D&D Beyond Dev Update - Downtime Review, Discount Codes & More!

  • Published: 09 January 2020
  • Adam Bradford brings you all the latest D&D Beyond news as well as a review of the recent downtime and a series of discount codes to show our appreciation and thank you for your support!

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    2:23 Latest Updates
    4:55 Downtime Review
    14:51 Discount Codes
    16:13 Upcoming

    Q&A section: https://youtu.be/RAoLg93L8MI

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Comments • 49

  • D&D Beyond
    D&D Beyond   1 weeks back

    Happy New Year and welcome to the "Rolling 20's!"

    Use these codes at checkout on https://www.dndbeyond.com to secure some savings:
    LEGENDARYTHANKS ($150 off the Legendary Bundle), SOURCEBOOKTHANKS ($75 off the Sourcebook Bundle), or BOOKTHANKS ($5 off a Digital Book). We appreciate our fans!

    Want to watch this weeks Q&A segment? Check it out here: https://youtu.be/RAoLg93L8MI


    0:11 Today's Lineup
    2:23 Latest Updates
    4:55 Downtime Review
    14:51 Discount Codes (Thank you for your support!)
    16:13 Upcoming

    • Ryan McKannan
      Ryan McKannan  1 weeks back

      How long are the codes good for? I’d love to get the Legendary bundle but this early in the monthly budget it’s not ideal.

  • Kris Lewis
    Kris Lewis  4 days back

    It was stinky that the site was down right when we sat down to play. But we made it work. Thanks for the updates. Encounter, characters in app, UA content, and dice rolling are for sure going to take D&D Beyond to a new level. A must have in my book.

    • djman256
      djman256  5 days back

      Also, I remember worse than BNet just being down, mid raid final boss fight, like actually fighting, and Blizz gets DDOS'ed and the raid crashes. XD

      • djman256
        djman256  5 days back

        I miss seeingthe Q&A section being on YouTube :(

        • D&D Beyond
          D&D Beyond   5 days back

          We are still putting the Q&As on YouTube, just as a separate video! If you check the info under the video the link will be listed. Here's the link for the Q&A from Jan 9th: Q&A section: https://youtu.be/RAoLg93L8MI

      • HBradley
        HBradley  5 days back

        I love his accent

        • Tempest
          Tempest  1 weeks back

          Are the discount codes available permanently? Or will they expire?

          • Jeremy Wellbaum
            Jeremy Wellbaum  1 weeks back

            Question: Will you be adding the ability to create homebrew base classes, like the Pugilist?

            • Robert Gorman
              Robert Gorman  1 weeks back

              Happy for my Apple friends across the cellphone divide, but when can those of us with Windows 10 laptops and tablets get the app in the Windows Store? We can't use the service while offline currently!

              • Christopher Seieroe
                Christopher Seieroe  1 weeks back

                Where were those updates during downtime (Twitter)?

                • blazestudios23
                  blazestudios23  1 weeks back

                  Are you guys using Lambdas or one of the Different docker implementations?

                  • Malo Jewell
                    Malo Jewell  1 weeks back

                    Can we get a "recently added" filter on Homebrew please?

                    • William Hoover
                      William Hoover  1 weeks back

                      I was running one of the games impacted. I had a group of 6 kids ranging from 11 to 15 all with their characters on DNDBeyond. Very Frustrating and it added much chaos, even the 11 year old was speaking your name in vain..... Thanks for the explanation. I agree with the comments regarding offline capability to access character sheets. Please factor that into your development as you continue to grow. Perhaps there is still time to build it into your pending APP update?

                      • Katalen d-w
                        Katalen d-w  3 days back

                        This situation sounds like a missed opportunity for teaching proper responses to things, they should not be talking about anyone or anything in vain for such a silly reason beyond control, also for a game like DnD they really should have printout versions of their sheets anyway, after lvl 5 you dont jump lvls quickly so it's not like they would need to update it very often

                    • tagabundok1
                      tagabundok1  1 weeks back

                      Funny. When I saw "Downtime" in the title I was wondering if there was work being done on in-game downtime activity management.

                      • NewQLar
                        NewQLar  1 weeks back

                        Really great to see you guys grow year over year.

                        • Chris
                          Chris  1 weeks back

                          Will you be at PAX South?

                          • KBeazy_30
                            KBeazy_30  1 weeks back

                            When creating characters since the downtime I have been experiencing issues with multiclassing and using unearthed arcana where the page crashes or forgets recent changes. This has been making it nearly impossible to theory craft new characters which is a main reason I use the service

                            • CyberVic
                              CyberVic  1 weeks back

                              Amen for microservices. Moving to AWS Lambdas instead of docker instances?

                              Thanks for the thanks, already a Legendary Owner and Sub. Looking forward to the encounter tracker. Welcome back.

                              • blazestudios23
                                blazestudios23  2 days back

                                I'm wondering the same thing. Docker is better in my opinion and gives you far more options, plus you can just dockerize the existing codebase as a bunch of services and then replace the ones with the highest loads first with optimized micro-services.

                            • Ruskerdoo
                              Ruskerdoo  1 weeks back

                              I cannot wait for the encounter tracker!

                              • Bastian
                                Bastian  1 weeks back

                                Ooofff, that mobile in-app character sheet coming closer and closer.

                                (insert Stephen Colbert's "Give it to me!" GIF)

                                • Brant Churchill
                                  Brant Churchill  1 weeks back

                                  Discount codes.... what about the people that own all the books and services already..... aka the most devoted people on your service get nothing......

                                  • Brant Churchill
                                    Brant Churchill  1 weeks back

                                    V2Blast I own everything I want on dndbeyond, including legendary. Have subscriptions. They are handing out discounts, which is cool, but does nothing for those people that already have invested with them.

                                  • V2Blast
                                    V2Blast  1 weeks back

                                    I'm confused at what you want... Free money?

                                    By the way, apparently DDB did email a 25% off discount code for the Legendary Bundle to anyone that bought a DDB subscription (Hero or Master Tier) in 2019. So if you own "all the services", you did indeed get something... (If you already had the Legendary Bundle, you can still give that code to someone else - and, well, if you did have the LB already, then you're already getting a discount on every single future sourcebook or adventure book purchase from that.)

                                • Miguel Lopez
                                  Miguel Lopez  1 weeks back

                                  so what happen if I purchase some sourcebook before and now i want to do it on the Sourcebook Bundle. Do i have disscount for the books that I already bought?

                                  • V2Blast
                                    V2Blast  1 weeks back

                                    Yes! The prices of the bundles are all discounted by the price you've already paid for the content from them. (Purchases of individual books work the same way - if you've previously bought individual parts of that book (e.g. a race or subclass or magic item from that book), the price of the book is discounted by the amount you've already paid for content from that book.)

                                  • Erik Burigo
                                    Erik Burigo  1 weeks back

                                    I tried it just now and it does actually exclude (discount) the bundle price according to the books you already own; then it applies the coupon.

                                • Brant Churchill
                                  Brant Churchill  1 weeks back

                                  Lots of exciting stuff. Digital Dice rolling is so not a needed feature.

                                  • punkassbamboo
                                    punkassbamboo  2 days back

                                    Not needed but not hard to add and a handy tool for anyone who might have forgotten their dice once or twice. Now you can do it all in one app.

                                • Nachtmarv
                                  Nachtmarv  1 weeks back

                                  Mr Beyond is back!

                                  • Bort NM
                                    Bort NM  1 weeks back

                                    So the people who have spent the most to support the platform so far and had access to paid resources withheld get the least. Thanks ????....

                                    • V2Blast
                                      V2Blast  1 weeks back

                                      I'm not sure what you're asking for.

                                  • Johnny Jonali
                                    Johnny Jonali  1 weeks back

                                    Give us a full functionality in the app!!

                                    • Enticing Conversations
                                      Enticing Conversations  1 weeks back

                                      they are working on a player mobile app I'll be waiting for that to come out

                                  • Scott Dahm
                                    Scott Dahm  1 weeks back

                                    How come the q&a isn't getting uploaded?

                                    • V2Blast
                                      V2Blast  1 weeks back

                                      @Quilex: Yeah, I think they've done the same for at least this dev update and the one or two before it. Dunno about earlier uploads.

                                    • Quilex
                                      Quilex  1 weeks back

                                      Thanks, I always presumed they did not put the Q&A on You Tube happy to see it is there.

                                    • V2Blast
                                      V2Blast  1 weeks back

                                      It is. It's just unlisted, for whatever reason. It's linked in the description and in the pinned comment by DDB on the video.

                                  • Emanuel Mazariego
                                    Emanuel Mazariego  1 weeks back

                                    While i totally understand that these things happen and thank you for transparency, i think this really highlights how important it is to have an Offline character sheet available to your customers via the app.... its the number 1 thing thats been requested since dnd beyond came out. i really hope you guys make this a priority for this year , thanks!

                                    • reallunacy
                                      reallunacy  1 days back

                                      @aarswft because you may be at a con or other busy place that has sketchy internet. You may also have your own home internet go down during a game.

                                    • aarswft
                                      aarswft  1 weeks back

                                      It's crazy no one ever managed to play D&D before the internet.

                                    • aarswft
                                      aarswft  1 weeks back

                                      @Carlos Why would you need to download it if the service wasn't down... think dude.

                                    • Emanuel Mazariego
                                      Emanuel Mazariego  1 weeks back

                                      @Steve Reed ??? Seriously? An offline app would still work look at hero lab ... a downloaded pdf ud have to pre download it everytime u lvl for all your characters just in case the service ever goes down ... if u look at hero labs old model it had complete functionality online or offline u could edit characters, increase levels , apply conditions and boons all while being offline

                                    • Steve Reed
                                      Steve Reed  1 weeks back

                                      @Carlos you'd have it ahead of time. If the service is down, how does an offline app help if you didn't already have it ahead of time?

                                  • Skylar Graves
                                    Skylar Graves  1 weeks back

                                    Incredible to think with how much you guys have grown over the last couple years that it seems to only be scratching the surface. Twice the previous record of same time users seems like all growth models are out the window and just hang on for dear life! Best of luck!