Barcelona 3-3 Manchester United - UCL 1998/1999 [HD]

  • Published: 12 April 2019
  • 25 November 1998 | Champions League | Group Stage

    United’s Treble season had such a perfect killer-to-filler ratio that their two astonishing 3-3 draws against Barcelona in the Champions League group stage are great songs tossed off as B-sides.

    The second of those matches, which Louis van Gaal’s Barcelona had to win to stay in their tournament (the final, as you may have heard, was to be played at the Camp Nou), had almost as much in common with basketball as football. For both sides, valour was the better part of discretion. “It was a night of complete abandon,” Ferguson said, “played exactly in the spirit of ‘let the best team win.”
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  • Tomo tomo Cacchio cacchio

    1999 every Barcelona and United fans: Your players sucks!!!!
    2019 every Barcelona and United fan: what a players!!

    • danish ikhwan
      danish ikhwan  2 days back

      3:10 wtf , did he smoke??? howw

      • Bilal Bilal
        Bilal Bilal  2 days back

        Footbal ended in 2006 with zidane

        • John
          John  4 days back

          Late 90s early 2000s football was super. Man I miss those days. Now its faeries with tatoos. And an honorable mention of VAR.

          • jonbudi
            jonbudi  5 days back

            Forza Juve

            • Ocky Farreza
              Ocky Farreza  5 days back

              Van gaal be man u coach and get sacked

              • João Vicente
                João Vicente  7 days back

                Today Manchester United is way better. They have lingard now, for fuck's sakes

                • Hernán Cortés
                  Hernán Cortés  1 weeks back

                  Y aqui es cuando Beckam se dió cuenta que su destino era fichar por el Real Madrid, y Figo tambien se dió cuenta, los dos supieron que jugar en el Farsa, el equipo mas asqueroso de la Tierra, no era su destino.

                  • Bernardo Moreira
                    Bernardo Moreira  1 weeks back

                    Rivaldo was an absolutely incredible player, such techinique and strength

                    • Álvaro Costa
                      Álvaro Costa  1 weeks back

                      Rivaldo era absurdo demais

                      • tausif. haque
                        tausif. haque  1 weeks back

                        wtf was smeichel doing in this match kmao

                        • saiba men
                          saiba men  1 weeks back

                          Footbal now is weak
                          Just messi and ronaldo
                          And weak deffender

                          • AK47Stalin
                            AK47Stalin  1 weeks back

                            Back in this era the players actually played to win

                            • elia de niro
                              elia de niro  1 weeks back


                              • Aguz25
                                Aguz25  1 weeks back

                                Only Rivaldo, Figo, obviously Xavi and maybe left back Sergi could play today in Barsa. The rest of the team was crap...Anderson? Giovanni? Celades? Average players.

                                • Aguz25
                                  Aguz25  1 weeks back

                                  Center Backs and Defensive Midfielders were so passive back in the 90's, they didn't press oposite players. Game has won intensity.

                                  • J R
                                    J R  1 weeks back

                                    Cole and Yorke were almost telepathic in their play!

                                    • ZAOUWV
                                      ZAOUWV  1 weeks back

                                      Giovanni, Rivaldo , Andersson BRASIL!

                                      • Pauly Smith
                                        Pauly Smith  1 weeks back

                                        Ahh football before this VAR rubbish..ah good old days!

                                        • Thiago Pergentino
                                          Thiago Pergentino  1 weeks back

                                          Junior: "O Beckham vai cruzar Sampaio! E os neguinho (Cole, York) vão marcar e a culpa vai ser minha.😭😭" Hahahahahahahaha.

                                          • El Lobo
                                            El Lobo  2 weeks back

                                            "18 Year Old Xavi"


                                            • Ertugrl Onal
                                              Ertugrl Onal  2 weeks back


                                              • Dim Izhan
                                                Dim Izhan  2 weeks back

                                                2020 jakarta

                                                • Abubakar Ngatomela
                                                  Abubakar Ngatomela  2 weeks back


                                                  • David Bowers
                                                    David Bowers  2 weeks back

                                                    4:49- touch by keane

                                                    • eyassu arefayne
                                                      eyassu arefayne  2 weeks back

                                                      O boy

                                                      • 66 6
                                                        66 6  2 weeks back


                                                        • Евгений Морозов

                                                          Ривалдо всосал мощно

                                                          • Myself
                                                            Myself  2 weeks back

                                                            1:09 OMG This play is pretty like when Rivaldo scored against Schmeichel in France 98.

                                                            • Andre Irawan
                                                              Andre Irawan  2 weeks back

                                                              Siapa yang nonton di tahun 2020 angkat tangan 😂😂😂

                                                              • Aris Guntara #337
                                                                Aris Guntara #337  2 weeks back

                                                                GK : Schmeichel 😂

                                                                • Berly Tannyono Putra
                                                                  Berly Tannyono Putra  2 weeks back

                                                                  3:09 DID HE SMOKING??

                                                                  • James W
                                                                    James W  2 weeks back

                                                                    Brilliant game

                                                                    • stephen young
                                                                      stephen young  2 weeks back

                                                                      Wtf happened?

                                                                      • Marcin Trelkovski
                                                                        Marcin Trelkovski  2 weeks back

                                                                        3:09 Borat is pissed

                                                                        • HakLa Hip-Hop
                                                                          HakLa Hip-Hop  2 weeks back

                                                                          Pro evolution soccer 4

                                                                          • Jetro200110
                                                                            Jetro200110  2 weeks back

                                                                            5:15 La infaltable ayudita al Barcelona.

                                                                            • Mustafa tennan
                                                                              Mustafa tennan  2 weeks back

                                                                              Liat Guardiola serius amat mengamati pertandingan

                                                                              • jamesair ajames
                                                                                jamesair ajames  2 weeks back

                                                                                Is there any midfielder like Beckham today....???

                                                                                • Zodiac Sound
                                                                                  Zodiac Sound  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Rivaldo carregava o Barça, se é loko, craque!

                                                                                  • Cristian Moral Moreno
                                                                                    Cristian Moral Moreno  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Good match

                                                                                    • Ted Ra
                                                                                      Ted Ra  2 weeks back

                                                                                      3:01 just an art

                                                                                      • Almeida Matheus
                                                                                        Almeida Matheus  2 weeks back

                                                                                        5:39 Rivaldo gênio 🔥🔥🔥

                                                                                        • Jamie Ditch
                                                                                          Jamie Ditch  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Peter Schmeichel, I forgot just HOW good he was.

                                                                                          • Emir Haracic
                                                                                            Emir Haracic  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Ah the time when you could watch football on television...for free.

                                                                                            • Robert Kibera
                                                                                              Robert Kibera  2 weeks back

                                                                                              Rivaldo was class

                                                                                              • MADMANB68
                                                                                                MADMANB68  3 weeks back

                                                                                                Man U got robbed that wasn’t offside no way 5:26 !!!