MidiBridge: Splitting a midi controller between two apps

  • Published: 18 May 2013
  • In this tutorial I show how to hook up an external midi controller and send the midi to two separate apps using MidiBridge. I use Audiobus to keep the apps running in the background, iGrand and Magellan.
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Comments • 9

  • Ngopi Ganz
    Ngopi Ganz  12 months back

    i havn't found it in my country appstore (indonesia)

    • Joe Montiel
      Joe Montiel  1 years back

      This app is no longer available.

      • Jorge Andres Gonzalez Romero

        Thanks, good info video!

        • Römer De Caracas
          Römer De Caracas  4 years back

          Hello, What about MIDI SYNC possibilities? can I start and set tempo from my keyboard and rule an app Slaved to the tempo, comand, and start (FA, FB, FC hex etc..) it? I need to sync keyb to launchpad (or viceverse) and play both in bpm sync or MIDI sync, but keeping tempo sincronized it is posible?

          • Fernando Vasconcellos
            Fernando Vasconcellos  5 years back

            Me ajudou muito. Obrigado

            • Voluminum
              Voluminum  5 years back

              Help me a lot! Thank you very much!

              • danielnovich
                danielnovich  6 years back

                Hi, could you make the same split with imidipatchbay in other video?

                • TP Shimmons
                  TP Shimmons  6 years back

                  So MIDI Bridge vs imidipatchbay - what are the benefits of each or how do they compare?

                  • John Visser
                    John Visser  6 years back

                    Thanks very much! T'is is exactly what I was looking for! 2 iPad apps to be played on a splitted keyboard at the same time. How simple can live be.....