching TV. Then the Jews have no power over you. Lmao...society is controlled through women, who comprise nearly 80% of consumer purchases.

                                                                        • edgar gonzalez
                                                                          edgar gonzalez  4 months back

                                                                          Just look at all the dual nationals in our government right now. Hint: they arent russian, mexican, or iranian. Guess the ethnicity??

                                                                          • snackpackage
                                                                            snackpackage  4 months back

                                                                            It's pretty easy.... Taxes are slavery on one end of the spectrum and communism on the other end.... They preach communism in schools, so i would be more worried about that than the few people who think ALL taxes are slavery...

                                                                            Also, this dude is a bitch....

                                                                            • Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star

                                                                              Most Jews are good people. Just like most Americans. 99% of us want what’s best for our families and the ones we love. There’s always that 1% though. In any population.

                                                                              • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq
                                                                                gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq  1 months back

                                                                                Most races, ethnic groups and nationalities are terrible people, including Americans and Jews.