Fishing for DEEP Ocean Snowy Grouper

  • Published: 26 November 2019
  • In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing in Destin, Florida, with the hopes of catching a deep, cold-water fish known as the Snowy Grouper. We began by trolling wahoo lures on the way to the grouper spots. On the way there we got a strike on the lure, and it was a wahoo! After a short fight, Preston gaffed the fish and brought it in the boat. It was a 45-pound Wahoo. We continued to the Snowy Grouper spot, which was deeper in the ocean. Once we arrived, both Preston and I dropped down our baits to the bottom. We were using butterflied Boston mackerel for bait. The bite was instant, Preston and I were both hooked up to Snowy Groupers. Throughout the day, we also caught Champagne Porgys, Yellowedge Grouper, and Golden Tilefish.

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Comments • 396

  • Anderson Plays
    Anderson Plays  2 months back

    Me: just minding my business scrolling through YouTube sees BlackTipH video. Clicks in 0.000001 seconds

  • Ed P
    Ed P  2 weeks back


    • Renee Douglas
      Renee Douglas  4 weeks back

      Hey i live in Destin if you want to come down we can make a video and hang out

      • Romli Hidayat
        Romli Hidayat  1 months back

        Why so look easy fishing??
        You're amazing

        • Gonzalo Gutiérrez Fernández

          Electric reels, cheeting

          • Heather D.
            Heather D.  1 months back

            Awesome fish, Josh! I am curious to know the results of your taste tests. Heather🇨🇦

            • Jacob Stone
              Jacob Stone  1 months back

              Why are you using electric reels

              • GDbassin 37
                GDbassin 37  1 months back

                I miss the old blacktiph, like Bonita videos and AJ fishing

                • FITNESS FOR LIFE
                  FITNESS FOR LIFE  1 months back

                  What is coming out of the fishes mouth???

                  • FITNESS FOR LIFE
                    FITNESS FOR LIFE  1 months back

                    Makes sense. Thanks bro

                  • GreatGrandpaBob TV
                    GreatGrandpaBob TV  1 months back

                    FITNESS FOR LIFE it coughs up its organs because it got reeled up out of deep water so fast it happens to a lot of fish

                • Sander Nel
                  Sander Nel  1 months back

                  Its a bit weird to see the eyes popped out..

                  • Anthony Rodriguez
                    Anthony Rodriguez  2 months back

                    Wat is wrong with their eyes

                    • Village Fish Hunting
                      Village Fish Hunting  2 months back

                      Real Fishing in Village Great Video Keep Going and Work Hard One You Will Gain You Success.

                      • Brandon Laumer
                        Brandon Laumer  2 months back

                        what a joke, bunch of rich kids thinking theyre fishing

                        • Colin Grantz
                          Colin Grantz  2 months back

                          I love your videos but...

                          I don’t love the electric reels. It doesn’t seem like anyone else in the comments does either. Not as entertaining to watch. 😕

                          • jmc9723
                            jmc9723  2 months back

                            I wait every tuesday its the only show i watch on the regular including cable thanks yall

                            • Aster321
                              Aster321  2 months back

                              This looks super boring. If I wanted to catch fish by just pushing buttons, I'd play a videogame.

                              • Thumb Nail
                                Thumb Nail  2 months back

                                Watch the video on 0.75x playback speed.
                                You’ll thank me later.

                                • Chamee Fishing
                                  Chamee Fishing  2 months back

                                  What a nice fishing

                                  • Chamee Fishing
                                    Chamee Fishing  2 months back

                                    Ohhhh what a nice vedio.

                                    • Marcos Iturribeitia
                                      Marcos Iturribeitia  2 months back

                                      It would be great if you show in your videos the hook and tell us the type and size, great video !!!!

                                      • Edward Castillo
                                        Edward Castillo  2 months back

                                        Electric reels defeat the purpose of fishing. Ur supposed to be fighting the fish yourself not getting an electric reel to do it for you

                                        • Traxrox1337
                                          Traxrox1337  2 months back

                                          Sorry but i dont think that eletric reels fits in sport fishing, and neither rods that are mounted in the boat, literally there is no "sport" in this type o fishing.

                                          • River Banks
                                            River Banks  2 months back

                                            Y’all never caught a big snowy lol all dinks maybe like 3 decent fish.

                                            • Fletcher Scott
                                              Fletcher Scott  2 months back


                                              • Max Mohr
                                                Max Mohr  2 months back

                                                Max from P.F. Chang’s at the mall man this is my new YouTube keep on keeping on man been watching for a while for few years actually to see u in person was crazy didn’t want to bother u with ur family. I’m looking for that tarpon video man ! God bless u in Jesus name man say hi to Scott Martin for me ✝️✝️✝️ always remember Jesus is the truth repent and believe in him be born again he loves you God bless

                                                • Nick Pow
                                                  Nick Pow  2 months back

                                                  I get electric real at depth, just a bit boring viewing

                                                  • Mulgogi Fishing
                                                    Mulgogi Fishing  2 months back

                                                    Man, I was in Florida a few weeks ago and fished off the bridges/shore. I saw a number of big fish swim by but couldnt get a bite. I used squid as bait, are there any better bait out there to bridge/shore fish in Florida?

                                                    • Ramzy Berri
                                                      Ramzy Berri  2 months back

                                                      For anyone wondering why the fish had they eyes out and their organs out .... its bcz of the difference of pressure

                                                      • Hoslix
                                                        Hoslix  2 months back

                                                        This is a disgrace to fishing electrical powered reels😤

                                                        • Max Connell
                                                          Max Connell  2 months back

                                                          I mean no disrespect this was an amazing video but in my opinion (but who asked) watching the electric rods is not as much fun.

                                                          • Chris Devone
                                                            Chris Devone  2 months back

                                                            Electric reels are the best. Super fun toys and very practical for deep dropping.

                                                            • Avery Ty
                                                              Avery Ty  2 months back

                                                              Those poor eyeballs

                                                              • TAKABON CH
                                                                TAKABON CH  2 months back


                                                                • Jeff Small
                                                                  Jeff Small  2 months back

                                                                  Wasn’t aware so many people were experts on what “is and isn’t” actual fishing. Glad I followed Josh just to be enlightened by all of the profound, educated, and overall enlightening discord in the comments section.

                                                                  • Tobias van der Westhuizen

                                                                    Guys, this electric reel fishing is causing your videos to lose a lot of the magic that mad a lot of us fall in love with the channel.

                                                                    Your previous vids where you actually fish and fight the fish were a lot more exciting and enjoyable.

                                                                    I just hope this electric reel thing isn't permanent 😔

                                                                    • Mike Lyons
                                                                      Mike Lyons  2 months back

                                                                      Now that's some beer drinking fishing right there I don't care who you are.

                                                                      • Torrence McSwain
                                                                        Torrence McSwain  2 months back

                                                                        One time I caught an amberjack after I thought that I had hooked someone else's line

                                                                      • thomistking
                                                                        thomistking  2 months back

                                                                        Not a word about the popping eyes and swim bladders??? Or the electric reel??????

                                                                        • Jeremy Hass
                                                                          Jeremy Hass  2 months back

                                                                          Florida's equivalent to ice fishing

                                                                          • DTruth850
                                                                            DTruth850  2 months back

                                                                            Guys i agree with the whole cheating with the electric reel. I have my own boat and i go deep sea fishing all the time and i love it. The electric reel isnt just for using all the time... i reel up huge grouper in 800 feet by hand and its awesome! But later on in the day when i get tired, i will pull out the electric reel just to screw around with. All Truth though... its just a convenient way to fish for me if i get tired but not my choice for when i start my day. After you reel in fish at that depth all day.. your arms and wrist will feel like Jello. By the way.. that reel alone is $4,000

                                                                            • Dennis Hubach
                                                                              Dennis Hubach  2 months back

                                                                              5:20 why is the eye of the fish "plopped" out ?

                                                                              • Dennis Hubach
                                                                                Dennis Hubach  2 months back

                                                                                Dude i almost think this is because he pulls him up so quik that the pressure is bulling the fishs eyes out that is horrable why did you had to do that couldnt you geht the fish up the normal way so the pressure is not so high and the fish dont get hurt so bad ?!

                                                                            • FiSh'ow Billy
                                                                              FiSh'ow Billy  2 months back

                                                                              Well done 👍🏼👍🏼

                                                                              • Allen Robinson
                                                                                Allen Robinson  2 months back

                                                                                Whats with the eyes on these groupers 😂

                                                                                • Richard Huff
                                                                                  Richard Huff  2 months back

                                                                                  173 people need the sky to snow grouper on them

                                                                                  • Ahhh Ahhh
                                                                                    Ahhh Ahhh  2 months back

                                                                                    I love your channel it's The best I watch all your videos every since January

                                                                                    • DBiaC
                                                                                      DBiaC  2 months back

                                                                                      The electric reel has to take all the fun out of that

                                                                                      • Secrets of Old Fishermen
                                                                                        Secrets of Old Fishermen  2 months back


                                                                                        • Lionhanz 69
                                                                                          Lionhanz 69  2 months back