Allbirds Review - Our 1 Year, Exhaustive Allbirds Shoe Review

  • Published: 30 March 2018
  • Watch our honest review of Allbirds, in particular, the Allbirds Wool Runner and our Small Birds Review. We tackle the question: How well do Allbirds hold up? We show you a brand new pair and a pair about a year old.

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  • Rick Mesta
    Rick Mesta  2 weeks back

    wait, he's kidding right? huge difference :)

    • We Tried It
      We Tried It   6 days back

      I misspoke. See this video:

  • Aiden Lin
    Aiden Lin  4 weeks back

    these are super comfortable. and r very different compared to ultraboosts. Allbirds are everyday shoes that feel like slippers since they're so light. It would not be a fair comparison between these and the yeezys or ultraboost. They are completley different style of shoes.

  • Ahmed wahaj
    Ahmed wahaj  1 months back

    The baby all birds are so cute. 😍

  • Draw with Ya boi Mark
    Draw with Ya boi Mark  1 months back

    I can wash my yeezy just a easily

    • Submersed24
      Submersed24  1 months back

      If you notice, he is desperately defending them... That is because he makes money off people buying them

      • Alfredo Alcantar
        Alfredo Alcantar  2 months back

        They suck not for big guys bias Nike and addidas can support ankles

        • Youn Kim
          Youn Kim  2 months back

          You mean to say they look hideous after a year?

          • We Tried It
            We Tried It   2 months back

            I said it wrong. Watch here:

        • Bronson Seehafer
          Bronson Seehafer  2 months back

          Lmao man needs to try some ultraboosts

          • francis yang
            francis yang  3 months back

            nobody talks about all the STATIC SHOCK you get from wearing these shoes

            • francis yang
              francis yang  1 months back

              @Steve Hooper sorry..but still I get shock every time I wear these shoes

            • Steve Hooper
              Steve Hooper  1 months back

              ...that's now how static works

            • We Tried It
              We Tried It   3 months back

              Crazy! We've never had that problem! And we live in Colorado, where it is super dry.

          • steve p
            steve p  3 months back

            Are they easy to slip on and off without untying??

            • We Tried It
              We Tried It   3 months back

              It depends on how loose you have them tied. I like them loose - but you can tie them tighter. It's up to you. They are fairly stretchy.

          • Everyman Media
            Everyman Media  3 months back

            Toe box looks like a blown out asshole... you can barely tell the difference.

            • carlosds MTV
              carlosds MTV  4 months back

              What if you washed your Allbirds with a wool detergent? It doesn't contain fiber-aggressive enzymes and is suitable for hand or maschine washing

            • pressrepeat2000
              pressrepeat2000  4 months back

              These don’t look “close to brand new” at all after washing! The toe area has softened and expanded massively, it looks like an out-of-shape sock not a shoe! I have a pair which I wear with socks, and TBH they are very comfortable but they lose shape quite fast even before washing, so not planning to wash them unless they get very very dirty. Glad I watched this.

              • We Tried It
                We Tried It   4 months back

                See our follow up video:

            • Karen Custer Thurston
              Karen Custer Thurston  4 months back

              thanks so much! I just heard the owner of the company interviewed on the BBC today and wanted to know more.

            • Abdul Waseh
              Abdul Waseh  5 months back

              Small. Birds. Are. So. Cute. !!!

              • hiro progatonist
                hiro progatonist  5 months back

                Nah bruh they definitely look like they've been through a year

                • Romsky Svet
                  Romsky Svet  5 months back

                  Are the shoes good if you are working in a restaurant industry as a waiter ? Thank you

                  • X Files 008
                    X Files 008  4 months back

                    Maybe you would need something more solid which keeps it's shape. A simple Adidas or Nike. I bought Allbirds for the office. I sit all day and drive to work. If you are standing or walking for hours, I wouldn't recommend them. Your feet would be so hot, not a nice feeling.

                • Marc Beaupré
                  Marc Beaupré  7 months back

                  Had for year. Toe upper separated from the bottom. About to wear a hole through them. Awful in rain.

                  • Balune
                    Balune  7 months back

                    This is an advertisement

                    • We Tried It
                      We Tried It   7 months back

                      It’s actually not. We didn’t get paid or even referral commissions from Allbirds. We just really like ‘em.

                  • luke kemeny
                    luke kemeny  8 months back

                    Awesome review! Hope more shoe companies take note. We need more all-natural shoes

                    • ChicagoArkus
                      ChicagoArkus  8 months back


                      • luvdocumentary
                        luvdocumentary  9 months back

                        Yeah, u lost me at 3:50.

                        • Brooklyn Style ☑️
                          Brooklyn Style ☑️  9 months back

                          They stink?

                          • Christine P
                            Christine P  9 months back

                            glorified sneaker - no performance - just a wool sneaker with a ton of $$ behind its marketing -

                            • c@b@ll3ro
                              [email protected]@ll3ro  9 months back

                              Wow, glad I watched this. Collapsed toe box and poor support...big no.

                              • Evan StJohn
                                Evan StJohn  10 months back

                                p e t a

                                • scott steven
                                  scott steven  11 months back

                                  can get a pair of skechers half the price and look better...and are real comfortable!!!

                                • colin bloy
                                  colin bloy  11 months back

                                  Any smell issues?

                                  • We Tried It
                                    We Tried It   11 months back

                                    The REALLY old ones smell a very little bit just because they have been worn so much. I just wear them out in the yard and stuff now. The newer ones are surprisingly very stink-free, even after wearing on a hot day with no socks.

                                • Lexie
                                  Lexie  11 months back

                                  I got a pair of these shoes in August of 2018. It’s true that they lose their shape easy and wear down, however it is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. In my opinion, they’re nice shoes. I wouldn’t wear them to the gym or use them for running outside (not waterproof in the slightest!) but if you’re looking for comfortable work shoes, go with these.

                                  They’re not too fashionable or hardy, but I’ll continue to buy work shoes from them. They work hard to use environmentally friendly methods and that’s something I really appreciate.

                                  • Betsy Ross
                                    Betsy Ross  2 months back

                                    Lexie - Thank you!! You answered all my questions! 😃

                                • Brandon G.
                                  Brandon G.  12 months back

                                  I have a pair of wool runners and my wife has several pairs of Allbirds (various types). We have had them over a year and I can tell you that the toe box is the biggest area of weakness in this shoe. If you don't wear socks, within several months the toe box will start to wear through from the nails on your feet rubbing against the toe area, causing holes to form. Yes, even if you keep your nails trimmed fairly short.

                                  I bought a couple of pairs of knockoffs ($24) and the manufacturer cleverly added a bit of fabric on the inside of the toe box, which fixes the rumpled look and adds a fair amount of durability. Allbirds needs to copy the knockoffs in this case.

                                  Secondly, better get used to washing them regularly or they stink to high heaven. I don't know who told Allbirds that Marino wool sneakers would breathe, but they don't. If it is very cold outside and not raining, these shoes are great. Super comfortable and very warm. If it is even close to a moderate temperature, be ready for sweaty feet.

                                  The shoes are very comfortable, if you wear them for 1/2 hour to an hour at a time. Any longer than that and your feet will be in a sauna. Allbirds are nice enough shoes, but not for $95. For a lot less money (about 1/4 the price), I bought some knockoffs that seem to be better made and are close to the comfort of Allbirds.

                                  I think the ultimate test is whether you would buy them again. If they were 1/4 the price, sure. Otherwise, I don't think I will be buying more Allbirds.

                                  • Jkreider
                                    Jkreider  10 months back

                                    link for the knockoffs?

                                • Billy P
                                  Billy P  12 months back

                                  Can you make all bird vs ultra boost comparison video?

                                • Jed Carolino
                                  Jed Carolino  12 months back

                                  Everyone talking shit obviously has not tried them lmao
                                  These shoes are for comfortability.
                                  A shoe is for wearing and of course itll wear out in a year
                                  To everyone in the comments saying it looks bad after a year... you probably buy shoes and wear them once or twice cause you guys are so surprised of the outcome of these

                                  • Rāhera
                                    Rāhera  11 months back

                                    I’m shocked people expect any shoe that is used regularly to last as long as a year

                                  • We Tried It
                                    We Tried It   12 months back

                                    I'm with you!

                                • Tyler Middaugh
                                  Tyler Middaugh  12 months back

                                  honestly i have 2 pairs and i love them. the toe thing doesnt bother me and all i have to do is throw them in the wash and they are lookin good again. i still get compliments on them 2 years after buying them!!

                                • Psalm 128
                                  Psalm 128  12 months back

                                  That was silly of you to say those look brand new, because they dont. They look like they only get more comfortable as you wear them, though! You should have said that instead of trying to prove my eyes against me

                                  • We Tried It
                                    We Tried It   12 months back

                                    I apologized already! See this video:

                                • Andrew
                                  Andrew  1 years back

                                  I wouldn’t fuck with these shoes. The toe box looks like garbage after a year of use. Save yourself some money and get some Nike Roshe’s for $75.

                                  • Miss thao
                                    Miss thao  1 years back

                                    Honestly my sister and I got them and they are ripping a part and they’re not as good looking as there are advertising

                                    • Jed Carolino
                                      Jed Carolino  12 months back

                                      Miss thao you probably have ginormous feet 🦶

                                  • M Flores
                                    M Flores  1 years back

                                    "Hated socks"

                                    • Morgan Butler
                                      Morgan Butler  1 years back

                                      I’ve had a pair for a year and love the warmth of them in winter. I agree, not much support, as the wool is soft. I put different innersoles in them which helped, as I was getting plantar fasciitis from the flat innersoles that come with the shoes. They were comfy right out of the box and I love them. More arched innersoles and more structure in the toe box would be a big help and encourage me to buy another pair...preferably in a purple! I have the black with black soles. I wear with socks.

                                      • Jeff J
                                        Jeff J  1 years back

                                        I have a couple of pair of the runners. Super comfortable and great support. I don’t wash mine, I spot clean and use a wool brush on them each week. I think the deflation in the tow box is from washing. I don’t have that issue and my oldest pair are about a year old.
                                        As to the wicking and temperature regulation properties of merino wool, it’s really. You can wear these year round comfortably. For hot and humid days I prefer the Allbird Treerunners, which are made from eucalyptus.
                                        Nice review

                                        • We Tried It
                                          We Tried It   12 months back

                                          I'm trying to hold out as long as I can on my newest Wool Runners to see if it helps the toe issue.

                                      • symmetricalastic
                                        symmetricalastic  1 years back

                                        They’re itchy without socks and I would never wash them even if it says you can do so

                                        • symmetricalastic
                                          symmetricalastic  1 years back

                                          ItsThatMilkshake well I find them more comfortable with socks. The wool is itchy as hell. He’s the one that was talking about wearing the shoes without socks not me.

                                        • Inhale My Farts
                                          Inhale My Farts  1 years back

                                          You peasant. Don't wear shoes without socks

                                      • AUThePokemonMaster
                                        AUThePokemonMaster  1 years back


                                        • Helen Thomson
                                          Helen Thomson  1 years back

                                          I am so disappointed not to be able to buy pale grey. Such a lovely colour for summer. Please reconsider.

                                          • Laura S Molecavage MA PLC Life Coach

                                            What about support. Arches. Being on feet all day

                                            • 12012channel
                                              12012channel  2 weeks back

                                              @We Tried It How is the grip? They look super slippery.

                                            • We Tried It
                                              We Tried It   1 years back

                                              Laura S Molecavage MA PLC Life Coach I would say they are super comfortable to wear all day. They are on more of the cushiony side - so if you need a super firm shoes, these probably aren’t the right one.

                                          • General Zod
                                            General Zod  1 years back

                                            I got a pair for Christmas. Size 10. But, no half sizes available. 10 feels a bit small and 11 a bit large. Probably won't wear them as often as i would otherwise.

                                            • DeAndre K
                                              DeAndre K  1 years back

                                              "yOu caN BaRelY TeLl tHe dIFfEreNcE"

                                              • Martin Moreno Anderson
                                                Martin Moreno Anderson  1 weeks back

                                                actually in the box that come with the shoes, there are toe holders or whatever that keep them in good shape, maybe he just didn't use them?

                                              • We Tried It
                                                We Tried It   10 months back

                                                Check out our latest video on this:

                                            • Hiu-Man Cheung
                                              Hiu-Man Cheung  1 years back

                                              Fancy slippers. That's all it is.

                                              • PCLA7
                                                PCLA7  1 years back

                                                <><> Great Shoes - Bought Three Pairs - Poor Customer Service - Asleep @ The Switch - Room For Some 2019 Improvement <><>

                                                • Jedi Niltag
                                                  Jedi Niltag  1 years back

                                                  What are the soles like? They seem to be that newish rubber I see a lot on kicks these days. I had a cheapish pair of Adidas with that stuff and other than getting dirty quick, white soles, they seemed to lose all traction on wet surfaces. Like hitting a patch of ice. Did you notice any weirdness with the sole? Is the bottom super smooth?

                                                  • We Tried It
                                                    We Tried It   1 years back

                                                    We actually really like the soles - they keep pretty clean and don't lose traction on wet surfaces. It's easier to keep clean when you can wash them in the washing machine. :)