Costco! Heritage Security Quick Access Personal Safe! $79!!!

  • Published: 15 February 2019
  • Costco has the Heritage Security Quick Access Personal Safe for $79!!! Its normally about $99!  There are other quick access personal safes online: 

    The Heritiage Security Quick Access personal safe has a four button key code, rfid reader and a computer key to access the safe. It is low profile to fit in smaller locations and have a silent opening door.   The bottom of the safe has two holes for bolt mounts. Disclaimer:
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  • Michael Ramones
    Michael Ramones  6 months back

    Anyone know how to silent the keypads, lost my manual.

    • Nickie Tong
      Nickie Tong  5 months back

      Hold the key next to the keylock for 4 secs and the lights should blink green.

  • Steve K
    Steve K  8 months back

    Got mine 2 days ago $59. I think this one is a dud. Opened with key, put batteries in, set code and tried it a couple times. Work flawlessly with code about 5 times! Then after inputing code, I could hear the lock cycle, but the lid wouldn't open. So grabbed the barrel key, inserted and turned fully and nothing. Tried multiple times and nothing, tried code and could hear lock cycle each time again and still it wouldn't open. Tried key one last time and alas, it opened. Thinking this had to be a fluke, I tried again with multiple successive openings with both key and code..... Then, It did it once again.... Returning this one.

    • AlaskaErik
      AlaskaErik  8 months back

      I just bought mine today at Costco...$59.99!

      • icefkfffk
        icefkfffk  8 months back

        Great safe for the price. It's on sale again, now for $69.