Caesar Salad Muffin Taste Test

  • Published: 15 April 2019
  • Mythical Chef Josh did it again. He created an epic caesar salad muffin!  GMMore #1525
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Comments • 390

  • Kaleb Heidt
    Kaleb Heidt  2 weeks back

    I'm jealous of josh. If I could find a culinary job like that, I would definitely still be in the field!

    • big ass ape
      big ass ape  2 months back


      • Natasha Atienza
        Natasha Atienza  2 months back

        I hope to see how Josh made them hahaha <3

        • Sydney Leek
          Sydney Leek  4 months back

          1:40 is he holding the russia muffin?

          • Independence In Mind
            Independence In Mind  6 months back

            I demand a podcast of Josh just giving random facts about history and such about food stuffs
            He knows so much!

            • getreal
              getreal  6 months back

              Josh is a hottie

              • Marshall Grusovnik
                Marshall Grusovnik  7 months back

                Call the muffin shop the muffin man. Bonus points if you can get it on the right street. You know what street I'm talking about

                • xxZozanxx
                  xxZozanxx  7 months back

                  +Sir,what do dou want
                  -A salad
                  + Ok, what kind we got a lot like cae-
                  -I want a SHIZAAAAAA (starts crying)

                  • DarthDeadpool Unboxes Things

                    Call your muffin shop the Muff-Inn.

                    • Falls Adventures
                      Falls Adventures  8 months back

                      That's what She said ... bhaaa

                      • Erica Titus
                        Erica Titus  8 months back

                        Link ... You are worth sooooo much more ❤👓

                        • Bitch Lasagna
                          Bitch Lasagna  8 months back

                          Rhett "if you have the taste of uterus in your mouth..."

                          Link "what is that, rosemany?

                          Josh "oh sorry, what, I was processing what Rhett just said."

                          Link "don't prosess what Rhett says."

                          • SMOOTHIE SOUNDZ
                            SMOOTHIE SOUNDZ  8 months back

                            Don't worry Link, lettuce is scary.

                            • Ag_Wolf13
                              Ag_Wolf13  8 months back

                              Josh bravo to you on your masterpieces!!! 🤤🤤🤤

                              • Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu

                                I live for these kinds of episodes! Thanks, guys, and especially Josh, for the interesting facts and history! :D

                                • letitsnow4xmas
                                  letitsnow4xmas  8 months back

                                  Link is so good at what he does, did you see that cesar drip on the close up?! talent.

                                  • letitsnow4xmas
                                    letitsnow4xmas  8 months back

                                    that was one of the funniest mores in a long time

                                    • ragingfiip
                                      ragingfiip  8 months back

                                      Josh's knowledge of the NBA makes me like him a little bit more. Although, even though Klay Thompson is arguably the 3rd best player on the Warriors, he's still an all-star caliber player and one of the best shooters in the history of the game.

                                      • Purple Zucchinis
                                        Purple Zucchinis  8 months back

                                        Josh looks so much better without the mustache.
                                        Make croutons from the muffins and put them on ceasar salad.

                                        • sea b
                                          sea b  8 months back

                                          I love Josh the salad historian

                                          • VNR Adams`Bard
                                            VNR Adams`Bard  8 months back

                                            You should flip the camera so we can see what you see during your shows

                                            • like hell we are anxiously waiting

                                              I enjoyed Josh's Caesar dressing history very much!!

                                              • urmysunshine75
                                                urmysunshine75  8 months back

                                                Dennis Rodman could endorse it 😁

                                                • Bryan Stanley
                                                  Bryan Stanley  8 months back

                                                  Josh looking like Robert Irvine

                                                  • cleobug
                                                    cleobug  8 months back

                                                    chocolate milk is actually better than water or gatorade after a workout

                                                    • Crab Nicholson
                                                      Crab Nicholson  8 months back

                                                      Non-iced and savoury cupcakes are totally a thing

                                                      • Michael Baker
                                                        Michael Baker  8 months back

                                                        I need to go to bed...?

                                                        • Michael Baker
                                                          Michael Baker  8 months back

                                                          josh, this story could've ended a long time ago...……….

                                                      • Martin Nienaber
                                                        Martin Nienaber  8 months back

                                                        You should be thinking of putting an age restriction on your youtube videos

                                                        • Sheffy_
                                                          Sheffy_  8 months back

                                                          "Chocolate milk is a great bridge to muffin" LOL

                                                          • Skyler O'Riordan
                                                            Skyler O'Riordan  8 months back

                                                            i sorta thought cotton candy randy was behind the couch

                                                            • fake internet
                                                              fake internet  8 months back

                                                              wrong couch

                                                              • N VG
                                                                N VG  8 months back

                                                                Don't wear caps on the show, I don't like it when I can't see the eyes!

                                                                • VitalyVlogs
                                                                  VitalyVlogs  8 months back

                                                                  Cake is poopoo i agree link

                                                                  • Demon Pigeon
                                                                    Demon Pigeon  8 months back

                                                                    I wish cotton candy Randy was behind the couch

                                                                    • Tyffanee Lavely
                                                                      Tyffanee Lavely  8 months back

                                                                      YES! THANK YOU JOSH! NO ANCHOVIES NEEDED IN CAESAR DRESSING!

                                                                      • gary bentley
                                                                        gary bentley  8 months back

                                                                        I hate josh

                                                                        • Gremlin Ah
                                                                          Gremlin Ah  8 months back

                                                                          They need to get Shaq for their muffin sponsorship

                                                                          • Morgan Deskin
                                                                            Morgan Deskin  8 months back

                                                                            Missing Josh's 'stache.

                                                                            • Malevolent NTT
                                                                              Malevolent NTT  8 months back

                                                                              Y’all get so weird with innuendos.

                                                                              • Jamie Chambers
                                                                                Jamie Chambers  8 months back

                                                                                There was a lot of sexual innuendo in this episode... Like more than normal...

                                                                                • Zay 95
                                                                                  Zay 95  8 months back

                                                                                  A mythical chef, a mediator and a therapist walk into a bar...

                                                                                  • Adina Smith
                                                                                    Adina Smith  8 months back

                                                                                    Ya'll who else thinks that Josh should start publishing the recipes to the "Will it's" that Rhett and Link say yes to?!?!?👍🏼

                                                                                    • Jenny Plunkett
                                                                                      Jenny Plunkett  8 months back

                                                                                      I’m with Josh! A local restaurant in town makes the absolutely best caeser dressing and it doesn’t have anchovies.

                                                                                      • Eric Wilsey
                                                                                        Eric Wilsey  8 months back

                                                                                        I went to a restaurant in Missoula, Montana called The Laughing Grizzly and their "homemade Caesar" is mayo.

                                                                                        • Valerie Goff
                                                                                          Valerie Goff  8 months back

                                                                                          Lol this is sooooo funny!! Muffin restuarants are the next big thing!!😂🤣

                                                                                          • Igor Maciejuk
                                                                                            Igor Maciejuk  8 months back

                                                                                            Come to Mniej Więcej on YouTube

                                                                                            • Charlotte Harris
                                                                                              Charlotte Harris  8 months back

                                                                                              Josh said Worcestershire right! Its a miracle! Rhett however did not 😂

                                                                                              • madi had land
                                                                                                madi had land  8 months back

                                                                                                Lol in Australia we have muffin break... all types of muffins