Which Flap Disc is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 11 March 2019
  • Flap discs tested: Harbor Freight Warrior, DeWalt, Makita, Walter Flex Steel, Diablo, and Norton Red Heat. A rusty piece of sheet metal was cut into 6 pieces. Each flap disc was provided 2 opportunities for a total of 3 minutes to remove as much rust as possible. The sheet metal was weighed before and after each timed event to figure out how much rust and metal was removed. 100% of the video ideas are from viewers. I greatly appreciate all the support that viewers provide, allowing the channel to deliver unsponsored, unbiased, content!
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  • Rock Fish
    Rock Fish  2 days back

    Do you have a job other then this?

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   1 days back

      I'm former military and now own a small farm. Cattle and hay production. Thank you

  • Bill Sells
    Bill Sells  3 days back

    That is your craziest contraption yet. Are you related to Wile E. Coyote, or is he at least a guest at at Thanksgiving Dinner?

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil  6 days back

    I like Diablo stuff in general for the longevity

  • Mighty Orb
    Mighty Orb  1 weeks back

    Showing $/gm metal removed and $/sanding disk weight loss would have been interesting. Great video!

  • Brian
    Brian  1 weeks back

    They can be trimmed back? I have seen this on disks. But I have never seen any directions on how to trim back?

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   1 weeks back

      Only a couple of them can be trimmed. Thank you

  • Krankie V
    Krankie V  1 weeks back

    Any flap wheel I've ever used seems to stop cutting long before the sandpaper material appears to be worn down. They have their place I guess, but rusty metal cleaning seems to ruin them very quickly. They seem to last much longer grinding on cleaner metal

  • VB
    VB  2 weeks back

    Good video, but you left out Metabo.
    Although they're work provided, we pretty much prefer their Type 29 cupped design for general weld prep and paint/powder coating removal. I never really considered a flap wheel to be the right tool to go after deep rust or mill scale. We use the Metabo in 40 and 60 grit, I sometimes get a full day or more out of one disc. I know they're pricey but like I said, work supplies them and they have a good wholesale source i suppose.

    As for the Warrior flap discs, they're not that bad if used for just paint removal and light sanding, they're more for polishing and clean up than for metal removal. Plus, with the right coupon, and a sale, I've gotten them for as little as $1.99 each. (Pack of 10/$9.99). I haven't seen the 10 pks lately, but I stocked up on them a few years ago when they had the 25% off coupon for one holiday sale. The Warrior discs cannot take as much pressure as the Metabo discs, but they do work for what I use them for. If I need to remove metal, I go to a grinding wheel.

  • mcshaunable
    mcshaunable  2 weeks back

    I came across your reviews by accident and I have now watched most of your videos. I even watch the ones I would never have anything to do with or use the product but just enjoy watching. I know, for me, I have learned a lot. Don’t ever let the big brands buy out your ethical and honest opinions. Keep up the great work! Thanks again for the great content!

  • bill chiasson
    bill chiasson  2 weeks back

    3M cubitron II 40 grit is the best hands down!

  • Pileits
    Pileits  2 weeks back

    Thanks for all those things you test. I appreciate your efforts, good job thanks

  • Feuby
    Feuby  3 weeks back

    Your channel is just awesome. When i'm bored, i'm just "let's watch PF, to know which is the best tool i'll probably never use". I juste hope some day I'll be able to do like at least half of what you're doing just to improve things in my house. At least, you do your best to help me doing that with the good tools, providing almost scientific and reproductible experiments.

  • Lauri Butt
    Lauri Butt  3 weeks back


  • Mark Alibozek
    Mark Alibozek  3 weeks back

    Isn't the Norton one a hybrid?

    • wrenches with rock
      wrenches with rock  3 weeks back

      Hey man I have a small time mobile mechanic business. I use allot of products you test and pass on the knowledge to my customers. I have been trying to get into the YouTube world but I am terrible at it lol. People don’t realize how much time goes into making videos, editing, etc. I basically started my business from nothing about 3 months ago. I use Facebook to market and get most of my work from there but I know getting on YouTube is the way to go. I was just wondering if you had any tips or suggestions on how I can get myself out there. I don’t really have the extra money for nice equipment so I make due with what I have. You started from nothing and I have been watching your channel for awhile now, I would greatly appreciate any advice you may be willing to share. You always are saying you read every comment so I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks!

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   3 weeks back

        Thank you! Highly recommend using a tripod to hold the camera. Also, have a plan for the video before starting it. Outline what you're going to discuss to avoid being repetitive. Hope this helps

    • Sheila Mclaughlin
      Sheila Mclaughlin  3 weeks back

      If u r going to clean that much rust use a stone and polish with the pad

    • wkellander
      wkellander  3 weeks back

      I’d love to see the amount of torque it takes to twist (break) different brands of Allen wrenches.

    • bendall2006
      bendall2006  3 weeks back

      This is a great test! I would love to see another one done with Roak, Bench mark, and leigh valley abrasives included!!!

    • Anthony Penza
      Anthony Penza  3 weeks back

      I would like to see a test on aluminum as it clogs up the disc faster than mild steel. Appreciate all the testing. Very thorough and informative.

    • idontwantachannel
      idontwantachannel  3 weeks back

      Currently using $1.99 flap disks from LehighValleyAbrasives.com

      I didn't expect them to be in this test because they don't advertise, I can't even remember how I heard of them.🤷‍♂️

    • Jeff Lee
      Jeff Lee  4 weeks back

      Well, I wanted to find out the best flapper disks to use . . . and got a great lesson. And yes, I am not surprised about the Dewalt outcome. Overpriced.

    • Bob Shawn
      Bob Shawn  4 weeks back

      Excellent testing analysis. Genius idea the way you test

      • Mark Shymanski
        Mark Shymanski  4 weeks back

        If you have not yet done cold cut saws I would be greatly interested to see how the Oslun 10" blades hold up to the Evolution blades and any others out there. In the same vein cutoff wheels would be another interesting test. I received some trial 3M disks but have yet to try them out.

        • Michael Mckinley
          Michael Mckinley  4 weeks back

          Could you test a ceramic flap disc to see if it's worth the extra cost? They're expensive, but I feel like they hold up a lot longer and remove a ton of material. Thanks!

        • Taunter Atwill
          Taunter Atwill  4 weeks back

          How do you 'trim' a flap disc? :-))

          • Taunter Atwill
            Taunter Atwill  4 weeks back

            @Project Farm Thank you, so. . . . i'll never gonna find out how to do it ?

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   4 weeks back

            I should have demonstrated how it's done. Only a couple brands tested are able to be trimmed

        • Ross Parker
          Ross Parker  4 weeks back

          And now we need a vid on what's the best angle grinder, also, what about wire brushes?

          • george curtis
            george curtis  1 months back

            My only reservation is running the discs over the same area. No expert here but it seems like the discs and metal just start to polish each other. Thus the lack of rust removal on the second test. Going all over the metal plate into fresh rust may have shown a differant result. My issue with chinese abrassives is that the glue and abrassives just go bad quickly. So good surprise on the diablo. That beinb said, i just stick to norton as i have had no issues with them.

            • ianmccoy1999
              ianmccoy1999  1 months back

              I found that gator brand flap disks seem to work well.

            • chris jones
              chris jones  1 months back

              As a commercial pipe welder in hydronics, I like pferd and cgw.. camel grinding wheels. Norton is ok as well

            • VanillahGarillah
              VanillahGarillah  1 months back

              I love the mostly scientific approach you take. Definitely fair. And you earned another subscriber.

            • David Wright
              David Wright  1 months back

              Can you test wire wheel/cups

              • chris jones
                chris jones  1 months back

                Good idea, huge difference between quality and junk. Not only paint/slag removal but u also don't look like a porcupine afterwards either. Idk about u but I don't like catching a wire in my face so there's that to.

              • Project Farm
                Project Farm   1 months back

                Thank you for the video idea!

            • Marc Plaisted
              Marc Plaisted  1 months back

              I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are the authority in my book. Thank You sir!

              • Project Farm
                Project Farm   1 months back

                Thank you for the positive feedback!

            • Paul Hopkins
              Paul Hopkins  1 months back

              Of the ones I used Dewalt suck the most. Norton are great, they continue cutting well even when worn. Diablo are ok, but in real world Norton is best of the ones you tested. But Tiger Paw are the best all around

            • Tony Melo
              Tony Melo  1 months back

              Man... I love how simplistic your test machines are... and effective they are. Well done.

            • Josh Weber
              Josh Weber  1 months back

              Great videos. Do a comparison and evaluate GUTTER GUARDS I would like to see a well thought out comparison !

            • listerine 2010
              listerine 2010  1 months back

              Everytime I watch a new clip of Project Farm it reamazes me how your simple but brilliant solutions make a perfect testing gear.

            • Tony Delk
              Tony Delk  1 months back

              Try some wire wheels or cups that would be more of damage to the wheel or twisted verses straight wire

            • Christian Bonanni
              Christian Bonanni  1 months back

              Could have weighed the flap disks after each grind to see how much abrasive they lost

            • K K
              K K  1 months back

              Why is the steel turning so slow with the Warrior flap disk? It's like half the speed.

            • most viewed video Ram
              most viewed video Ram  1 months back

              Lovely video ....like from india...Also make video on multiple use area

              • navysuit
                navysuit  1 months back

                Do a fishing line strength test using different brands. Make a video on the different types mono, fluoro, and braid. Also, do one on knot strength tests using each type of line (uni know, improved clinch, etc.).

              • Dominiek Demaerel
                Dominiek Demaerel  1 months back

                I love these no-nonsense, well thought trough, well executed tests!

              • Riley Ober
                Riley Ober  1 months back

                Sometimes the harbor freight wheels will be 1 or 2 dollars but they are not that worth it when you pay the full price

                • Greg Kimura
                  Greg Kimura  1 months back

                  Great test! Keep up the good work!

                • QUAKE n SHAKE
                  QUAKE n SHAKE  1 months back

                  Would this type of product be OK to use for smoothing out a rough cast iron skillet?

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   1 months back

                    I believe that it might be a little too aggressive. It'll definitely work quickly

                • Benjai
                  Benjai  1 months back

                  As an aside, if you're doing stuff with lots of rust dust like that, I hope you have something evacuating the dirty air nearby.

                  Also, No idea if YT has a PM system, but I work in heavy industry (previously a foundry, now a paper mill) and sometimes the shit (cause it's either good shit or garbage shit lol) we get supplied with isn't always available at big box stores. If you have a list of upcoming tests, I could probably help supply you with some materials or items. Like I have a bunch of D2, S7 and A2 tool steel that could have been used for your drill tests (*evil eyes*). Or I could easily supply you with various grades of gear oil in the small amounts needed for motors.

                  • R J
                    R J  1 months back

                    Going to buy a Diablo today and do a little testing myself! lol Been a Dewalt disc user for the most part but that is going to change today! Thanks for the great test.

                  • Zylent
                    Zylent  1 months back

                    I guess you should do a second part, and include other brands such as Rhodius, tyrolit and walter.

                    • Zylent
                      Zylent  1 months back

                      @Project Farm You are really rare youtuber that answers on every comment.You are amazing. :)

                    • Project Farm
                      Project Farm   1 months back

                      Thank you for the feedback

                  • abc
                    abc  2 months back

                    Most important with flap discs, visual inspection! They are glued and some nonebrand discs may explode randomly.. seen several put together with hotglue sticks sold in major stores in 3rd world countries many accidents.