NYCC 2019: ALL ELITE WRESTLING - Jungle Boy (Jack Perry), Nyla Rose

  • Published: 05 October 2019
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  • ghostrecon755
    ghostrecon755  3 months back

    Nyla is so chill and so easy on the eyes. Dang, I need her in my life like Netflix, Cokes and pizza! 😘

    • J-Man Stryker
      J-Man Stryker  3 months back

      Nyla rose she so beautiful as an angel I'm in love and I wish she could be my wifey one day. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

      • mensabs
        mensabs  3 months back

        just kept wanting him to take off his shirt

        • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
          Mrs. Arthur Morgan  3 months back

          J.R. is annoying using Jungle Boy’s real name all the time when Jungle Boy said in other interviews that he just wants to be Jungle Boy.

          • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
            Mrs. Arthur Morgan  3 months back

            Nyla is black, native, and trans: That’s 3 strikes against her in America. But she’s out there doing her thing. She doesn’t take any crap and she’s doing her. Mad respect.

            • J-Man Stryker
              J-Man Stryker  3 months back

              I'm in love because she is the beautiful ones

          • Hasnaoui Adel
            Hasnaoui Adel  3 months back

            I wanna hug them .. i wanna hug them both (platonically)

          • Xurace Bro
            Xurace Bro  3 months back


            • cdowg187
              cdowg187  3 months back

              Honestly most of the anti trans stuff I see on social media is usually done by ppl that I know didn’t graduate high school bc they were too busy getting high. It’s the same with vaccinations and strangely very pro GOP despite most of them either being working class or lower working class.

              • Starscream91
                Starscream91  4 days back

                cdowg187 Most people I see mentioning that Nyla is a man are university educated people who know the difference between emotional whims and scientific fact.

              • KingsHeathDon91
                KingsHeathDon91  3 months back

                I don't mind 'her' but I can't deal with that Sonny kiss shit.

              • Rabbi Shekelberg
                Rabbi Shekelberg  3 months back

                Oh how wrong you are you communist bastard

            • William Polio
              William Polio  3 months back

              nyla rose personalities is to cool

              • Jose Menendez
                Jose Menendez  3 months back

                Pick a quite less cavernous room without foot traffic next time ugh

              • Brotha Wiz
                Brotha Wiz  3 months back

                I don't care about her being trans, but in science the egg is then a female once fertilized than the dominate gene takes over so whatever, it is what it is, go have normal life, fuck it there is real evil shit going on so wrestle your happy ass off.....also if religious ppl want to judge, remember its not your job too, it is the creator.

                • faygothrower
                  faygothrower  3 months back

                  Men should not be fighting women...when is aew gonna do a live q and a so i can ask the real questions?

                  • Craig Crocombe
                    Craig Crocombe  3 months back

                    @Rabbi Shekelberg Intergender matches are only stupid if youre doing like Brock Vs Alexa Bliss. Now Chyna Vs Eddie Guerrero was awesome. As long as I can suspend disbelief I'll watch them fight their own shadow for all I care.

                  • Filmation77
                    Filmation77  3 months back

                    So Mrs Morgan,I'd STFU,about what You THINK You KNOW(and if you wanna history or Trivia I can beat you off The Top of My Head without looking online,in fact give me a Question and I can answer it within 30 minutes to 2 hours of your next post......I'm waiting,Mark.

                  • Filmation77
                    Filmation77  3 months back

                    @Mrs Arthur Morgan, do you really BELIEVE ,what you're saying, I'm 1973 ,you're 1985 at the Most.and I've been watch since I was six(when my grandmother would put me in front of a Tv Saturday Nights in front of World Class Championship Wrestling ,which was one of the Biggest Territories of Its Time and about 65% of that talent helped form the Wrestling Culture of the 1980's and Early 1990's(Taker,Austin,HBK(before even The Midnight Rockers)Magnum T.A.Dusty,Smash from Demolition.,Rick Steiner and The Blade Runners(Sting and The Ultimate Warrior).ive grown up with WCCW,Crockett,Bill Watts UWF,Herb Abrams UWF,(remember that?Probably not)!TWA,which evolved into the Iconic Paul Heymans ECW. And I used to read The Apter Mags(Pro Wrestling Illustrated mostly)So "Mrs Morgan" I've Forgotten More about Pro Wrestling THAN YOU'LL Ever Know,and That's a Fucking SHOOT)

                  • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
                    Mrs. Arthur Morgan  3 months back

                    When AEW starts having men wrestle women, we can have this conversation. Even so,
                    I couldn’t care less. Kong is even bigger than Nyla but she wrestles smaller women; Marko is smaller than some women and he wrestles huge men. AEW isn’t for you. Stick to WWE.

                • Glen Menas
                  Glen Menas  4 months back

                  I agree with Nyla Rose 100%. She has a very fresh perspective on pro wrestling and I like it!

                  • Tammy Nestor
                    Tammy Nestor  2 months back

                    This message is for jungle boy and I'm proud of what you're doing keep it up obtain minister and I have a job and I work for Kohl's department store and I've been there almost 2 years this February 6th I lost my father to this November be two years he's been deceased I miss my dad a lot he gives me encouragement to do what I have to do even though I have cerebral palsy and I won't I don't get my disability to get me down at three jobs and I hold all three jobs down and let supervisor at Kohl's department store I love where I work at

                • SyncOfTheWord
                  SyncOfTheWord  4 months back

                  I love Nyla. She's cool af. Nice to see her get a bit righteously feisty.

                  • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
                    Mrs. Arthur Morgan  3 months back

                    Right? I love how she shuts it down if the question is ignorant.

                • Cheesecake Nakamura
                  Cheesecake Nakamura  4 months back

                  NICE, just learned some RESPECT from Nyla Rose and Jungle Boy !!

                  Wish you two and all in AEW the best life you can ever have.

                  • Xevious vS. Blackmanta
                    Xevious vS. Blackmanta  4 months back

                    "Whats your fav Pokemon? EEVEE. NEXT QUESTION." fucking ded bro 😂😂😂

                    • Filmation77
                      Filmation77  4 months back

                      4:33 ok small thing, the first indigenous /Native American woman on this level of a huge Wrestling company would be wwe's Mickie James-Aldis

                      • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
                        Mrs. Arthur Morgan  3 months back

                        Matthew O’Riordan assume what Nyla considers Mickie just to exercise some transphobia.

                        Wow, you’re so cool. Why are you even watching for AEW as a transphobe? WWE is RIGHT THERE, dude.

                      • Shannon Williams
                        Shannon Williams  3 months back

                        Wish you would have talked to Ms. Rose more, you just focused on Jungle boy because of who his dad was and he told you he didn't want special treatment

                      • Matthew O’Riordan
                        Matthew O’Riordan  3 months back

                        That’s right Mickie James was... but I’m sure Nyla ( & others ) consider her white.

                        But that’s fine cuz many don’t consider Nyla a woman... so I guess it’s about even.

                      • Scorpion_
                        Scorpion_  3 months back

                        Jamie McCoy actually she is, she’s said many times and even had a Native American style wrestle mania gear

                    • Luke Hawley
                      Luke Hawley  4 months back

                      I can understand that question about phobia to generate heel heat. Just I don’t think the guy worded it right. For example Goldust in the attitude era. But like bra and pant matches something should be left in the attitude era!!!

                      • Xevious vS. Blackmanta
                        Xevious vS. Blackmanta  4 months back

                        The funny thing is the "Goldust" character started pre Attitude era in 96' and was wayyyy more homosexual then than in later years during the Attitude era.