• Published: 12 January 2020
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    Tati’s informative Blendiful review

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Comments • 448

  • HeatherAriel Ufo
    HeatherAriel Ufo  3 days back

    Contour too harsh.

    • Becca 🥰 Heredia
      Becca 🥰 Heredia  1 weeks back

      Love your eyes 🤩. [email protected]

    • Judy Lee
      Judy Lee  1 weeks back

      Ugh you are so beautiful and I’m dying over your lashes! [email protected]

    • pam edwards
      pam edwards  1 weeks back

      Oh I didn't leave my email address darn [email protected] geez Louise what was I thank you for making my day I really appreciate what you

      • pam edwards
        pam edwards  1 weeks back

        I'm so happy I came across you you made my day I'm going to be watching you more often Happy New year I wish you adventures with old friends and new friends to come!

        • Jaimee Rae
          Jaimee Rae   6 days back

          pam edwards thank you for your sweet comment & positive energy✨✨✨

      • Rashi Agrawal
        Rashi Agrawal  1 weeks back

        Hey, omg flalwless💕💖💖 I agree.✨✨✨
        Also such THERAPEUTIC VOICE 😘 I just discovered your channel & that too on a giveaway day & that of a brand new product altogether!!!! So excited🥰😍✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Lots of love 🤗

        E-mail ID: [email protected]

        • Jaimee Rae
          Jaimee Rae   6 days back

          Rashi Agrawal welcome & thank you 🥰

      • Jamie Gardiner
        Jamie Gardiner  1 weeks back

        Jamie's have to stick together <3 LOVED the video and have been contemplating trying the blendiful! didn't want to leave my email but hit me up on IG @jagardiner05 if i'm the winner!!

        • Jaimee Rae
          Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

          Jamie Gardiner #teamjaimee 🥰

      • ArtMom Vlogs
        ArtMom Vlogs  1 weeks back

        Wow you look so lovely ♥️
        Super Nice I definitely subscribe to your channel for More Interesting Videos.
        Thanks for Sharing nice Review 👏🏻👏🏻

      • Maria Sardella
        Maria Sardella  1 weeks back

        It looks super airbrushed 💖💖
        Email: [email protected]

        • Maria Sardella
          Maria Sardella  1 weeks back

          Girl you’re so pretty! I love my dramatic extensions, but this looking a bit too much lol.

          • Julia K.
            Julia K.  1 weeks back

            wow i‘m so glad i clicked on your review! you look amazing 🤩 that contour is out of this world 🌎✨😍 i wish i could do mine like that 😅 but it always looks like i have rubbed dirt on my cheeks 🤣🙈

            • Jaimee Rae
              Jaimee Rae   4 days back

              you comment made me laugh, thank you for sharing. Keep practicing you'll get it!! :-)

          • Mom Of 3 BOYZ
            Mom Of 3 BOYZ  1 weeks back

            First time seeing your video!! Love it!! Thanks

            • Shanice Taylor
              Shanice Taylor  1 weeks back

              your makeup looks soooooo flawless !! i'm obsessed 😍

              email: [email protected]

              • Jaimee Rae
                Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                Shanice Taylor airbrush finish!! 👸🏻💖✨

            • suzie vaillancourt
              suzie vaillancourt  1 weeks back

              Looks like it works great:) I was hoping to order this but living in Canada with dollar exchange and shipping is horrible:( I ordered the Tati palette can’t wait to try it, but cost $78 instead of $48. So the blendiful would prob cost $60 instead of $18:(
              [email protected]

              • charlene augustyniak
                charlene augustyniak  1 weeks back

                I am here because one of Paige Koren's subscribers recommended and linked your video in their comment.

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  charlene augustyniak that’s awesome!! Thank you for the feedback 😁

              • 656babydoll
                656babydoll  1 weeks back

                Why do u talk sooooooo slow, omg i turned u off after 2 minutes

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  656babydoll working on it! Thank you for watching 🥰

              • Amanda Berkey
                Amanda Berkey  1 weeks back

                Such an incredibly helpful review, thank you!

                [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Amanda Berkey glad it helped 🥰😘💖

              • Merrily Mari
                Merrily Mari  1 weeks back

                You are gorgeous! Great review. Email [email protected]

              • Maya Escalante
                Maya Escalante  1 weeks back

                That skin and those lasheeeess!!!! 🤩 I enjoyed your video!!
                [email protected] 😲

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Maya Escalante thank you so much!! 🥰💖

              • María José Arriaza
                María José Arriaza  1 weeks back

                innovating product of the year!!
                e-mail: [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  María José Arriaza agreed!! 🏆

              • Tricia Sunderland-drezek

                Loveeee how your make up turned outt it seems to be like magic lol

              • Ji Lee
                Ji Lee  1 weeks back

                I’m so close to buying this... I want it but I don’t need it. I’m on a low/no buy this year. 🥺

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  I only eat red&purple Skittles interesting choice... what made you decide no buy for the year this early into 2020?

              • Alessia Casetta
                Alessia Casetta  1 weeks back

                I'm literally obsessed with tati beauty even though I can't buy anything so it would be amazing to win this! Hope it's international. 💕

                [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Alessia Casetta thank you 🥰

                • Alessia Casetta
                  Alessia Casetta  1 weeks back

                  @Jaimee Rae aww thanks btw loved how you did your makeup! I forgot to say it before 😅💄🌟

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Alessia Casetta international✨✨ appreciate your love & support! Best of luck in the giveaway✨

              • Chris N
                Chris N  1 weeks back

                Beautiful! Your skin looks flawless. Love the both blendiful by Tati and the highlight palette by Scott. Please do videos about your haircare routine and how you do your eyebrows😍. Your hair looks sooo healthy.

                Email address: [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Chris N noted. Thank you for your suggestions! More vids coming soon 🥰

              • EvaQ
                EvaQ  1 weeks back

                Wow your contour looks beautiful!!!

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  EvaQ I was impressed myself! Thank you 🥰

              • Dawn Michele Carroll-Militi

                Hello beautiful! Loved your review. You’re skin looks amazing. I’m so excited about this product. Loving those Scott Barnes palettes too! Xo

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Dawn Michele Carroll-Militi the SB palettes are heavenly✨✨✨

              • Maria L
                Maria L  1 weeks back

                Thanks for the review! I wanted to see it in action and I love how you explained! Love your videos! 😍 email- [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Maria L happy to hear you enjoyed! Thank you for watching 🥰

              • cheri williams
                cheri williams  1 weeks back

                I wasn't sure I wanted one of these, but after watching your video and a few others, I want one!! Great video and love the look you did with the Blendiful!! I'd love to win this.. My email is [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  cheri williams thank you for your sweet comment 🥰

              • Catarina Miramontes
                Catarina Miramontes  1 weeks back

                Your skin is flawless! [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Catarina Miramontes thank you 🥰

              • Katelyn Duitscher
                Katelyn Duitscher  1 weeks back

                Your voice is so soothing!
                Thank you for this review AND for using it the way Tati intended.

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  Katelyn Duitscher you bet! More #Blendiful vids coming soon 🥰

              • prpisces03 03
                prpisces03 03  1 weeks back

                U gave an AMAZING review! Thank u for being so detailed. Definitely gained a new subscriber!! Love ur hair by the way!!! Cant wait to try these products. [email protected]

                • Jaimee Rae
                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                  prpisces03 03 thank you for your sweet comment & positivity 🥰

              • Ehrie Cavas
                Ehrie Cavas  1 weeks back

                I have watched your video literally just a few hours when you uploaded it (I swear). I was really looking for reviews/videos/comments on Blendiful that Sunday and this video has been up real quick since the launch. I am such a noob at make up but I love Tati and I was afraid that since I don't know much about make up, this tool might not work well for me, but watching you use it and everything you said is like very much guiding. I really wish I could join the give away but I kinda didn't want to post my personal email here. But in case you'll consider, I did follow you on instagram though I'm @itsehrie.

                • Janet Vasquez
                  Janet Vasquez  1 weeks back

                  You are so pretty! Love your review, you did so good. It looks so easy to use, I need this in my life! Your makeup looks snatched ❤️

                  Email: [email protected]

                  • Lorna Hamm
                    Lorna Hamm  1 weeks back

                    WOW this is Lorna Hamm not Bradley I use my husbands email address mines having issues. You look amazing 😗👄💄

                    • Marie Curiel
                      Marie Curiel  1 weeks back

                      Clicked just for review then became a subscriber. Love the review and makeup. Binging tonight on your videos!! Bonus was the giveaway 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩[email protected]

                      • JennC130
                        JennC130  1 weeks back

                        Thanks for the review. You're makeup looks great! I am very interested in this because the idea of applying all your makeup with one tool sounds awesome.

                        • Jaimee Rae
                          Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                          JennC130 multipurpose & easy to use! 😊💖✨

                      • Kelly Ton
                        Kelly Ton  1 weeks back

                        blendiful IS a greaaat name 💓

                        • Kelly Ton
                          Kelly Ton  6 days back

                          Thannkk youuu u tooo 🙌🏼

                        • Jaimee Rae
                          Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                          Kelly Ton you are so Blendiful 💖

                      • Aneta Pycior
                        Aneta Pycior  1 weeks back

                        Horrible eyelash extension

                        • Jaimee Rae
                          Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                          Aneta Pycior I enjoy them mega full... hope you have a great day✨

                      • Jelissa Jaynes
                        Jelissa Jaynes  1 weeks back

                        I think your makeup looks absolutely beautiful 😊😍
                        I would love to give that a try
                        Email [email protected]

                        • mary bodnar
                          mary bodnar  1 weeks back

                          Why the hell do women get fillers in their upper lip?? I mean to each their own, but I think it just looks ridiculously unnatural. A good review of the product, but I just can’t get past the lips!!

                          • Jaimee Rae
                            Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                            mary bodnar geezz all of that & these are my natural lips. Everyone is different in their own ways. Thank you for watching & have a great day✨

                        • Brandy Crayton
                          Brandy Crayton  1 weeks back

                          I love your makeup i wish i could do mine that good but im getting there lol i would love to win those. The sponges i have i order off of Amazon and they aren't to good and i cant afford any good ones so this would be amazing thank you for the chance to win. Its so kind of you to be doing this giveaway!
                          Ig: brandy_craytonn ( i didn't want to put my email here so i hope its okay to use ig and you pm there)

                          • Juan Recinos
                            Juan Recinos  1 weeks back

                            My wife would enjoy how the blendiful applies! It’s so seamless and it looks easy to use!

                            [email protected]

                            • Beatriz Alvarado
                              Beatriz Alvarado  1 weeks back

                              The way your cheeks came out so chiseled is beyond amazing!! 🤩🤩🤩 I literally could not see any smudges or streaks! The blendiful is a must need!! 😍🤞🏽

                              [email protected]

                              • Jaimee Rae
                                Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                                Beatriz Alvarado right, I am amazed every time!! 🥰♥️

                            • Ellen Brootcoorens
                              Ellen Brootcoorens  1 weeks back

                              I am so happy that this video got in my recommendation! That is another +1 abonnee for you, and a happy day and several days of bingewatching. I love your honest review. You look wonderfull. Happy to enter for the giveaway to. My email is [email protected]

                              • polinas82
                                polinas82  1 weeks back

                                First time here! Very cute

                              • Cariann Maysonet
                                Cariann Maysonet  1 weeks back

                                Loved how you hugged your cheek with the contour! Thank you so much for the review, now I really want these!

                                • Jaimee Rae
                                  Jaimee Rae   1 weeks back

                                  Cariann Maysonet right! My cheeks were contoured & supple all day 🥰

                              • Maria Elena Golliday
                                Maria Elena Golliday  2 weeks back

                                thank you for such a fantastic, honest review! you're gorgeous 💕

                                • dancerjme
                                  dancerjme  2 weeks back

                                  These look so cool 😍😍 [email protected] 😌